free pdf The Missing Hours –

free pdf The Missing Hours –

Spective was that a bit of a problem now and then But since it mostly shifted between Leah and Finn wasn t it so hard to figure out who was in charge However I must admit that I was not that fond of the first person perspective it just didn t work well for me while I read the book It disturbed my reading and I have a feeling that I would have enjoyed it better if it had been written without the first person perspectiveThe story I think was the best in the beginning when everything was a big mystery When Selena was missing and the period when she was found and Leah had to figure out if she was lying or not I liked the connections between the cases and the conclusions But I was never really engrossed with the story despite its interesting and unusual story As I wrote before the first person perspective is probably one of the big reasons for the book failing to grab my interest Also I can t say that either Finn or Leah really grabbed my interested either I was perplexed that two siblings could work on the same police team But it s perhaps a married couple that is a big no no Anyway I just didn t find either of the main characters life that interesting to read about Or their life I should say Leah life since it was about Leah and her troubled married life In many ways it felt like Leah was the main character than Finn And neither one of them managed to make an impression on me So it was an OK book nothing that rocked my little boat but not necessarily a bad book It felt a bit different and I liked the interluding chapters with case files from Selena and Ed s idnap and ransom cases Why anyone wants to travel to South America is beyond me It s like asking to be Investigating the Supernatural kidnapped I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy for an honest review We rarelynow the people around us only what they show us of themselves When Dr Selena Cole mysteriously vanishes from a playground leaving her da So when an author you ve admired from their very first book hits the sweet spot in the writing and storytelling stakes it is a real moment of reading joy such as has just happened with Emma Kavanagh and The Missing Hours I was a huge fan of the previous two novels but this was a pretty much one sitting completely immersed practically inhaled read that actually I ve just put down And had to write about straight awayI could just leave it at that but I like to talk so I won tThe Missing Hours is told from multiple points of view has some fascinating characters I can t even pick one particularly to rave about so just assume they are all pretty perfect a fascinating background that of Kidnap and Ransom a really engaging and well plotted mystery story No I really had no idea so this author joins the ranks of the Got Liz with a twist brigade and is beautifully written throughoutLoved the brothersister police duo the Cole family were highly intriguing Emma Kavanagh has the magic touch when it comes to character study in The Missing Hours you have that tenfold probably why I had no idea as to the outcome I was too busy being caught up in the lives of these people and ok I guess I DID have a bit of a soft spot for Beck but the entire cast were utterly alluring Always a rocking good read when you actually careIt is gripping for me especially with relation to the little side pieces which I won t say too much about to avoid spoilers but I rattled through it in true grasshopper on acid fashion until the final pages With a perfectly placed atmospheric ending that just put the icing right on top of the already delicious cake The Missing Hours comes highly recommended from meYes it does The Missing Hours by Emma Kavanagh is a thriller read that is told from multiple points of view throughout the story There is also bit of reports mails etc between the chapters that pertain to what is going on in the story at any given timeThe book starts off with a little girl at a playground who has wandered off from her mother and younger sibling but when she returns her mother is nowhere to be found This opens up an investigation introducing one of the detectives in the storyNow after a reader starts learning of the missing woman another case comes up when the body of a murdered lawyer is found and there s a second investigation started Detective Constable Leah Mackay and her brother Detective Sergeant Finn Hale have each been given one of the cases and as they delve into them there starts to be clues that maybe these aren t separate eventsThe general idea of this story sounds like one that would have grabbed me right from the opening and have the pages flying by but that simply wasn t the case with this book It wasn t a bad read but it never really gripped me and hooked me into the story It s really an incredibly slow paced read which is always a struggle for me but I think having all the extra reports and things between chapters slowed it even leaving me struggling to finish In the end this one just wasn t my style leaving me to rate it at 25 stars but I m sure others out there will love it than I didI received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visi. Lace in those missing hours and are they linked to the discovery of a nearby murder ‘Is it a forgetting or a deception?.

