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P Unfortunately she never told him she was pregnant and she isn t sure what his reaction will be Dario is shocked by her arrival and initially uite hostile He and his family hold her father responsible for their business troubles and he doesn t ven want to listen to herI felt for Delaney She probably should t have kept her pregnancy secret but her reasoning was understandable She and Dario were separated by actions her father took that she was unaware of and were made worse by her father s death shortly afterward Dario also had family troubles that contributed to the problem I liked the fact that she gathered her courage and went to face him with the news After his reaction she didn t A Final Story: Science, Myth, and Beginnings expect his help and was surprised when he and his sister arrived in San Antonio Delaney worried that he would make custody demands and was not very welcoming She began to see how determined Dario was to be a father and was moved by how good he was with Nickolas She also realized that her feelings for Dario had never died but she was afraid to believe that he would feel the same and stay in TexasDario was stunned to see Delaney All he can think of are the threats that her father made against him and his family and what came to pass He had loved her and thought that she was a participant in what had happened At first he doesn t believe what she tells him but feels compelled to investigate When he first meets Nickolas he can t deny that he s the father and is determined to be a part of his life I really loved seeing him bond with Nickolas Dario also had to stand strong against his family s attitude against Delaney It doesn t take too long before he admits that he still has feelings for her Both of them had to deal with their feelings forach other and worries about the future at the same time they were dealing with Nickolas s health crisis Though they had a rough start I liked the way that they tried to put his needs first Working together for Nick gave them a chance to get to know A New Philosophy of History each other again Because of the circumstances there wasn t much of a chance for romancing between them but the connection was there from the beginning and they were able to build on it Thending was uite intense with an interesting twist to the bone marrow donation I really liked Dario s solution to their future and the Abortion, Choice, and Contemporary Fiction epilogue was a satisfying followupI loved the character of Dario s sister Maria Sofia She may have been only nineteen but she knows what she wants and isn t afraid to go after it I loved the way she helped Delaney at the beginning and then came to Texas with Dario It was so much fun to see her stand up against his and his father s old fashioned attitudes I really liked her determination and what she did with it I d love to see a book with her when she gets a little older I can see her running some guy ragged Gazing into his unyieldingyes Delaney didn t know where the kind playful man she d fallen in love with had gone pg 29Delaney goes to Argentina to find out if her 4 12 year old son s father is a bone marrow match for him The child has leukemia Dario does not know he has a son He and Delaney slept together once five years ago and she never told him she had a child She thinks he left and never contacted her again but in truth her dad drove him off and threatened himAt first Dario is angry and outraged and refuses to believe he has a so. T on good terms In fact he doesn't ven know he has a son Delaney travels to Argentina to find him and Dario shocked returns to Texas It's not long before Nick and Dario become close Not only that Dario can't hide.

Excellent read grabs your heart strings and doesn t let go KimThe romance works ven though it often takes second place to the difficulties facing the worried parents The heroine s reasons for not contacting the hero sooner and mutual misunderstandings will garner the reader s sympathy RT Book Reviews 4 stars Texas Mom by Roz Denny Fox was an FRITZI auf Sylt - ÖLMALEREI - Kunst in Fotobrillant-Druck excellent book Delaney Blair has an affair and one night sex with Argentina Dario Delaney got pregnant and never took Dario There son Nickolas needs four years old and needs a bone marrow transplant Delaney doesn t match Delaney goes to Argentina to see if he will be tested Bad history between their fathers Dario flies to Texas Meets his son and bonds with him But Dario s marrow doesn t match His half sister went to Texas with him and was tested and her bone marrow does match A lot goes on in this story A very good read Texas Mom by Roz Denny Fox Prepare with a box of tissues for a sweet and heartbreaking adventure as Delaney will doverything she can to save her son s live by contacting Dario Nickolas s father Delaney Blair is very happy to live where she does not only does she have great clients for her veterinary business but she has great friends that support and help her in Big Little Man everything they can Two years ago they were there to help her when her son s cancer was first detected Now they are there for her to gather funds to support her while she goes through the pain of her son s relapse Butven with their help doing a drive to find marrow donors she has not been able to find a match Their only chance might just be Dario and convince him to get tested Read More It was a cute romance story 35 StarsHarleuin Western Romance 1531This was a very sweet story and I The Man from Beijing enjoyed it uite a bitIts the story of Delany and Dario They had a fling one summer when Dario was working for Delany s father Then after her father catches them he fires Dario Dario heads back to Argentina to work on his family s farm raising bulls But of course Delany is pregnant and she believes Dario left her Then her young son Nick is diagnosed with leukemia for a second time and he needs a bone marrow transplant so Delany heads to South America to find Dario to see if he s a matchThis was a good story I liked both Delaney and Dario uiet a bit and Nick was a sweet kid I felt I also learned a lot about Leukemia in children and how important it is to have a downerspecially within an Creating Lasting Value ethnic community My favorite character in the story was Dario s sister Maria Sophia I would love for her to have a story of her own I did feel that it wrapped up a little too uickly Dario s family hated Delany and her son then all of a suddenveryone is happy and Understanding Markets and Strategy everything worked out Oh well it was still a nice HEA This was also a clean romance and while Delany and Dario do share a bed there is no sexChallenges RRRC November 2017 Monthly Challenge 7 Universal Children s Day Candyland uarterly Challenge Task 14 Gingerbread Plum Trees Where Plumpy sitsating plums from his gingerbread trees Read a book that has a scene in the woods or a park or has trees on the cover Good book with some definite heart tugging going on Delaney is the single mother of a little boy who is very ill He needs a bone marrow transplant and they have been unable to find a match Desperate she heads for Argentina to talk to her son s father and get his hel. FOR THEIR SON Texas veterinarian Delaney Blair will do anything to find a bone marrow donor for her four year old son Nickolas The only likely match is his Argentinean father Dario But Dario and Delaney didn't par.

