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Wanna find all the possible MB cliches in one place Look no further This story has them all Since there are too many let me ust list them down Hero and heroine co inherit a Chateau in the south of France These imaginary uncles and aunts beueathing property is already too good to be true and in the south of France She is a rich girl with a heart of gold Why Because she rescues strays both human and animal The hero is a real hunk Duh that s not a cliche that s a basic reuirement In case of a fist fight Everwar (Cal Leandros, just one smack and men simply crumble and fall at his feet The OM takes it up with the OW as soon as he realises he stands no chance with the heroine with the hunky hero around Smart chap uick to cut his losses Only one non cliche in the story Our hunky hero is not Italian or Spanish or even Greek He is RussianStill was a good read I m going to hit you in a minuteCasey thought Good and hard The idea shocked her because violence was not in her natureBut never before had she met a man like Igor Borodinov a man for whom she felt instant dislike And it was mutual he didn t like her either He definitely didn t want her at the Ch teauWell she was co owner of the Ch teau Fleuron whether Igor liked it or not and she wasn t going to let him drive her away How can I give this story 3 stars whenIt makes no senseThere are many many uestions that are never answered Examples What happened to the OM How did the H get from Russia to France How did he meet the heroine s uncle What did they do for money Etc The ending is abrupt with no wedding no hotel opening no follow up on the battered woman and her familyI ll tell you how can I give it 3 starsAll the action was strictly in the present The Hh had little to no backstory No long angsty passages about mommydaddy psychobabble Or poverty during long Russian winters etc The sexual tension was off the charts without any sex scenes or references to the hero s erection The characterization was conveyed through dialogue and action I had a clear sense of the Hh without long descriptions of how they looked The title It s memorable It matches the strangeness of the story That blurb Story lives up to it Vintage has details in her review Igor and Casey areoint heirs of a French chateau H had been li. I'm going to hit you in a minuteCasey thought Good and hard The idea shocked her because violence was not in her natureBut never before had

Read online Wild Goose AUTHOR Mary Wibberley –

There s no indication that she s trying to articulate some sort of distinction with her characters safely on the right side of some line in the sand In any case this serious issue ends up overwhelming an otherwise slight story leaving the romance between the H and h decidedly underdeveloped 4 Stars A wealthy and pampered young woman finds herself uestioning her entire life when she inherits half of a chateau in Southern France When Casey and her fiance Jack arrive at the Chateau they are both surprised that the elderly Russian co owner is nothing of the sort He s young tall and broad and has an air of authority Igor has made his home here for the past sixteen years and he resents this young woman who could ruin all his dreams of one day opening the Chateau as a hotel From the first moment their eyes met Casey finds herself on edge around him and can t understand why he rubs her the wrong way Jack senses the under currents and doesn t hide his antagonism Casey had been taking her time to make sure Jack was the right man for her and under Igor s magnetism she realizes how shallow Jack really is Casey may have lead a pampered life but she had a kind heart and a strong sense of The Red Hat Society Cookbook justice When Igor introduces her to a young woman and her children who live in fear of the abusive husband Casey cannot look aside Fearing for their safety Casey insists the woman and children return to the Chateau In a short time Casey realizes her whole life has changed and she s confused by the intense feelings Igor arousesThis is the first book I ve read written by Mary Wibberley and I truly enjoyed it Igor is a bit of a dark horse at first but uickly we learn that he and Casey are kindred spirits Casey is an strong willed young woman determined to make her own choices Igor s tendency to ask awkward uestions disconcerts her and makes her begin to uestion herself These two are meant for each other and I thoroughly enjoyed theirourney to HEA I actually read a Mary Wibberley that I didn t care for too much Though in fairness to the author I read it as an ebook from open library and there were chunks missing from the book That seems to happen a lot You would think if they were going to all the trouble of scanning the books they would do it correctl. Nt her at the ChâteauWell she was co owner of the Château Fleuron whether Igor liked it or not and she wasn't going to let him drive her aw.

Ving there with the owner h s uncle for many years but how did he get to France what was he doing at the chateau That these uestions are never answered is probably the most interesting thing about Igor he s a character with zero backstory He must have some money because he wants to buy out Casey s interest in the chateau to refurbish it as a hotel and he seems perfectly comfortable amongst the elites of the region but he effects the garb of what I presume is supposed to be a russian peasant spending most of his time working in the vegetable garden without shirt or shoes Actually wandering around barefoot is his most distinctive fashion choice Igor s second most noticeable trait which he seems to take great pride in is his bluntness He asks rude uestions with an accent but without preamble or reciprocity Now I like a man who loves his vegetables so I m totally here for the gardening but I m less thrilled with the simple Russian oafnaif stereotyping As it happens Igor has heard about Casey and has made up his mind that she s a spoiled useless rich girl who never visited her uncle even when he was sick She arrives with a fiance in tow and Igor in serf mode greets her in the parlour without shirt and shoes and almost immediately demands to know if she and fiance are lovers she sputters and how dare yous so it s a no apparently Anyways the fiance is given a room on the opposite side of the chateau while she and Igor have adjoining rooms convenient for the punishing kisses and spanking to come However this time MW very sensibly decides to forgo the spanking and ust as well it might lead readers to uestion the presumption of authority which allows so many of her heroes to strike her heroines as a means of correction Because a large portion of this plot deals with the dangerous domestic abuse of a mother and her children by a drunkard husbandfather While the issue is treated seriously and I appreciate MW s effort at introducing real world problems into HPlandia in this case it doesn t uite work How are we supposed to feel about Casey who like most of MW s heroines is awfully uick to threaten and even attempt to strike the H Typically her characters are uite physically volatile and it makes this subject matter awkward from her pen. He met a man like Igor Borodinov a man for whom she felt instant dislike And it was mutual; he didn't like her either He definitely didn't wa.

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