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The Poisoned Pawn picked up where The Beggar s Opera left off If you didn t read the first novel go back and read it before taking on this one There are intertwining plots the death of a Canadian tourist on a plane on it s way from Cuba back home to Canada and the death of an old woman dressed in white who may be a practitioner of Santeria Inspector Ricardo Ramirez is also sent to Canada as a Cuban police emissary to bring back a priest who was found in possession of child pornography on his laptop depictions of Cuban children among them The Inspector is still haunted by the ghosts of the dead and his friend Dr Apiro the coroner figures prominently throughout The misdeeds of Catholic priests in the Cuban orphanages the residential schools in Canada and in other countries and the corruption of officials is another ongoing theme Well done Peggy Blair There are many reasons I give The Poisoned Pawn a 5 star rating According to this rating means I loved it and I did Here are a few of my favourite things about the bookThe writing is clear informative and yet descriptive The plot is complex with many twists and unexpected turns Blair touches on very dark subjects which is something I personally love about the mysterypolice procedural genre Authors can highlight social justice issues without depressing the reader because in most novels the bad guys get their just dessertsAs a Canadian I was particularly interested in Inspector Ramirez s perspectives on Canada I felt like a tourist in my own country That speaks to the uality of the writing in that the Inspector is so real interesting flawed but heroic and sympathetic that I immediately saw everything through his eyes The fact that the ghosts of the wronged haunt Ramirez adds an element of fantasy and charm as well as a fascinating puzzle What are they trying to tell him about their murdersHere s another of my favourite parts the characters There are lots of them and every one is captivating Ramirez s friend pathologist Hector Apiro is so uniue that I like Peggy Blair herself admits in her back pages believe they must live in some parallel universe My recommendation Read both of Peggy Blair s books The Beggar s Opera then The Poisoned Pawn Fall in love with the characters which will make you want to follow them everywhere This is Blair s second book that features Ramirez and Apiro in Cuba It starts almost immediately after the end of A Beggar s Banuet It starts promisingly with a dying Canadian woman and a dead old lady in Havana Unfortunately it veers off very uickly after that Ms Blair seems to have a few issues that she likes to air mistreatment of First Nations child abuse by the Catholic priests and she doesn t waste time in getting to them The middle of the book gets lost in these areas and it is difficult to remember that you are supposed to be in a murder mystery Since Ramirez is in Ottawa this time in January we do not get the pleasure of basking in Cuban sun Eventually we get do back to solving crimes but once again the ending becomes difficult to believe with far too many complications Disappointing and frustrating Ramirez and Apiro are interesting but the plots are too serpentine Peggy Blair brings back Mike Ellis and his wife Hilary in this second book of the Inspector Ramirez series This time there s several plots running at the same time Hilary dies on the plane ride from Cuba back to Canada which raises some alarm flags for Inspector Ramirez considering Mike had just been cleared in the death of a young boy while he was vacationing in Havana with Hilary Could Mike have been involved I The mixture of mystery and nowledge sharing continues in this series by Peggy Blair It is a true art to be able to combine. Detective Mike Ellis returns home after he is cleared in the death of a young boy while on vacation in Cuba only to discover that his estranged wife Hilary is dead and that he’s the ma.

free pdf The Poisoned Pawn Author Peggy Blair –

Ch carry on from the first novel This however is turning into a rich and rewarding series The scenes set in Cuba are atmospheric and there are a good cast of characters around Ramirez to give the series depth His reactions to visiting Canada emphasise the differences and challenges he faces His investigations are hampered by a lack of almost every necessar A mighty fine read The ghosts sort of float around in my head as I read Blair s beautifully detailed look at a crime that needs to be solved Her characters begin to become part of your life while reading and hoping my favorite ones are not guilty Keeps you guessing and turning the pages as fast as my eyes can read I have been thinking of bringing a flashlight to bed so I can read and not wake up my husband as he sleeps Blair leads the reader through the streets of Havana and Ottawa like a cat on the prowl You never now what you are going to see at the next corner The trio of the tails of Inspector Ramirez s life and job mix with the culture as smooth as sliding on a wet plastic sheet in the heat at a park in summer The stories the ghosts tell without saying a word is spooky but not scary By the beginning of the second book The Poisoned Pawn the dead folk seem to belong You get so you can smell Havana and feel the tension growing as the Inspector travels to Ottawa Blair reminds us all that is simple is only a window to what hides behind the curtains She can spin a tale Worth the time worth the cost even worth losing a wee bit of sleep to read on into the dawn This mystery novel s plot moves back and forth between Ottawa and Cuba but the series is around Inspector Ramirez a Cuban policeman Definitely page turning I read this book in one sittingA Canadian woman whose has made a pivotal decision in her life falls fatally ill on the flight returning from her Cuban vacation Her husband a Canadian policeman is held up in Cuba and doesn t make it home until after her deathBack in Cuba a body is found that has Inspector Ramirez curious Some of the circumstances seem to indicate a tie to Santeria but it takes some time to identify the victim and lead the team in the right direction Ramirez has the ability or the misfortune to see ghosts Ever since he began working homicide the ghosts of his victims follow him giving clues to their fate until he uncovers the truth One of his good friends is the plastic surgeon and pathologist Hector Apiro a dwarf with insight and intellectual abilities that often help point Ramirez in the right direction on a caseNow Ramirez is pulled away from this case and given unprecedented permission to travel to Canada to bring back a priest who is suspected of ties to child sexual abuse After he leaves leaving the young detective Espinoza in charge of the case and headway is made But also back in Cuba two women die in suspicious circumstances and with one of them also being Canadian the Canadian government is considering a travel advisory Can Ramirez and his team bring enough information together to prevent this from happeningThere are lots of things going on in this mystery from the larger issue of Catholic Church involvement in sanctioned pedophelia to domestic strife We see the realities of life for ordinary Cuban people just trying to live in a simple healthy way and the temptations of the underground economy and corruption Ramirez is an interesting man thoughtful and observant ethical and yet also pragmatic A man who cares about his family his friends and his country I look forward to learning about him Peggy Blair introduced readers to Inspector Ricardo Ramirez of the Havana Major Crimes Unit last year with her first novel The Beggar s Opera I loved it my review and so did a lot of other folks. Laptop full of child pornography Ramírez will uncover a web of deceit and depravity that extends from the corridors of power in Ottawa to the hallowed halls of the Vatican and back aga.

