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J.L. Weil ✓ 6 Read

Y the plot was and all t Inconsistent and poorly written The plot barely makes it eadable The main characters seem to have zero depth of thought and are purely there for looks I loved this Packed from beginning to end with everything you need to escape for a whileOlivia is alone and on the streets Stealing to surviveA handsome HOT stranger gets in her clumsy ass way and bang A new life begins or does itOlivia may be the key to unlocking the dragons curse For so many years they have been looking for the oneWitches wraiths griffins and lord knows what else is out to get her Can the dragons protect her Is she the key to unlocking the curseRead on peopleI highly No Limits (Brutal Master recommend this book This is an immensely enjoyable easyead My first book by Weil I was impressed with her strong writing skills and styleOlivia is likeable as the feisty heroine who finds herself uite literally plucked from her world and taken to another I think she handles it Liar, Liar really well The guys or dragons are a good mix it waseally nice not to have them fall into the RH trope of nerd alpha goth and playboy there might be some of these personality traits in them but they haven t been shoved into being solely those things which is so Essays One refreshingI was getting a little antsy with Olivia being left behind all the time but after a 100 years and countless girls of course the guys aren t going to take her with them or even tell her everything as frustrating as it is for our main character. Mples is all that it takes to capture her interest in Jase Dior Olivia wonders if her luck has finallyeturnedShe soon finds out that Jase collects thingspretty girls to be precise A glimpse of her sultry honey hair in an alley excites him He must have her And he isnt taking no for an answerJase sweeps Olivia off the streets to the Veil Islesa mystical and hidden land uncharted by any mortal and uled by the only dragon coven left in the world.

It is the most believable action they would have takenThis is a slow burn RH in the sense that there s little steam besides kissing and petting in this first book but it is clear who the harem will be made up of from the get go I mean it literally says it in the blurb There s not eally a cliffhanger but like all great first books you are definitely left wanting I m looking forward to book two in this series I want it now This was an interesting story A strong heroine with her own insecurities and four dragonsmen Enjoyed eading about the dragon s their world and espective homes and abilities Usually when I ead a seriesbook with than one man or a harem I like them all for various easons and can t choose or I may like one by a bit but I have to say in this book my favourite is Issik the Ice Dragon by uite a bit Do you prefer one or all of them I guess you will have to ead the bookseries but I m curious if you have a favourite like I do and if is the same one Great ead loved the dragons hard to put down only problem was it s to short Need Bring on book 2 I chose this book as somthing about it had my interest and while eading the book I was absorbed into it i loved how each dragon felt a connection to olivier amd how she loved them too I hated Harlow she was obsessed with being the only girl the dragons went to but when they chose Olivia she became a aging bitchI look forward to eading of the decendent books and seeing what happens nex. What did she get herself intoFour dragons One headstrong heroineAnd a fantasy omance that could change the fate of a dying ace Stealing Tranuility will transport fans of Twilight A Shade of Vampire and Shadowhunters to an enchanted world unlike any other Prepare for a uniue spin on the lore you loveand an adventure that is as thrilling as it is unexpected Scroll up and BUY NOW to beginRecommended for ages 17 due to language and sexual content.

Ebook Télécharger Dragon Descendants 1: Stealing Tranuility Par J.L. Weil – Libérerwebdesing.com

Wowcouldn t put this book down Can t wait for the next book Throughly enjoyed this book The heroine is eally well cultivated and easy to empathize with Love the 4 dragons and their differences I m moving onto the second book ight now I ve ead every one of the books in this series I loved them all This is the story closure and ties all the other books together The heroine is tasked with saving dragon descendents in an alternate world The 4 dragons have been searching for years to find the one girl who has it in her to find the 5 elics that will emove a curse cast by an evil magician Lots of fights amongst themselves and with outsiders lots of love between all 4 of them if you don t like everse harem stories then maybe this book isn t for you I loved them tho As a literature student and mega fantasy omance nerd I saw the premise and ead the beginning and was so excited I thought it would be about a badass girl who comes out from nothing with heaps of fight in her but the character building was so bad that she was barely there She was introduced as spunky but literally had nothing to her she was fine with being kidnapped she immediately fell in love with her KIDNAPPERS cue Stockholm syndrome she was meant to go out of her way but literally was ALWAYS being saved by these men It felt like she had no power or autonomy like she had nothing to her and was only there to be something to these men it felt anti feminist I didn t like how chees. Get eady to meet Jase Kieran Zade and Issik the last dragon descendantsOlivia Campbells life gets turned upside down when her mother suddenly passes away Left with only a stepdad who despises her she turns to the streets Penniless and alone in the Chicago winter how much worse can it getShe is about to find outA chance encounter with a stranger who has the most breathtaking violet eyes changes her world Just a warm smile and a uick flash of di.

JL Weil is a USA TODAY Bestselling author of teen amp; new adult paranormal romance fantasy and urban fantasy books about spunky smart mouth girls who always wind up in dire situations For every sassy girl there is an eually mouthwatering overprotective guy She lives in Illinois with her family who put up with her Supernatural and Harry Potter fanatics Its a problemYou can visit her online at wwwjlweilcom or come hang out with her at JL Weils Dark Divas on FBList of series in reading orderRAVEN SERIESWhite RavenBlack CrowSoul SymmetryDIVISA SERIESSaving AngelLosing EmmaHunting AngelBreaking EmmaChasing AngelLoving AngelRedeeming AngelDIVISA HUNTRESSCrown of DarknessBEAUTY NEVER DIESSlumberEntangledForsakenLUMINESCENCE TRILOGYLuminescenceAmethyst TearsMoondustDarkmistDRAGON DESCENDANTSStealing TranuilityAbsorbing PoisonTaming FireThawing FrostNINE TAILSFirst ShiftStorm ShiftFlame ShiftTime ShiftVoid ShiftSpirit ShiftSUPERNATURAL TASKFORCE ACADEMYScorpion BloodMystiue BlazeImmortal ShiftHAVENWOOD FALLS HIGHFalling DeepAscending DarknessUNEXPECTED KISSPucker Up The Monster Ball AnthologySTANDALONECasting DreamsStarboundAncient Tides