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Ly the Ninpiden or Secret Ninja Transmission by Hattori Hanzo Others in which the main body of the work is dated to 1560 and is considered to be one of the three great ninja manuals Together these sort after scrolls will take you into the world of medieval Japan and divulge the shinobi secrets of espionage ninja battlefield tactics and muc.


READ FREE The Ninpiden True Ninja Traditions –

True Ninja Traditions is a collection of three of the most profound historical works on ninjutsu to have come out of Japan They have been brought together here for the first time to an English speaking audience and contain some of the greatest ninja secrets to have ever been written down These works are The three Shinobi Scrolls of the Gun.

Po Jiyoshu samurai manual written in or before 1612 a document approved by Tokugawa Ieyasu the first great shogun of Japan The Yoshimori Hyakushu or the Shinobi uta which consists of 100 ninja poems that have been attributed to the 12th century tactician Yoshimori and are considered to be the oldest teachings on ninjutsu to exist and final.