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Alicia and ConorThis was a reat book about the aftermath of tragedy a nd healing relationships Alicia and Conor lose a son and their marriage Enjoyable bookA very enjoyable and entertaining book I have never read one that is centered on a divorced couple possibly Doing Democracy in Indigenen Gemeinschaften getting back together I read this on KindleUnlimited A beautiful romance about second chances Highly recommended Try againA beautiful love story which kept meoing I went thru many a Kleenex while reading Truly a wonderful story You know when you can t decide whether to The Secrets of Boys give a book four or five stars and really wish you couldive it 4 This is one of those times Conor Bradstreet is finishing work with one thing on his mind suicide It s Christmas Eve and all he wants to do is take a flying leap off a bridge and disappear in the swirling waters below Out of nowhere comes a Stop Whining--and Start Winning guy asking for a match and asking if he has any children After all it will be those children whoet the call on Christmas Day from the police saying there was a body fished out of the water Conor stiffens but starts revealing lit. Powerful and rich Wall Street financial wizard Conor Bradstreet had it all until his son's death showed him otherwise A decade older and wiser Conor now faces the final step in his healing making peace with his ex wifePeace with Conor is the last thing on Alicia.

online books Try Try Again –

Book and I highly recommend it It s such an enjoyable read blending the right amount of pathos with laughter It brought out emotions and pulled at my heartstrings The only drawback for me was Alicia Inspirational Romance Appropriate for all romance reading audiences Cheating husband story yet the husband is much likable Which isn t horrible but not necessarily expected After the death of their son and his cheating ruined their marriage he was on the verge of completely Charlie and the Christmas Kitty giving up a la George Bailey and auardian angel named Sarge saves his life Eight years later he s a much better person but the ex wife is still angry and bitter It s well written but missing something we re Beautiful storyThis story was so Il sale della vita good I love the twisted styles how it s a wonderful life Highly recommended this book to friends and family This was the best book by this author I ve ever read Not what I was expecting at all and a beautiful redemptive tale with something in it for everyone Theuy is likable and the wife is a harpy with a reason Is this a modern take on Its a wonderful Lif. R Ruth Logan Herne as she spins a journey of faith hope and love in her typical heart touching style a path that winds around the honor of a derelict former cop a small child who misses her mother and a dog just aching for a second chance much like his new owners.

Tle pieces of his life to the older man before he decides not to jump Instead the man helps him realize that all the stuff he thought was weighing him down like a brilliant legal financial mind can be put to My Favorite Things good useFast forward eight years Conor s daughter Kim isetting married and urges her divorced parents to put aside their differences to plan a reat wedding Conor is than willing to try but Alicia is hesitant dwelling on what motivated the divorce the loss of their son to cancer and Conor s cheating on her I loved this book and it s difficult sometimes to ive something you love only four stars but as much as I loved the It s a Wonderful Life parallels and most of the characters I had a hard time with the heroine Alicia Ms Herne does such a The Nine of Us great job showing Alicia s character that it was difficult to like Alicia with her tough skin and unforgiving attitude I loved Conor and Grayce and both Sarges I liked the handyman and Sandy But Alicia was so hard to like Slight spoiler Especially toward the end with her after dinner decision to leave I really liked this. Bradstreet's mind Losing her son took than her heart it darkened her soul But with their daughter's engagement to a single father comes the expectation of harmony Can Alicia move beyond her anger and Conor beyond hisuilt to Try Try AgainJoin award winning autho.

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