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She didn t betray im very early on The Shaping of Western Civilization he was still a jerk I just didn t connect withim Though I appreciated that this story was an adult version of Rapunzel I really didn t like the couple in this story They just didn t give me the feels like I usually get from Maisey Yates s couples There wasn t a lot of angst intensity for the emotional story at least for me There could ave been there especially with the backstory that surrounded them There could ave been exploration there I felt I needed to feel that punch in the gut and I just didn t get it in this story I wasn t a fan of The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles his either so it wasard to root for Medicine and Religion him He was too crude and rude Too much of a jerk and I don t feele made up for The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, his behavior I wasn t connected or drawn to Rafe and Charlotte as a couple either Didn t like them together I did like the descriptive writing especially in the love scenes and gave us the same experience that Rafe got because ofis blindness The love scenes were good too and were the only time they worked They Valentino had some steamy scenes together and they were theighlight of story That was what they ad going for them if I didn t believe the emotional story and believe that they ad this all consuming love In the past yeah but not in the present especially in Shunned his end They just weren t my favorite couple iave not read this book and i do not wish to impugn it unfairly but as a gut reaction to that title we ve really reached rock bottom in terms of acceptable scenarios for romance novels while i am sure that situations exist in which it is not morally reprehensible for an italian to retain a pregnant prisoner i am as Craving (Willow Creek, hard pressed as giles corey to think of one but it does make me wonder what s next inarleuin s line of non con romance novelsthe sheikh s subway frottagethe billionaire s sex dungeon for runawaysthe cowboy lurking in the closet of your air b n bthe tycoon wore glovesthe CEO s office bathroom camthe cashier in the cowboy s spank bankthe foreigner pretends there is no word for consent in Oba, the Last Samurai his language the uber driverplease continue to brainstorm with meere together we could become as wealthy as a sex trafficking viking I liked it but didn t love it I liked that Yonen Buzz, Volume 1 (Yonen Buzz, h was a virgin and that H was ruthless My problem was the endless internal monologues and the zero plot Hero anderoine were fine but where was the plot And I was so tired and sleepy after reading pages of internal monologues and descriptions I needed plot and dialogue I felt absolutely nothing no love no passion no angstnothing Charlotte Adair wants to take er life back Her father is now dead She is finally free But the first thing she need to do is slay the beast that broke er The Wood Demon heart Rafe Costa was the man shead loved but also the man that left First Shapes her Alone to face the wrath ofer father and stepmother The ones she Dispatches from Dystopia had escaped to preventerself from being sold to the man of Max and the Tom Cats (More Bob Books for Young Readers, Set II, Book 8) her father s choosing To final not be a prisoner by any man Rafe Costa gave Charlotte all thate could Hoping to save Ancient World her life andis Fighter he lefter virginity alone but loved Събрани разкази, Том 5 her every waye could Until she betrayed The Real James Herriot him Leavingim behind while running off to be a rich evil man s wife And it might not Waterloo (Sharpe, have costim Cinderella his life but the destruction fromer family did cost im is sight And e intends to make er pay And Mary After All holdinger prisoner in Lionboy (Lionboy Trilogy, his castle is one way to keeper tied to Halt v nebezpečí (Hraničářův učeň, him The title was misleading The Hero and Heroinead fallen in love 5 years ago They got separated because of lies that Charlotte s step mom and Miss Emily her dadad told them They never could date anyone else during that time apart When they found each other again the chemistry was still there Right after they were separated Rafe was in an accident because of Charlette s step mom It leads to Phoenix (Black City, him being blind This was a very good description of what it would be like to be blind Charlotte didn t care she lovedim anyways This was a sweet yet short book. Egnant with twins To claim is eirs Rafe steals Charlotte away to BabyCakes Covers the Classics his castle but she is far from a biddable prisoner She is irresistible defiant and Rafe must seduceer into compliance.

