Kindle Epub Why School? Ó Mike Rose –

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Kindle Epub Why School? Ó Mike Rose –

I love Mike Rose but this is not his finest work He outlines his philosophy in what feels like a series of paper abstracts punctuated with occasional anecdotes but little in the way of detailed evidence Compared to POSSIBLE LIVES the Rose book that inspired me long ago to get into teaching WHY SCHOOL seems like a uick dip in the pond as opposed to a serious exploration of philosophy and policy The ideas it aises by Rose s own admission deserve public attention and debate I agree with nearly everything he says about the need to examine what we feel the purpose of school should be what definitions of intelligence will we embrace how will we eform schools from a holistic class conscious point of view not addressed in the narrow language of accountability and testingbut if Rose isn t going to give full due to these ideas himself how can he expect the est of us to A good get them thinking book for Edschool students perhaps Stick with Jonathan Kozol or Alfie Cohn or Paulo Freire if you want these same ideas handled in depth There were some nice passages and chapters that went into. In the tradition of Jonathan Kozol this little book is driven by big uestions What does it mean to be educated What is intelligence How should we think about intelligence education and opportunity in an open society Why is a commitment to the public sphere central to the way we answer these uestionsDrawing on forty years of teaching and esearch from primary school to adult education.

Some eally important issues in education including the high stakes testing egime and what a healthy school business elationship might look like But ultimately these were treated in small vignette like form and I thus often found the analysis lacking the depth I was looking for This book is comprised of many short chapters each tackling an issue Reindeer and Caribou: Health and Disease related to American education It covers some great topics all uiteelevant to the current educational landscape but the chapters are so short that the author isn t able to go into very much detail Many of the chapters feel like introductions to much longer essays but before you can get to the meat of the issue the chapter ends and you e confronted with the next topic This isn t so much a book as it is a collection of short introductions to education elated concerns I think it s adeuate as a starting point to think about how we conceive of and approach school and learning but I would have liked to ead about some of the topics in detailI did enjoy the chapter concerning intelligence Rose brings up a very good point about how we tend And workplace training award winning author Mike Rose eflects on these and other uestions The Sky Weaver related to public schooling in America He answers them in beautifully written chapters that are bothich in detail a first grader conducting a science experiment a carpenter solving a problem on the fly a college student’s encounter with a story by James Joyce and informed by a deep and power.

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O categorize people their work and their intelligence in terms of dichotomies industrial work hand vs creative work brain manual labour vs intellectual work university educationtheoreticalacademic vs vocational education practical etc Just because someone does industrial work doesn t mean they are any less intelligent than a white collar employee A factory worker to use his example needs a Morning in America: How Ronald Reagan Invented the 1980's rich knowledge of the materials and tools used in his work needs problem solving skills be efficient etc In less than 200 smallish pages literally the book could fit easily into a pretty tight front jeans pocket Rose articulates the causes of many of the problems bedeviling American education in the early 21st century The biggest of which is our movement away from an education philosophy which balanced preparation for work with preparation for citizenship and preparation for living a life well led Our 21st century public values are corporatist work fetishizing and imbalanced Rose makes that case gently and well Well wortheading Essential big picture thinking for anyone interested in educatio. Ful understanding of history the psychology of learning and the politics of educationRose decries the narrow focus of educational policy in our time the drumbeat of test scores and economic competition Why School will be embraced by parents and teachers alike and eaders everywhere will be captivated by Rose’s elouent call for a bountiful democratic vision of the purpose of schoolin.