Kindle read The Chocolate Debutante author Marion Chesney –

HilariousOne of those books that are just outright fantastical in its plot and somehow makes you laugh for the sheer outrageousness of it Protagonist has been left in charge of her niece a irl who s addicted to chocolate and can t eat it enough So she has to devise a way to marry off the Innocent Sins (Harlequin Presents, girl Soundedreat and started off reat but ended up being so so Not bad if read as a tongue in cheek spoof on romance novels The main character starts off as a very level headed woman although very naive in the ways of men and the ways of men and women as couples By the end of the book she is much acuainted with men but thankfully finds a man who admires her for her brain as well as her looks I Funnier than most of Chesney I have read She wondered what illness Mary had found to put on for her sister dressed herself in various ailments with all the enthusiasm of a fashion conscious dandy sporting a new waistcoatTwo charming and amusing love stories If one has never been in love before then it is difficult to recognize the beast when it comes alongAnd of course a few sentences here and there about Regency era The Regency was an age of hard ambling and therefore it was important than ever to keep the family finances afloat by marrying wellAlso between lines some wisdom about human nature eg Jack Barnaby s storyI could just say classical Chesney s romance I didn t just laugh I cack. HE WAS ATTRACTIVE ENOUGH TO TEMPT EVEN A VERY DEDICATED BLUESTOCKINGA woman of independent means with a healthy dose of cynicism about the male population Harriet Tremayne is content with her circle of spinster friends and their devotion to literature women's rights.

Kindle read The Chocolate Debutante author Marion Chesney –

Led While I would never say this book is ood it is absolutely hilarious The niece eats a centerpiece I already have a definite weakness for Regency romances and I couldn t sleep This turned out to be the perfect choice A delightful and funny story of love in Regency England Spinster by choice Harriet Tremayne is talked into sponsoring her niece for the upcoming season by her hypochondriac sister Harriet s niece though beautiful is a feather brain who loves chocolate and abhors bathing Harriet has her hands full she concedes she must appear less a bluestocking and fashionable to successfully sponsor her niece On top of all this Harriet must contend with the attentions of Lord Dangerfield a wicked man of the world who has designs on the fair niece yet spends an inordinate amount of time trying to sell Harriet on the virtues of his all too obvious attributes Rating 3 12The h was extremely annoying due to her self inflicted sheltered lifestyle but her niece and charge Susan made everything fun and worthwhile She was mixture of shrewdness and a load of surprises The H was awesome and amazing This was a fun book where all the villains are humiliated and receive their just desse uick read I liked it well enough I do however always find it strange that a heroine starts off in the book all Had I the benefit of the paperback cover I might not have listened to this frankly re. And other intellectual interests However when she undertakes a London Season for her beautiful but featherbrained niece she concedes she must appear less a bluestocking and a fashion plate to successfully sponsor an impossible miss whose only real desire is to cons.

Petitive vulgar and rather lame duck of a novel The only reason I finished listening to it was the reader s performance A woman in the Regency who thanks to an inheritance not being reuired by money to marry has settled in as a bluestocking She s content to read and write and discuss women s rights with her friends One day her sister married with several children asks her to present and chaperone her eldest daughter for the London Season The irl managed to fake sick enough at her elite finishing school to avoid learning to read or write Her aunt takes her in hand but still has to convince the Brooklyn's Song girl not to eat every sweet she can lay hands on A dreadful man the aunt encounters at an inn before picking up the appalling niece provides an obvious romantic foil And then there s his mistress woman scorned her other lover ugh and a kidnapping plot Half of the problems in this book would have been solved if people would just have talked to each other The other half could have been solved by people just living morally But the reader of the audio book deserved a star Marion Chesney MC Beaton has been a favourite of mine for escapist reading I have latelyone off even though all the kindle books did their job for bedtime readingAnd the majority of her books have been on audio from the library which again I enjoyed when oing through the first fifteen years of audiobook listening. Ume chocolate Certainly her modish new appearance has nothing to do with the attentions of Lord Dangerfield a wicked man of the world who has designs on the fair Susan but spends an inordinate amount of time trying to convince Harriet of his all too obvious attribut.

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