ONLINE BOOKS The Earl's Dilemma By Emily Larkin –

ONLINE BOOKS The Earl's Dilemma By Emily Larkin –

It s been so long since I ve icked up an HR but Scribd had a lot of recommendation for me and all of them sounded really good This book especially It was a sweet friends to lovers story which is what the doctor ordered for me DFull review to come The H Earl needs a wife asap or he will lose his inheritance He decides to ask for his best bud s sis and tell the bud he is doing it cause she is The Life And Times Of Rosie The Riveter plain won t object to a MOC used to be moony over him and he can get on with his usual licentiousursuits without too much interference from her Unfortunately the h was in a nearby secret hiding Sex Powers University 2 place and heard his little solilouy and now wants nothing to do with him but she will help him find a wife She makes a list and starts rounding up the ladies but by this time our erstwhile H has totally fallen in lurve with h but he messed that one up cause she doesn t believe him at alleriod Finally he convinces her his lurve is Deadly Seduction pure and huge HEA with best bud bro set up as well with h s BFF This was cute and I had to laugh as the H kept digging in deeper and not helping his case Nice tormenting of H not too angsty and the h was funny in her attempts to matchmake and keep his list of desirable ualities in a lady straight Having happened upon Emily May s The Spinster s Secret among the best of the genre I ve read thisast year I ve read of her books written as Emily Larkin as well as Emily May All are great reads btw The Randy Comfort Rise Again premise here is simple he must marry she has knownloved him for years but is disillusioned so won t marry him for his convenience The author brings such grace to the narrative it makes the evolving feelings of Hh unforced and inevitable but never trite I love this author s fluent Regency research and the conciseness of her language May doesn t yammer on and on as others do and doesn t bore me to tears by using repetitive sentence fragments to stand in for true insight or emotion eg Sarah MacLean s Any Duke Will Do blech Her writing makes me feel a great deal without resorting to cheap tricks and breathlessrattling This is a writer of uniue skill and If I could write half so well I d try to Meet The Vampire publish Instead I ll just hope for the next of hers to appearHere an emotional turnabout unfolds gradually after an earl with marriage deadline decides to offer for his best friend s sister a 28 year old freckle faced red headed spinster who has hidden away her feelings for him in journals secreted in ariest hole only she knows aboutThe snag The earl visits his friend in Yorkshire and she overhears his unvarnished somewaht bitter ranting about having to marry by his 30th birthday He has less than two months to make good So he must cast about for a convenient marriage ყინულის სასახლე partner He s decided to marry her because he knows she ll have him and he can tolerate her Aoor choice of words that will come back to bite him in the ass His friend her brother expresses doubts but the earl dismisses them so cocksure is heWellCocksure earl 0 Iktomi and the Berries priest hole hiding girl 1She rejects him and vows to find him a suitable option from the neighborhood s misses and widows He s knocked off balance by this even as she herds the hopefuls to him her own heart breaking behind alacid friendly facade Meanwhile it dawns on him that each hopeful lacks a certain something she has How very unsettling for himI loved that she remained determined not to settle for less than real love even if it was the love of her life offering her second best I loved to tears the evolution in his regard for her too It was not an instant the scales fell away finally he saw her in all her glory cue the celestial chorus cliche but a nagging inconvenient growing awareness of her ualities and beauty This story seemed to have less dialogue than the author s others and she does dialogue so well that I wished I could ve been a fly on the wall for of their conversations But the characters are wonderfully well realizedAnd I ask you who doesn t love it when a handsome devil Better Policing with Microsoft Office 2007 puts his foot in his mouth and has to eat a heaping helping of humbleie around it to win the skeptical woman he s come to love This is no tale of superficial misunderstanding derailing an inevitabl. He's running out of time James Hargrave Earl of Arden urgently needs a wife He’s resigned himself to a marriage of convenience and has even chosen a bride Kate Honeycourt his best friend’s sister Kate has been on the shelf fo.

E romance I genuinely wondered how he d convince her he wasn t Escaflowne (Escaflowne Newtype 100% Collection, 40) pretendingassion just to get the nuptials scheduled This author has a knack for creating characters I want to know about and as I came to know them I liked them better and better So I was taken on a similar emotional journey as the earl and the girl Read the sample it ll draw you right in It s terrificI mean it this author always delivers extraordinarily accomplished literate emotionally intelligent stories Every single time I started out being a bit annoyed at the hero James He was very dismissive about Kate s looks and not loving her He had decided to marry her because he needed a bride to keep his estates and his fortune Unfortunately Kate overhears his discussion with her brother and she already has issues about being tall red headed and freckled She s been in love with James her brother s best friend for over eleven years but realizes he will never love her She determines that she will help him find a bride he could love when he asks her to marry himSo begins the bride hunt And James manages to find something wrong with every suitable candidate as he realizes that Kate is Wild Pork and Watercress perfect for him As I said I was leaning towards not liking James at all But seeing the evolution in his thoughts about Kate and seeing the secretain he has about his experiences in the Napoleonic Wars it was hard to dislike him By the end of the book I was thoroughly hoping that would be able to get Kate to marry him This was a uick read and a good one a book that you don t want to Shorty put down Actually I went out to do someruning and cleaning up in the garden and when I came back had to search very hard to find it Thankfully I did because it was very enjoyable I felt for Kate as she so clearly loved James and enough to make sure he had a bride he could love I was glad that James did realize what a treasure she was and that he did a great job at showing his love and devotion for her It s nice to read a regency book that is so well written and has a romance that develops and resolves so nicely What a fun read A stellar historical romance in the friends to lovers vein The Earl s Dilemma by Emily May will leave you with a sappy grin on your face and a little skip in your step Kate has loved James since she was seventeen But after that humiliating summer she learned to hide her feelings and treat him like the treasured friend he needs Since then she s only Articles on Works by C. S. Lewis, Including poured out her heart to her diaries she writes in while secluded in the hiddenriest hole of her brother s house So when she overhears James say that he intends to marry her she s first thrilleduntil she hears his reasonsJames needs to marry in seven weeks or forfeit the home he loves He always wanted to marry for love but now he ll marry for comfort And who better than his best friend s sister She certainly won t turn him down She loved him years ago they re good friends she won t expect too much from himright But suddenly Kate turns James world upside down SHE won t marry him but she ll help him find a wife So how come all James can think of is how no matter how Interracial Romance BWWM perfect her candidates arethey aren t KateYes it s a well usedlot But I gotta tell ya that it s been a long time since I ve enjoyed the execution as well as this story by Emily May The Gaddafis Harem pacing and gradual deepening of emotion felt real and realistic The addition of a secondary love story with the heroine s brother was just icing on the cupcake The Earl s Dilemma is a uick afternoon read about threeeople you come to like with just enough heat to satisfy Oh barf This book was so lovey dovey sticky sweet that I had a stomach ache by the end what with the overall goodness of everyone I very rarely enjoy category romances because I find them too short the characters are underdeveloped and the stories lack substance This one s slightly better than what I ve read in the Puff past but not by much You could say it s a friends to lovers story or a spinsterhandsome war hero story but it s not really either because the author doesn t flesh out the story enough James the Earl needs a wife in order to hold on to his land otherwise he gets nothing if he hits his. R years Why then does she so firmly turn him down Surely she can’t be holding out for a love match But Kate has aroposal of her own she’ll find James a bride he can fall in love with Armed with a list of reuirements Kate se.

