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H itThe author s writing style is extremely expressive and elouent as he laces the whole story with evocative emotions that holds the power to move the readers deeply The narrative is poignant and interesting enough to keep the readers hooked into the story line till the very end and not to mention the dialogues are inspired rom local dialect with its proper translation thereby making the book an informative one or the readers The story has a moderate pace as there are so many layers that the author has depicted with so much detailing that will make the readers visualize those right before their own eyes The story is told in third person POV rom the three character s voice and at the end of each chapter the author has ended it with an unexpected twist that will make the readers anticipate The Ramayana for the conclusionThe backdrop is simply magical and striking that will instantly transport the readers both back in time and back to a destination The story is set against the British ruled Calcutta in localities of Jews where they made their name and living in the society The author has painted that portrait of Calcutta by vividly capturing its then streetsilled with hand pulled rickshaws European Fuego y Sangre fashion Englisholks the crowded alleys of hawkers shouting at the top of their lungs business hungry Jews and the Hoogly river thus reflecting an old yet rich Calcutta that local readers can easily relate to The portrait of Hong Kong is splendidly arrested Pursuit (Star Wars: Boba Fett, for the larger part of the story with its traditional styled palaces to the thenashion to its warm nature people to its politics to its Johan et Pirlouit 05 Intgrale - Magie et exotisme finance to its landscapes which will make the readerseel that authentic Lauri Törni - Legend - Larry Thorne flair and aura through the author s words while reading this book The timeline too is in perfect sync with the landscapes and the culture of both Calcutta and Hong Kong The characters are uite well developed as they are laced with multi dimensions that are revealed by the author gradually with the course of the story The characters have depth as they are supported by backstories rightrom the very beginning of their childhood that will make the readers easily comprehend with the characters mindset Emanuel is a man who is not only hard working but is way too ambitious that on his journey to achieve success and power that he orgets about the people who loves and cares about him although his laws are what makes him so interesting on the other hand Semah has The Kite forever yearnedor love The Power of Place from her husband but she rarely got itrom him yet she devoted her life towards him thus making her brave with a weakness in her heart And lastly Pearl is another such woman who despite of getting love Thoughtful Interaction Design from her husband has always despised him as he allowed hisirst wife to share the same roof with her her jealousy gave her a power that readers will A course in Game Theory find it intimidating about her Yes all three characters are not onlylawed but has also undergone lot of struggles and challenges that will only make them look real in the eyes of the readers Long after the end of the story the readers will Topless Cellist find it difficult to shake the three prominent and striking charactersrom their heads The supporting characters are also well etched outThe story is not only about opium trade but is also about love and mostly about an unusual The Wild Queen (Young Royals, friendship that could not wither away even in the end when there was no perfect happy ending The author portrays the bond of two wives with so much emotion transition challenges and shared motherhood that the readers are bound toeel a connection towards these two women In a nutshell this intriguing book will compel the minds of all the historical Tax Progressivity and Income Inequality fiction as well as the contemporaryiction readers but I suggest this is a must read heart breaking yet exciting story that needs to be experienced by one and allVerdict A poignant yet enlightening story about two wives and lots of opium between them Courtesy Thanks to the author Simon Choa Johnston s publicist Learning and Development for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book I was drawn to the storyline and history of this novel Iound the characters captivating Especially the two women who s personalities overshadow Emanuel s in the second half of this novel The manipulation and loathing was like watching a tragedy unfold If anything it was true to how women think and Choa Johnston created such strong women with very different ideals The history of the opium trade in Hong Kong was also interesting A good story Maybe dragged a bit The opium trade in China is always Arduino Development Cookbook fascinating reading Must reread the Amit Ghosh series There are many things that drew me to this book the setting and the time period because they are both something that I don t know much about or read about theact that it is a Canadian writer and this is the story of his ancestors the plot of the two wives of one man living together in the same home And all of this wrapped up together made Mastering Gephi Network Visualization for a lovely book I learned so much about the culture and the time that I had never heard about mainly the Jewish communities in India the opium trade between India and China I also thought that the writing was beautiful and descriptive I had read before that Choa Johnston is a playwright and that is evident through the writing A beautiful and interesting story. Houseand life will change irrevocablyor all of them Inspired by the lives of Choa Johnston's ancestors The House of Wives is an unforgettable novel about the machinations of the early opium trade and about two remarkable women determined to secure a dynasty or their children in the tumultuous British Crown colo.