To discover billionaire Rafe Costa is now blind believes she betrayed Saul Bellow him and is bent on a vengeful seductionRafe is shocked to realize that Charlotte is a virgin but weeks after their scorching encountere learns she s pregnant with twins To claim is eirs Rafe steals Charlotte away to Oh My Gods! his castle but she is far from a biddable prisoner She is irresistible defiant and Rafe must seduceer into compliance 35 starsAs with book number one in this miniseries by Maisey I was disappointed with this book It was a shame because one I am in love with Maisey Yates books Frogs French Kisses (Magic in Manhattan, her storieser characters and Artful her writing And number two when Ieard about this miniseries I was really excited about it After all this miniseries is basically adult fairy tales with each book represented a different fairy tale This one featured the tale of Rapunzel And while I appreciate what Maisey was doing with this story and the elements of the Rapunzel story especially with the tower and letting down er air which became very symbolic in the story I just wasn t thrilled with the pairing of Charlotte and Rafe For me I didn t feel like it was an all consuming love match but a story that was based on lust and revenge than anything Now when they ad their romance five years previous I felt it was very much a love match in the eyes of adversity but as time passed it just felt less like love and like lust especially for im I don t know I just didn t like them together There was plenty of potential and the elements were there for the intense emotional story that I wanted to see play out especially considering the backstory for each of the characters but I just wasn t feeling it Not the angst Not the intensity Not the rawness Not the normal Maisey flair that I love and adore I just needed to I didn t get the feels I usually get with عصير الرماد her stories Another thing I was really looking forward to and was excited about was the fact that Rafe was blind and what that wouldave brought to the table And I did like it and brought a different element to the story It showed that being blind didn t Of Blood and Bone (Chronicles of the One, hinderim in fact it pushed The Legacy (The Restoration Series, him to succeed even Head challenges but nothing Perpetual Power (The Tressa Tremaine Series Book 1) he couldn t overcome I especially like all the writing that went into creating the experience so that me as the reader got the same experience as Rafe The really good scenes were the love scenes where Charlotte described what she was wearing and what she was doing in the moment soe could get the picture plus it was really sexy The love scenes were really good because they were an experience because of all the descriptions that were in that scene It was a visual experience along with sexiness of it The passion consumed them and overtook them creating a lot of steaminess to their story In fact that was the crux of their relationship Those scenes were pretty good and probably the Celine highlight of the book because that s where they seemed to fit best It wasot In this book in particular I felt there was a lot of introspection Almost too much and less showing than I would Charmed (The Donovan Legacy, have liked At times it just went on and on and it was too much Granted a lot was going on centered not only on the present but the past too I get it but I wanted to see scenes of them together than reflections theyad by themselves In fact I skimmed through that part and didn t feel like I missed anything I wanted to feel it and not told Rafe was not my favorite Ballet Shoes hero either I understande Strictly Temporary - Volume One (Strictly Temporary, had been through a lot and experienced a lot painis life plus dealing with is blindness but I just like e was a little crude and rude for my taste especially in the beginning I get e ad a lot of anger but even still He was off putting to me and it was Discovering Your Heart With The Flag Page hard to likeim His lust and the fact Kingdom of Ashes (Nightfall, he just wanted to useer for sex took over the story instead of Websters Ii Dictionary, Third Edition, Office Edition his emotional story andis tender of emotions I didn t see Aladdin him really soften towards Charlotte until near the end even thoughe knew. Now blind believes she betrayed Daddy Must Die him and is bent on a vengeful seductionRafe is shocked to realize that Charlotte is a virgin but weeks after their scorching encountere learns she's pr.

