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Ng Some much needed tension is introduced at the very end too late but a final plot twist was too ludicrous for words And just when you think the lackluster writing and rhythmless plotting couldn t get worse the book simply stops One minute it s terribly ownbeat one paragraph later there s a happy ending and the book s over There s no resolution to Becky s relationships with the two men in her life Jack and her father Instead Bishop spends time trying to justify the killer s actions Yeah right The huge margins and wide spaces make it clear this book is shorter than your average Intrigue Overall a lazy effort and it show. Ulterior motivesand he was hoping he was one of those motives He was wrongWith Becky and Jack working at opposite ends the killer had it made Now he just had to make sure they never came together An icy blizzard ragesand heated passions burn.

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book epub Watch Over Me –

I love a good twist and this one has it Doesn t come close to her other booksJanuary 15 1999Several times while reading Watch Over Me I had to check the cover to make sure who the author was I Ask the Past don t know what Ms Bishop wasoing while she was writing this was but it was pretty close to terrible Becky DiFalco has been lured to Rampart CO by a notorious serial bomber who has remained underground for years She knows that he has brought her there for a purpose but she knows that she is just as etermined to catch him as he is to trap her But when her sting begins to go terribly wrong and a blizzard threatens to let the man. Rocky Mtn Rescue She was Out to Capture a Killer Becky DiFalco was trapped snowbound in the Rockies with two men One the sexiest man she'd ever seen; the other the shrewdest killer she'd ever been up against in her years with the Colorado Bu.

Escape Becky is forced to turn to Jack Slade a former FBI agent and long lost love who is anything but happy to see herThere were so many problems with the writing it s almost hard to remember them all First it takes forever for the two main characters to meet it s well after page 50 and their romance isn t exactly going to have anyone reaching for their kleenex It s about as romantic as you would expect a book about two people climbing a mountain in a blizzard to be I on t know about you but page after page of struggling in the snow almost frozen to Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, death isn t the stuff to start me swooning Worse it s not even exciti. Reau of Investigation When she'd answered the officerown call she had a feeling it was a setup She was right He was Out to Capture Her Heart Jack Slade wasn't sure why Becky had agreed to assist him on the mission but he suspected she had.

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