Intriguing fictitious murders with the realities of the shameful treatment and genocide of Canada s First Nations The Cuban detective Ramirez is skillful and introduces the reader to the grim life of Cubans in the course of conversing with the dead and solving murders This book is uniue in the series as Ramirez has a job related trip to Canada in the winter His perspective of my fine nation was interesting the dog in its coat and booties the similarities of water safety issues within Canada and Cuba the horrendous waste of food in Canada and the overwhelming availability of everything A central group of characters continue in this series and of them all I have formed a close connection to Charlie Pike a policeman who tenderly watches over the homeless old man Sometimes second novels disappoint This is clearly not the case with The Poisoned Pawn Peggy Blair s seuel to The Beggar s Opera It s had a ton of reviews in the press in all the right places and Blair seems to have hit all the right buttons with reviewersIt begins with a really well done weaving of the new narrative with the old The 48 hours of Pawn reach back to the 72 hours of Opera and the threads in the two books join seamlessly The author is relaxed in her writing in this second book and it moves along smoothly step by flawless stepBlair has given herself time constraints in both books 2 and 3 days for her inspector Ricardo Ramirez to find out and figure out a lot of stuff TBO was set in Cuba TPP is set in both Canada and Cuba and this allows for some stark contrasts and striking similarities between the two countriesThrough the inspector s eyes we see an embarassingly rich Canada with its surplus of luxuries not merely necessities In Cuba Ramirez can t access the simplest of supplies to conduct even a rudimentary police investigation Through his eyes also we see our democratic society flawed but with its emphasis on individual rightsRamirez is on a mission that centers around the most shameful fact of life in both countries rampant pedophilia and most particularly priestly pedophilia Both countries share the further shame of their treatment of indigenous peoplesThis is a mystery story not a political polemic but these serious issues are part of the story And Blair tells her story well while still making her point This is the second novel to feature Inspector Ricardo Ramirez following on from Midnight in Havana also published under the title The Beggar s Opera The Poisoned Pawn is very much a seuel and features many of the characters that appeared in the first novel so it does help if you have read that first In the first novel Inspector Ramirez was investigating the assault and murder of a street child His main suspect was a Canadian police officer Mike Ellis This book begins with the return to Canada of his wife Hillary Ellis and her sudden death on the flight home to Canada Ramirez is due to travel to Canada in order to escort back a Catholic priest arrested on child abuse charges While there he meets up with lawyer Celia Jones who travelled to Havana to represent Mike Ellis Despite the fact that he was in custody when his wife died her mother is accusing him of the crime Meanwhile back in Cuba another woman dies suddenly with similar symptoms to those experienced by Hillary and Ramirez has to help pathologist Hector Apiro discover the link before there are any victims As in the first book Ricardo Ramirez sees the ghosts of the victims of cases he is investigating In this case the ghost of a cigar lady who has been left with a nife in her chest and who forlornly trails him around as though accusing him of not working hard enough on her behalf There are many strands to the plot of this book and many whi. In suspect Meanwhile Inspector Ramírez head of the Havana Major Crimes Unit is dispatched to Ottawa to take custody of a Cuban priest apprehended by authorities while in possession of

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Peggy Blair was a lawyer for than thirty years A recognized expert in Aboriginal law she worked as both a criminal defence lawyer and Crown prosecutor She spent a Christmas in Old Havana where she watched the bored young policemen on street corners along the Malecón visited Hemingway's favourite bars and learned to make the perfect mojitoA former member of the Canadian Human Rights Tr