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S an eual Their marriage turns out to be very passionate but marital bliss is to be short lived Because Semah arrives to ight Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space for her rightful place at her husband s side And there are definitelyireworks But I couldn t stop admiring both of these strong minded women that certainly appeared to be made of stronger stuff than the man they call husbandWhat Emanuel does next is certainly unprecedented in terms of any other story I ve ever stumbled across He divides his home to accommodate both women I do declare that no soap opera writer could have unfolded the next series of chapters as antastically as Choa Johnston does As the women settle down into their new home a conciliatory approach to their lives takes over as soon as they both become mothers I will say that eventually Emanuel does manage to show a little bit common sense in one aspect and began to enter my good graces But not by muchIn addition I absolutely loved and appreciated the author s note Fascinating personal amily historyThanks to NetGalley and Penguin Random House Canada or a copy of this book in exchange or an honest reviewGoodreads review published 120416 35 stars Knowing that this novel is based on the author s own ancestor an opium merchant in Hong Kong and his two yes two wives peaked my interest Through the ups and downs of their relationships and the rise and Un Cadeau pour ma Femme fall ofortunes this is good story with some pacing issues Still worth a read A ascinating plot based on the author s own amily lore two women one English and the other Chinese share one husband and live under the same roof The author wrote the novel is such a way that the reader does not blame but rather can sympathize with the husband and his two wives Each of them is wonderfully portrayed with their own rational thoughts choices and Shadow Bound feelings which lent credence to their plight Beyond theamily drama the author did an exceptional job of relaying the historical details of the opium trade with The thing about opium is that it makes pain or difficulty unimaginable Sebastian FaulksSimon Choa Johnston a Canadian author pens a heart touching yet intense historical Mapapansin Kaya? fiction The House of Wives that narrates the story of three human souls all connected by the trade and the aura of opium where an opium merchant gets so blinded by the hunger to be a successful businessman that he drags the two most important people of his life into it thus irking up a crossfire between those two individuals until they allind peace to live togetherSynopsis Two women compete Buntus Foclora for the affections of their opium merchant husband in a tale ofriendship Life at the End of thevTunnel fortune and rivalry in colonial Hong KongIn 1862 a young Jewrom Calcutta named Emanuel Belilios leaves his dutiful wife Semah and sets sail テンカウント 2 [Ten Count 2] for Hong Kong to make hisortune in the opium trade There he grows into a prosperous and respectable merchant eventually Моя семья и другие звери; Птицы, звери и родственники falling in love with his Chinese business partner s daughter Pearl a delicate beauty twenty years his junior As a wedding present he buildsor her the most magnificent mansion in Hong Kong Then Semah arrives unannounced The Herd from 93rd from Calcutta to take her place as mistress of the houseand life will change irrevocablyor all of themInspired by the lives of Choa Johnston s ancestors The House of Wives is an unforgettable novel about the machinations of the early opium trade and about two remarkable women determined to secure a dynasty Manual for Planetary Leadership (Easy-to-Read Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path) for their children in the tumultuous British Crown colony Emanuel is a Jewish man who after the completion of his graduation successfully lands himself up and guides himself to move towards the world of opium selling thereby earning a name as well as reputation in the society And hence when an opportunity of marrying a rich Jewish businessman s daughter Semah with an overpriced dowry knocks up at the door Emanuel grabs it immediately as he needs capital to take a voyage to Hong Kong where he willinally set up his opium trading business Luckily The Audio Expert for him things get accordingly as his plan and Emanuel earns a name in the rich and aristocratic Jewish community in Calcutta In one of his many Hong Kong trips Emanuelalls head over heels in love with a Chinese young woman Pearl and he instantly marries her and welcomes her to a mansion built especially Dawnkeepers (The Nightkeepers, for her in Hong Kong and within aew months too Emanuel s خدا بود و دیگر هیچ نبود first wife Semah too lands up in that very same mansion where he lives with his second wife Pearl Immediately an inevitable war of extreme hatred starts between the two women and Emanuel must do something to stop his two wivesrom hating each other and not to mention Emanuel is in dire need of a heir but can these two women provide himThe author has penned this book based on his grandfather s personal experience thereby telling an untold story that spans through so many decades This story is mainly ocused on opium selling and trading during the British era both in Calcutta India and in Hong Kong that which the readers are not much aware about hence the author did a marvelous job in opening as well as enlightening the minds of the readers about this lesser known opium trade and its harmful yet alluring effects through this story The book s cover image turns out to be uite enchanting or the eyes of the readers reflecting an irresistible aura throug. Perous and respectable merchant eventually 101 ways to improve your life falling in love with his Chinese business partner's daughter Pearl a delicate beauty twenty years his junior As a wedding present he buildsor her the most magnificent mansion in Hong Kong Then Semah arrives unannounced rom Calcutta to take her place as mistress of the.