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Is book was well researchedOne of the best books I have read in 2016 I highly recommend it My thanks to the author Random House UK Cornerstone and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review The Missing Hours I ve read all of Emma Kavanagh s books so was intrigued to read this one tooThe book starts off really well and hooked me in pretty much straightaway Selena Cole a doctor is on a playground near her home with her children playing One moment all is well and the children are playing happily Next it cuts to the mother going missing and then turning up again a few hours later with no idea what had happened in those missing hours What plays out is a slow fed unfolding of a series of events leading up to those missing hours Again we re treated to Ms Kavanagh s terrific writing style her ability to get to the core of her characters and capture the emotion played out with each passing scene W First and foremost a large thank you to NetGalley Emma Kavanagh UK Random House and Century for providing me with a copy of this book which allows me to provide you with this reviewKavanagh offers an interesting perspective in this mystery novel pulling the reader in from the opening vignette After the mysterious disappearance of Selena Cole from a park while out with her young daughters the case is assigned to DC Leah Mackay still working out the wrinkles of the position and processing some personal issues of her own The DC Mackay digs the confusing things become as there are no clues or leads Once DC Mackay learns that Cole and her recently deceased husband ran a Kidnap and Ransom business finding themselves jet setting all over the world to handle highly controversial cases in dangerous domains sinister potential motives surrounding retribution begin circulating While Cole remains missing the body of a solicitor surfaces leaving authorities to wonder if there could be a connection Assigning DS Finn Hale to the murder the narrative advances as he tries to get a handle on what s taken place and who might be on the list of prime suspects With relationship issues central to the murder Hale seeks to put the pieces together and solve the case before things unravel Kavanagh spins an added layer to the story by revealing that Hale and Mackay are siblings working together but independently on these cases The deeper the story progresses complete with case summaries from the Cole company s various files the stronger the possibility that the murder and disappearance might be related with an employee whose life touches into the spheres of both victims When Selena Cole does return as mysteriously as she left she remembers nothing about her time away or what may have happened DC Mackay seeks to bridge these missing hours as uestions about retribution for a past Sturm-Liouville Problems kidnapping begin to surface with DS Hale close by to connect the dots Kavanagh leaves the reader to discover even mysteries while positing how it all ties in together in a story that has twists than aidnapping retrieval attempt An interesting tale complete with curious personal background drama sure to leave readers demanding from this authorThis being my first experience with Kavanagh s work I can only judge her abilities based on this book With short chapters and characters that offer a little of themselves away from their roles in the larger narrative the reader is able to understand the complexities of those who appear on the written page without getting too wrapped up in the backstory In addition to the narrative at hand use of case file documents helps to flesh out the story and builds on the development of the rationale behind the Selena Cole disappearance I would venture to say that Kavanagh s novel would fall short without these detailed glimpses into the Kidnap and Ransom background Kavanagh is able to weave a productive story and Make Me Yours (Make Me, keep the reader wondering as the chapters continue without getting mired down in technical explanations She succeeds in selling the story and the genre as well as her vast abilities Kudos Madam Kavanagh for allowing me access to this wonderful story I am intrigued in your writing style and can see myself looking for in the months to come Likehate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at I think the book started off really good with the older daughter Heather discovering her little sister Tara all alone and their mom has vanished It was a thrilling and brilliant way to capture the reader s attention What happened to Selena did she just leave the children or was she taken DC Leah Mackay is assigned the case and she has to deal with the little girl and Selena s sisters in law Meanwhile her brother DS Finn Hale is investigating the murder of a lawyer and it turns out that it s a very small world since the manilled had connections to Selena Cole and her family I was a bit confused in the beginning Had a hard time figure out if the police was a woman or man but then I realized that I had glanced over the name that stood after the chapter title and that actually something I had a tendency all through the book to do and since this book has a first person per. TraceA woman returns Twenty hours later Selena is found safe and well but with no memory of where she has beenWhat took