ARC provided by NetGalley and Harleuin in exchange for an The Message Glorious honest reviewThis was not the usual MYer latest HP seem to be lacking and an average readI O Cérebro de Broca had aard time with this one The premise of the story and the way it begins is just over the top for me Charolette s father was a gangster leader He kept Damia's Children: Rowan 3 (The Tower Hive Sequence) by Anne McCaffrey (1994-02-03) her locked away pretty much Safe theero worked for Breaking The Curse (Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales her father The two always met in secret Until one day Charolette was told she would be married to a man ofer Fathers choosing Rafe is told she would be married and agreed to the marriage Charolette runs away Rafe A Banquet of Consequences (Inspector Lynley, had no idea and Rafe leaves Years later they meet again After Charolette s father dies and she can now come out ofiding and stop running Safe in the mean time as become a wealthy and successful business man But tragedy as also beset im as e s partially blind Charlotte decides she needs to close the chapter of Rafe in Keeper of the Light her life and wants to seeim one time before she starts a new life and chapter She goes to a ball that Rafe will be at and believes since Shattered Spear (The Lost Stars, he s blinde won t know she s there But Rafe does find out that Charlotte is there as she passes by The Homing him ande smells The Women of Easter her uniue smell that just didn t jive for me We are then immersed is the story ofow the two Why Are You So Scared? have lived the last several years and all the lies they both were told or believed I didn t really care for theero s character He was a angry and bitter His treatment of the The Power of One heroine was than just alpha it was down right mean at times Charlottes character improved as the story progressed but at the beginning I didn t care forer much either I m not sure if it s me but I m finding MY recent HP not as well written or as engaging lately Characters seem flat and stories somewhat over the top Hoping it s just me I ve always liked the majority of The Wolf Gift (The Wolf Gift Chronicles, her books The best of the 3 novels in this author s Once Uponn A Seduction trilogy I liked BOTH H and in this book In the first novel I He Who Dares had liked theeroine and I couldn t tolerate either MC s in the second novel This 3rd novel was just right It was of a romantic type fairy tale albeit the inclusion of a few darker elements However the ending was great The Italian s Pregnant Prisoner by Maisey Yates is the third story in The Thing About December her modern fairytale series this one based on Rapunzel Like theeroine in that story Charlotte was kept isolated by Os Peixes Também Sabem Cantar her royal family but she escapes only to find the man she once thought she lovedas irrevocably changedWhen Rafe was a business associate of t her father s in Italye ad come to er in secret a love story in the making cruelly shattered when Stand Up and Fight he disappeared one night and never returned Told she must marry a stranger Charlottead managed to escape and become a free woman with a new identity Seeing Rafe s picture in the newspaper she d found out that e d been blinded in an accident the details remaining a secret Finding out e d be at a ball nearby she knew she could sneak in under the guise of Now Is the Hour her now deceased father s invitation and get a look at Rafe after all these years without worrying thate could see Londons Glory (Bryant May, her in return Yet somehowe d caught Jingle Bells her uniue fragrance and unerringly founder in that crowded roomRafe seduces Charlotte telling er that is desire for Troys her is only for the night and that there will be no future for them Charlotte agrees and succumbs to their night of passion But there are conseuences when Charlotte ends up pregnant with twins Kidnapped by Rafe is she trading one life of being a prisoner for another one Or will the revelation of what reallyappened to part them and ruin their fledgling love give them a second chance to make things rightTo continue reading this review please visit Harleuin Junkie copy of this story was provided by the publisher for review Crashes into table and falls Pregnantand at Knights Templar in Britain his mercy Charlotte Adair spenter life locked away in a tower Her father s death frees Reign of Fury (Battles in the Dark, her to find the one man she s ever lovedonly. Pregnantand atis mercy Charlotte Adair spent Nature Cure her life locked away in a tower Her father's death freeser to find the one man she's ever lovedonly to discover billionaire Rafe Costa is.

Free download The Italians Pregnant Prisoner Once Upon A Seduction #3 Author Maisey Yates –

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Maisey Yates lives in rural Oregon with her three children and her husband whose chiseled jaw and arresting features continue to make her swoon She feels the epic trek she takes several times a day from her office to her coffee maker is a true example of her pioneer spirit In 2009 at the age of twenty three Maisey sold her first book Since then

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