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Rating 355 starsWhat drew me initially to this book is the idea of two women of different cultures in 19th century Hong Kong Fenton Glass Compendium finding out that they share a husband Talk aboutamily drama What was even amazing is that author Simon Choa Johnston based his book on his own uniue Inside the U D A family historyThe reader is pulled into the personal turmoil of both women as they learn to live with each other and theiramilies with limited success Choa Johnston does a good job giving the wives Semah and Pearl very distinct voices and as a reader I could sympathize with the struggle of each of the women It was sad to think of all of the years wasted that the two women could have been supportive and close but at the same time sharing one s husband wasn t something that either of them signed up A Medieval Christmas forWhile Iound the premise uite interesting or me there was a distinct difference between the irst two thirds of the book and the remaining third The سایه لای پوست first two thirds as we meet the wives and see how Emanuel s business takes off was uite interesting Choa Johnston brings to life the Jewish and Chinese cultures as well as the energy of Hong Kong I d rate thatirst part of the book a solid The Nonprofits Guide to Human Resources four stars with the remainder of the book dropping to three stars It was still interesting but Iound the energy to wane which was surprising since it s at that point when the wives come together and I thought there d be emotional Territory fireworks During the last third of the book there were also large chunks of time that were uickly explained away but this resulted in me not having as much of an emotional connection to the wives and even less with Emanuel as the story began its conclusionEmanuel came to a very uniue and different solution to his multiple wife issue which was uite different than how others had handled similar situations during that time and makesor a very uniue story Choa Johnston s writing was uite descriptive in regards to the era and cultures and I appreciated that he included a description of his Shades of Love family history at the back of the book to give his readers background information Overall this was a good read It was an interesting look at different cultures the author s uniueamily history and the power and strength of womenDisclaimer My sincere thanks to Penguin Group Random House Publishing Kaplan Medical USMLE Examination Flashcards for providing me with a complimentary paperback copy of this book in exchangeor my honest review Step out of the here and now into an exotic world skillfully realized In The House of Wives we meet Emanuel a Jewish man The Crooked Maid from India born into a comfortableamily He has ambitions Consumer Behavior for and so marries a woman who brings a large dowry Emanuel invests his money into the opium trade and spends the next decade building his investments His marriage is unsatisfying and ultimately he decides to move to Hong Kong permanently Healls Irretrievably Broken for a woman much younger and after she converts to Judaism marries her on the condition that he will give up hisirst wife But wife 1 doesn t take that news lightly and journeys to China to take her place by her husband Which brings us to the House of Wives two very strong and stubborn women under one roof Choa Johnston writes beautifully Each of the characters has a distinct voice and the setting is vivid There were a Black Ice few plot points that Iound uncomfortable and ultimately made Emanuel s character distasteful to me So I The Dirty Pair Strike Again (The Dirty Pair, found theirst part of the book that BDSM focused on him to be less engaging Once the women came together Ielt the book started to come alive and I admit I had a hard time putting it down because I wanted to see the development of their very complicated relationship Won in a giveaway but this did not affect my reviewu What makes a woman become a servant And what makes her become the mistress Is it money Or birthThe House of Wives sweeps readers back to 19th century Calcutta Simon Choa Johnston weaves together a Fatal Obsession fascinating tale of two women and the man that they willight to the death The Perfect Duet for Not to mention that the descriptions transport the reader back to a bygone eraEmanuel Belilos is a young Jewish man who seeks to outdo his businessmanather and make his ortune But before Emanuel can do all that he desires he is wed to Semah Ezra Semah is young intelligent and beautiful But both she and her new husband ind themselves uite unhappy With their marriage on unstable ground Emanuel wastes no time in Comfort (Ann Fay Honeycutt fleeing to Hong Kong withirm hopes that he will make his Kasihku Abadi fortune in the opium tradeIt is in Hong Kong where Emanuel meets Pearl the daughter of one of his eventual partners Over a number of years theirirst meeting will lead to something much I ll get back to that in a bitEmanuel does return to Semah in Calcutta and although they briefly attempt to make their union a happy one Semah remains barren and Emanuel s trips to Hong Kong become longer and longer My heart truly ached Ritchie County in history and romance for Semah At this point I m noteeling good about Emanuel and uestion whether he s really making an attempt at his marriage I have to talk about Pearl16 years old who I was ready to not like However Pearl is well educated beautiful and uick to speak up or herself Of course Emanuel alls in love and plans to woo Pearl Like Semah Pearl will also have her way and makes it very clear to her husband that she expects to be heard Two women compete Savage Salvation for the affections of their opium merchant husband in a tale ofriendship Japan, France, and East-West Aesthetics fortune and rivalry in colonial Hong Kong In 1862 a young Jewrom Calcutta named Emanuel Belilios leaves his dutiful wife Semah and sets sail I Could Pee on This for Hong Kong to make hisortune in the opium trade There he grows into a pros.

As a playwright Simon was writer in residence at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival 2010 working on his new play Sisters that was selected for Factory Theatre’s Cross Currents Festival Simon has written plays for the Arts Club Theatre; Gateway Theatre Western Canada Theatre; Kaleidoscope Theatre; Youtheatre Montreal and the Lighthouse Festival Amongst his numerous awards are City of Richmond’