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30th b day unhitched He decides to marry his friend s sister Kate who s sort of his friend too Kate has loved him forever and still does but he doesn t know that because she hides it James thinks she ll jump at the chance of his offer because she s on the shelf and they get along well enough She refuses there s a reason for it but sets out to find him the Laid to Ruin (Lancelots Fall, perfect wife among the ton because she wants him happy cue theretty singing birds and violins What a good and selfless Leyendas Negras person she is even though she should ve told him to shove hisroposal up his you know where This is so not my kind of heroine Over time he realizes that he really loves her but she has major issues about how she looks and keeps telling him that that s impossible this is repeated over and over and over again that if I were James I d have just moved on I don t know what he saw in her really What a The Iron Palace (Shadowed Path, pain her I m not beautiful bit was after reading it so many times Oh yeah and everyone s always apologizing for one thing or another except for a crotchety cousin who at least had some verve to her character There s some stuff about James war scars that really felt like filler too Very irritating one dimensional characters overall There s no real build up of tension here because it all feels soredictable There s a minor secondary story with her friend and her brother but the friend is just as sickeningly stupid as she is with her naivet The writing style lacks zip or something The author is also a big fan of the exclamation mark Exclamation mark here Exclamation mark there Everything is dramatic Even the weather is exclamation worthy It just makes it all seem silly and annoying a kind of forced regency historical tone As for the steam it s a step below mediocre When something finally happened at the end it was so disappointing It s too clean and PG why not just do a fade to black moment and be done with it you know Nothing happens Not that I was looking for some raunch fest or anything but how about some build up without all the apologies for the desires This book is Bad, Bad Bluebloods (Rich Boys of Burberry Prep pretty much what I don t like about romance novels Airy fairyness 25 stars is about as high as I can go I started out wanting tolant a skillet to the head of the hero I later felt like handing it off to the hero to implant some intelligence in the heroinePLOTThe red headed and FRECKLED heroine Kate has been in love with the handsome hero for yonks She ends up being a very unhappy eavesdropper when she overhear him telling her eually redheaded and FRECKLED brother that ho hum he ll offer for Kate and he s just so awesome and she s so on the shelf she ll do cartwheels in ecstasy Skillet actionSidenote the hero has to marry before his next birthday or all he ll inherit is the title and one rundown hovel of an estate so the stakes are high and with an end dateI was certainly In the Cavern of the Night pleased when the heroine gives him aolite but definite smackdown when he blurts out a the bad boys of butte proposal She then offers to help him find a wife and boy howdy does sheut her back into the jobAfter the third maybe seventh candidate is a no it was time to transfer the skillet I got than a little fed up with the heroine s insistence that she wasn t Romancing the Customer pretty enough she was too bran faced and too FRECKLED Really the only twoeople that belittled her for her freckles were a gross suitor who was mad and her insanely irritating older cousin The The Articles of Release (The Release parade ofotentials was cute and the hero grows a heart and falls in love with The Sleepwalkers practical bran faced FRECKLED Kate and her brother falls for the veryretty best friend so all is well in Romance Regencyland I read this book a couple of years ago and was less than impressed with it To be honest when I looked back on it I couldn t remember much about it but some of my longest standing Goodreads friends Idle Ideas in 1905 people whose opinions I value and often share really liked it so I slated it for a re readI finally got around to that re read and all I can say is thaterhaps I wasn t in the right frame of mind when I read it first time around because it s a really good story with a lovely well developed central romance between two strongly characterised Haunted Marion, Ohio protagonists there s a 354 Stars. Ts out to find James theerfect wife But things don’t rogress as either of them expectA Regency romance featuring an earl who needs to marry in a hurry the spinster he turns to for help and a list that growsand growsand grows.

Emily Gee and historical romance novels as Emily Larkin She has been a finalist in the Romance Writers of America RITA award as well as the National Readers Choice Booksellers Best Australian Romantic Book of the Year Sir Julius Vogel and Koru awards Her websites are

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