My thanks to Random House UK Cornerstone for the opportunity to read and review The Missing Hours by Emma KavanaghDr Selena Cole goes missing one day from the playground she is in with her two young children Twenty four hours later Selena reappears with no memory of her disappearance or of what happened in those twenty four hoursThis was an interesting mystery and not the type that I was expecting The mystery is told from multiple viewpoints and this worked very well The characters were interesting both those from the police department and those connected with the Cole company Kidnap and Ransom The police investigators were a brother and sister however I m not sure it was necessary to have a sibling link Each character would have worked well in their own right without having to be related While Leah s character was well developed I would have liked to see development with Finns character I felt I didn t get to now him as much as I wanted to The story was interspersed with chapters from case files of the Cole company of idnap and ransom scenarios in various countries around the world and I loved these chapters I enjoyed this book and while I felt at times it was a slow burner in parts for a mystery it was worth the wait as I loved the ending and unexpected twist Overall a good solid interesting read from an unusual perspective The Missing Hours was my first Emma Kavanagh read and I m not entirely sure what I think For me it was a case of up and down I never really got into the story as much as I d hoped to yet at the same time I found it to be a decent readThe story is made up of two mysteries a missing person who returns uickly and a murder From the get go it is obvious that the two crimes are related in some way yet you are not sure how Whilst I love interconnected crimes I prefer it when it is less obvious that one event is so directly related to another It meant I was constantly looking for the how when I prefer the sudden heart stopping moment of a revelation Despite the obvious link between Its not my week this week Yet another author I love and get so engrossed in her stories and I had a hard job Brainteaser Physics keeping up I thought it was my painkillers affecting my brain being whoozy until I read a few other peoples reviewsIt took me half the book to really grow into this one It was worth it in the end but boy oh boy I had to plough There were so many things in this material that really waffled on and didn t really need to be thereTHIS AUTHOR IS A FANTASTIC author I look forward to each of her books but whether she rushed this one or had a deadline to meet whonows but something shows that something wasn t up to speedI have given it 4 stars and the reason for this is I stayed with it If it were someone else they may have given up and missed the best bits towards the end but because I read to review I feel that its my duty if you like to finish a book That doesn t mean I won t look out for her next oneThanks to Random House UK Cornerstone via Net Galley for my copy sorry I am late with my review THE MISSING HOURS by Emma Kavanagh is a mystery novel dealing with a missing mother Dr Selena Cole a widow and mother of two young girls who disappears in a playground leaving her daughters 3 year old Tara and seven year old Heather ALONE She just vanished in thin air The little one Tara was on the swing Mother was pushing her Heather the seven year old had gone down to the stream When the girl came back her mother was gone sister was alone I have to admit in the beginning of the book I had a little bit of trouble making sense of what was happening I had to make sense of the characters and their stories But at 10% into the book it soon all starts to come togetherThen Selena reappears with no memory of her disappearance or of what happened in the last twenty four hours At the same time a body is found murdered Did she have something to do with the murder Two detectives DC Leah Mackay and DS Finn Hale who are brother and sister work the casesSelena Cole and her late husband Ed ran a Collecting Shakespeare kidnap and Ransom company called Cole Associates a successful consultancy business together When they were in Brazil at a business conference there was a terrorist attack and Ed Cole wasilled and Selena survived This company operates world wide and trains companies in crisis management to deal with protecting their employees If someone is idnapped Selena a psychologist and her husband Ed with military background are sent to the sceneThis story is told from multiple points of viewsand it works well and allows the reader to get a full disclosure of what was going on at the time and try to piece everything together The story was combined with chapters from the company case files from around the word This made for interesting reading but for fleshing out the charactersWhat took place in those missing hours Is there a connection to the recent discovery of a nearby murderThe author has done an amazing job of providing a well woven believable plot credible characters and twists and turns throughout to totally grip her audience and not let go till the end And what a brilliant ending Th. A woman disappears One moment Selena Cole is in the playground with her children and the next she has vanished without

Emma Kavanagh was born and raised in South Wales After graduating with a PhD in Psychology from Cardiff University she spent many years working as a police and military psychologist training firearms officers command staff and military personnel throughout the UK and Europe Now she is lucky enough to be able to write for a living She lives in South Wales with her husband young sons and a d

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