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D shallow Now that I think of it most of the characters were shallow and didn t deeply care for each other Maybe I just didn t relate to these chain smoking gossipy competitive immoral never remorseful only self pitying characters But they are the backdrop and the Kate you could sympathize withThis is not your typical chick lit other than the seeming reuirement of sex and f words in modern lit The writing was fairly good and I enjoyed the story The yeah right plot twist of many novels were avoided even if Hoffman s second blunder was a risk no intelligent law professor would make The end doesn t seem an obvious course and you let Kate discover the path she thinks is right for her through all her mistakes A good ick read better than much light reading out there meh not entirely sure what the main plot line was even supposed to be in this one tired of the cheating trope sexism is boring why are all these grown ass people in their late 20s behaving like 16 year olds the romance was incredibly poorly written there was maybe one character i cared for and that s a wrap on my thoughts boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring I was bored at the end This book has to be one of the worst fiction novels I have ever read It s just so predictable and does the one thing that I hate in a book and that is OVER DESCRIBING I don t really need to know about every object in the room or exactly where she is going I just want to know what happensOver describing crazy as it seems makes it hard to imagine the environment accurately Not bad I did enjoy this one it just drug things out a bit for me I have never been to law school so I don t know if the experiences depicted are true to life Socratic Method or not but the one law school professor is the stuff of nightmares Kate was an okay character I just didn t love her I think my big issue though is the end when Kate goes off to her happily ever after it felt really out of the blue to me Seemed as if Gaskell was sing a bit of her own life nothing wrong with that as inspiration for this fictional character Kate is going to law school in New Orleans at Tulane Law School Orphaned when she was in college Kate decides to pack it p to head to law school after breaking things off with her long term boyfriend Kate Babys Watch / A Hero of Her Own uickly joins airky group that all are in law school The people in To shake things Desire Island - The Niece up Sheits her job breaks Sweet Valentine up with her long term boyfriend and U Hauls it across the country for her first year at Tulane Law School Too bad nothing in the Big Easy isite so easyBefore she knows it Kate finds her life turned pside down by a notoriously sadistic professor a larger than life new boss–and tw.

Read online Testing Kate –

He group are Nick potential love interest Jen only married woman in the group Addison a tool sorry he is Lexi who Kate feels diminished next to since Lexi is attractive but then Kate is happy to notice she has thin lips and Dana a 19 year old law student I honestly didn t like any of the group that is depicted Nick sleeps with anything with a pulse and I was just grossed out by him Jen has an affair Addison is a tool as already mentioned Lexi and Dana are barely in this except to throw some drama in the book Most of the book though is Kate wondering what to do when her law prof seems out to get her and whether she should get back with her ex or move on to someone else At least she has some self awareness about how she is always dating and not secure enough to just be alone The reason why I did like this book and ended p giving it three stars was that even though this was chick lit it was fairly messy And even though I didn t care for most of the characters due to their actions in the book Gaskell does a good job of moving the story along The writing is okay I was baffled by most of the law trivia and other things mentioned I should have just messaged Moonlight Reader about any Ice Wolves (Elementals, uestions I had while reading The setting of the book is New Orleans but I really wanted depictions of the city This was written before Katrina occurred so I wanted to know about New Orleans besides Mardi Gras beads were thrown Kate was over it and wanted to read about the Frencharter jazz etc I guess you can t expect to read about a lot of that since Kate is in law school and working But I was still disappointed The ending was okay I didn t feel a thing about any of Kate s love interests though so that s probably why Testing KateMore like Testing UmmiThis book gave me headaches a one night book it isn t bad it doesn t resort to the traditional chick lit tropes nor does it shy away from perceived failures for the characters it is about growth and it doesn t have a story book ending which i appreciated i didn t really care for the whole deal with Professor Satan nor did i care so much about kate s love life as much as i liked reading her reactions to the people around her she very much seems to be a character that really doesn t have a lot of agency in fact deciding to go to law school simply because s Fairly functional romance. O interested men who are sure that she’s The One But can either of the men in her life really know Kate when she’s just getting to know herself In a year of self discovery the most important lesson Kate may learn is that to change your luck sometimes you have to change your mind–including what you thought was your dream.

Another god awful chick lit book This book came my way as part of the detritus of a swap meet and I can see why the original owner passed it on I too will be shuffling it out the door though not to anyone I know or likeGaskell has only the most rudimentary of writing skills her book is a prime example of why I Some Like It Hotter usually cringe when I see the first person POV Even when I was skimming the story seemed to plod along very slowly The dialogue is generallynconvincing as speech and the author freuently has characters reciting their background information to each other instead of finding subtler ways of introducing themThe final death blow is the subject matter main character Kate is a 1L at Tulane Anyone who has been to law school will find the depiction of the law school experience about as accurate as in Legally Blonde The basic message here is you shouldn t be afraid to follow your dreams and your heart to admit when you re on the wrong path and have the courage to change Only really it s encouraging our adrenaline powered generation to drop what has lost the power to excite and move onto something else What s wrong with steadily content and comfortable I m all for getting out of a rut but there is a line between making life better and just making it different I liked Graham and for all Kate s annoyance at his More Than a Convenient Bride (Texas Cattlemans Club: After the Storm uirks it was just the natural pitfalls of any relationship overtime You don t throw away the nice steady guy for thencatchable one His pursuit may be exciting but his Marrying Well uirks will bother you too and soon enough he ll be on to the next chase At least Graham whimmed through hobbies not women What is it with girls that nice guys bother them and the jerks they can t live without How could you consider a guy who aims to hurtI m not saying which if any of the guys she endedp with Because you don t know Tavern Wench until she knows The book doesn t follow a predictable romantic pattern I m just saying she never should have consideredpgrading her love life I didn t mind her change in career I just didn t buy into the romantic fizzle of her relationshipBut for all her flaws I liked Kate even found her lovable in her And the Winner - Weds! uncertainty And she wasn t by far the most flawed character Jen was annoyingly meddlesome and flimsy I didn t like her nor did I feel bad for her self created problems Lexi was self centered but insecure an. No one is better than Kate Bennett at playing by the rules–because no one hasite her knack for running into bad luck Orphaned while in college Kate handled her loss by graduating with honors and acuiring a secure job and a dependable boyfriend But now with her thirtieth birthday around the corner Kate decides it’s time.

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Whitney Gaskell always wanted to become a writer Then for some unknown reason she went to law school TABLE FOR SEVEN is Whitney's eighth book She also writes the Young Adult GEEK HIGH series under the name

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