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Oh how i love this series and this book was no xpectation This series is very much focused around romance which I m a sucker for I fell in love with summer as a character I felt that Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard even though she had so much waying her down in her life she didn t let it stop her from doing the right thing She was definatley strongwilled and stood up for herself against Hal in the beginning Hal was a character which at first was really uptight and unlikeable but i definetly grew to him as the book carried on I loved that their. Summer lives under a terrible shadow It drains her manipulates her and threatens to steal her futureA high stakes mission offers a temporaryscape She must use her mi.

The benedicts and the savants realm When I started reading this series back in 2013 yep came a little late to the party Finding Sky Stealing Phoenix and Seeking Crystal were all released I read Stealing Phoenix before Finding Sky because hey it looked interesting Then Finding Sky and then went on an The Matriarchs (The Family epic hunt to track down a copy of Seeking Crystal before joiningveryone Notes for the Everlost else in waiting for MOREIt was a cruel wait And now we can all cry together as Joss finishes with dare I say the best PLEASE BE VICTOR S BOOK. E meets SummerThey must learn to trustach other if they are going to protect the Savant community But will their secrets allow them to find a happy nding of their

Free download Summer Shadows Benedicts #6 author Joss Stirling –

Was Disney references in the book used between Hal and summer as banter I loved that all the characters were in this book from all the different books in the series It was nice to see how they were doing after their book had finished and how close they all were as a familyI gave this book 5 stars as i love this series and will be forever rereading them This is really one of my favorite series ver Every part is just so awesome I have a bad feeling this really is the last part which makes me kind of sad I will miss. Nd shadowing abilities to hunt down her target and find the truthHal Robinson is a soldier He does not get distracted He wins But what Hal wants begins to shift once

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Joss Stirling is a British novelist Her first novel under this name was the internationally successful Finding Sky which is followed by five others in the same series entering into the savant world of young people with special powers Central to the story are the Benedict Brothers seven talented guys from Colorado In a second series Struck Joss begins a new world of detective romance The f