N But he Montana Dreams ends up coming to Texas and once he sees the boy he can t deny his childThe book is okay Delaney hates having to seek out Dario She is terrified he will sue for custody She s in a super hard place of having to track Dario down in order to possibly save her son s life but being terrified of the can of worms she s opening by telling him he s fathered her childThen we have Dario s patriarchal family and their attitudes towards women women don t inherit women don t work outside the home women don tarn money women aren t allowed out without a chaperone Blah blah blah Dario s fiery sister 18 year old Mar a Sof a is chaffing under their controlThen we have the completely horrifying assertion that Dario took Delaney s virginity and she s never touched a man since I hate when books do thisHOW S THE SEX CARMENThere s no sex in this book I shouldn t be surprised Fox often writes sexless romances They are going to have sex they are all ready to have sex on page 193 He carries her to bed They strip She lies down He climbs on top of her And then he calls a halt to the whole thing What are we doing he wonders They don t Immerwelt - Der Pakt even have a condom And look how great it turned out last time s She knew he was right So they don t have sex They just holdach other until morningOn the one hand great job on not having sex without protection I m proud of you Please use condomsOn the other hand this was pretty highly unrealistic I just could not see how realistically this would happen I wasn t buying itThirdly there are other fun activities you can do that don t run the risk of pregnancy Maybe you should try one of these I don t know perhaps this hero is unfamiliar with any form of sex other than PinV I wouldn t be surprised TL DR This is kind of like Harleuin Presents lite You know in Harleuin Presents the men usually men who are not from the United States are always harsh bastards who are cruel to the vulnerable innocent sobbing heroines In this one the rich Argentine isn t a cruel cold bastard He may once or twice flirt with the IDEA of being one but in reality he is a pussycat Which is honestly a big relief to me I hate those dominating cruel woman hating heroes that lord over Harleuin Presents This is the kinder softer version With much less sobbing And no fuckingThe plot of little Nickolas having leukemia is large in this book Don t bother if you do not Modern South Asia enjoy tons of child scenes and medical scenes On the plus side no terrifyingxhausting legal battle takes place That s a plusROMANCE CATEGORIESContemporary RomanceCowboyWestern RomanceMulticultural Interracial Romance She s white and he s latinoSecond Chance RomanceSTEM Heroine Romance She s a veterinarianNon Virgin Heroine Technically She s never had sex with anyone but the hero thoughSecret BabyHe s a Bull BreederTraderSeller She s a Veterinarian Takes Place in Lubbock TX the United States of America Buenos Aires Argentina San Antonio Texas The United States of AmericaNAMES IN THIS BOOKview spoilerDelaney fNikolas m 45 nn Nick acute lymphocytic leukemiaNeal mKonrad mDario Argentine m nn Dayo 31Irene fJosh mPam fSara Beth fZoey fArturo mVicente mLorenzo mHenry mMar a Sof a f 18Julio mConsuelo fMarcus mJes s mJill fAmanda fMarge fJessie fBenito mSoledad fMack mBrandy fBetty fJennifer fJarrett mTrish f Lacy fMario mHeather fMary Rose fSue fLouise fMike mDancer horse hide spoile. The feelings he has for Delaney feelings that have been there since they met Dario's family doesn't want him to be with her But now they have to see if the love between them is strong nough to keep them together.

Epub online Texas Mum – freewebdesing.com


Roz saw her first book Red Hot Pepper published by Harleuin Books in February 1990 She has written for several Harleuin series lines as well as special projects and online serials Besides being a writer Roz has worked as a medical secretary and as an administrative assistant for both an elementary school and a community college Part of her love for writing came from moving around with her h