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Riends after twelve years Wyatt is the son of the Malone s that own the Open Range Saloon in Roundup Montana Estranged from his family since taking the blame for a car accident when he was eighteen he s only back because he received an invitation to his parents 35th Wedding Anniversary Naturally he thinks his family is extending an olive branch but one meeting with his father tells him it just ain t soThen there is Paige St John The girl he left behind without really nowing just how much he d be missing They were only best friends after all Paige has moved on and has a son Seth from a brief relationship and works for Wyatt s family at the Saloon She doesn t seem that Medicine and Religion keen to see him either but offers a place to stayThis is uite a good little intro to the town and characters that will presumably be appearing in the series We meet the Hart family and visit the ranch and get tonow the townsfolk just a little The Saloon is bound to feature as a meeting place for all and sundry in the townshipThe romance between Wyatt and Paige is uite fast but of course they The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, knew each other well as teenagers With the animosity from some family members it looks like things might not go as Paige hopes A very family oriented story it takes a little of everyone s input until the HEA is reachedThe characters were appealing and engaging and the glimpses of other potential heroes and heroines is tantalising enough to make you interested in finding out But this is a stand alone and does so uite well Being short just means you get a taster but there is to come if it appealsAt this point the book isn t available in Australia My review is on an ARC WyattHe left town twelve years ago and didn t look back Now he is back for his parents wedding anniversary Paige was supposed to go with him But things didn t work out Now a single mom she has her son to think of The secrets of what happened right before he left hasept the family at odds Can he leave again and not look back What about Paige The story is the first in the series. Wanted But she's been burned by handsome cowboys before including the one that left her to raise her son alone Can Wyatt convince Paige and the rest of Roundup that he's a man she can count on Harts of the Rodeo preuel novell.

Oh my this is the real deal when it comes to romance books Because that is all you will get a really sweet romance where no one does the nasty And it s nice to read a book like this for a changeI loved Wyatt he made me tear up a few times And I loved that Paige even years later finally got her manIt s a feel good story something to enjoy when you need a little bit of uiet or are feeling a little blue Wyatt Malone is back in town after twelve years absence He left his middle of nowhere little town of Roundup Montana when he graduated high school and never looked back A few calls to his mother a year and a couple to his brother Jay He never forgot his best friend Paige St John and she never forgot him either He has come home to bring the truth out so that he can rebuild his family relationship againThis is a second changes romance story set in contemporary America The writing is good and it is YA so nothing then a Valentino kiss between Hh53 pages and free onindle in May 20122 stars Wyatt and Paige were friends for their whole lives until Wyatt left town after an accident and fight with his father He finally returns and realized how much he had missed her 2 stars but a Kindle freebie so I can t really complain You now how you often want to scream at characters to just have a conversation already and all their problems will be solved Well this book shows what happens when they do it s BORING In actuality this story was ill served by being compressed into 56 pages It seems the author has some talent but just tried to cram too much story into too little space a common problem with novellas Demonstrates fascination approach toward family reconciliation being a natural life s process leading to variety of experiences determining certain positions such as positions of characters in this short ebook story At first hadn t uite nown how to feel because this general reconcile situation within this story is uncomfortably intense Although proofing confidence and motivation to be useful Family and friends shall. Not much had changed in the twelve years since Wyatt Malone left Roundup Montana Except for Paige St John his once loyal childhood friend As teenagers they had planned to leave their small town behind together But a falling ou.

Constantly remain close and be at all great standards for better or worst under reasonable content The issue with novellas or short stories is that they attempt to cram far too much into a few pages and because of this the story often feels rushed Not only that but there is also a sense that somethings are missing in the story be it that they were skipped in order to Shunned keep the story short or the author just didn t feel like adding them which usually results in unanswered uestions and unhappy readersThis book was no exception to that I had such a hard time connecting with the main characters though Wyatt so than Paige This did not feel like a good introduction story for the series Yes it introduced some of the characters that would be prominent throughout the series but other than that it held little appealBy far the worst part was the ending It came so abruptly that it left me wondering if I chunk of the book was left out during publication Honestly it felt like there should have been at least another chapter to really bring the story to a close It felt as though things were just starting to move in the story and all of a sudden it was over The story was slow and somewhat dull the romance a bit lackluster and I think if I hadn t read one of the other books in the series first I wouldn t consider picking up the other books for fear they would be as bad as this one Though the preuel to the Harts of The Rodeo series it is in no way a necessary one to read before starting into the actual series In fact I d suggest just skipping it really not worth the time to read it I loved this story Family dynamics fascinate me Cathy did a great job with them This is a very short but sweet story of two friends Wyatt Paige who say they will remain friends forever But due to a freak accident that he takes the blame for that he did not cause he feels he must leave town on the rodeo circuit says when he gets settled he will send for Paige 12 yrs Have pass This is a short and sweet romance about the reunion of two T with his father drove him from Roundup and Paige and she has not forgiven Wyatt for striking out on his own Now Wyatt is back hoping to reconcile with his family and with Paige She's turned into theind of woman he's always.

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Free read Wyatt Return of the Cowboy By Cathy McDavid –

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