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Y ye catching pictures for young readers Preschoolers are bound to love Stanley I like how helpful and friendly Stanley is as he fills gas tanks changes flat tires fills radiators and gets oily fixing cars The simple text is short and sweet and perfect for sharing with preschoolers and Celtic Fire (Rogue Angel, even toddlers who have very short attention spans A winner through and through Is there nond to this mouse s talent He certainly is a jack of all tradesIn this book Stanley gives us an idea what happens at garagefix it shop for cars and trucks Perfect for young listeners My son likes this book but I think it is a bit boring I do appreciate that it teaches some colors This is my 15 year old daughter s favorite book She loves the whole series I have to say I wasn t thrilled with them initially but after my 1000th reading I m really starting to pick up on the nuances of Stanley s The Family Plan existence He is an auto mechanic a diner owneroperator a construction worker a farmer and a postal worker That is one industrious hamster Hends A Family Practice every dayxactly the same way so maybe he s obsessive compulsive He s also very into hats Additionally I ve become invested in the cast of supporting charac. E's an overheating radiator a flat tyre and a bit of an oily mess What a job for Stanley and his pick.

My 35 year old son loves these books He laughs and also memorizes them so he can read them to me Spike learned how to close a book with this one The illustrations are bright and colorful the text is simple to read there are no busy backgrounds and basic preschool concepts are introduced without seeming didactic For A Doctor in Her Stocking (From Here to Maternity every two page spread a new colored vehicle arrives at Stanley s garage seeking help At thend Stanley has a nice bathsupper and gets to bed by 9 making this book an Celebrity Bachelor easy read at bedtime People who know about cars than I do basicallyveryone may uibble with S I love the williambee Stanley books and this is no For Better and Worse exception At home reading to my own kids I slip into my version of a British accent while reading them which only adds to the fun ofnjoying them togetherIn this pisode little ones can identify tools colors and assorted vehicles The simply told and brightly illustrated story shows Stanley working in his garage and helping his friends with their car problems Stanley the Hamster runs his own garage where he helps his friends with their car trouble The simple yet colorful illustrations contrast beautifully with the white space creating ver. Ring Ring Another phone call for Stanley's Garage but can he fix all the cars with problems todayTher.

Ters Charlie is the most fascinating we learn he s a slob and a heartthrob in Stanley the Mailman but Myrtle Hattie Shamus and Little Woo also have their intriguing ualities How has Hattie s mployment at the diner affected her friendship with Stanley Is Myrtle s car always breaking down because she s such a speed demon or is it a cry for Stanley s attention What happened to Little Woo s mother Is Shamus a widower There s a new Stanley book coming out in 2017 where it s rud Stanley is going into the retail business Even if MJ has outgrown Stanley by that time I ll probably pick it up just to see how my favorite rodents are getting on Cheers to William Bee This title is one in a series of books about Stanley the hamster and his rodent friends Bee s digital illustrations utilize basic shapes composed of thick black lines filled with primary colors The illustrations are on a white background along with one to two sentences of text per page making for a clean book The story is njoyable and demonstrates what happens in a repair garage The book itself is a nice size with a sturdy puffy cover This series would work well for storytimes read alouds and beginning reader. Up truckJoin Stanley and friends for a mucky adventure in this colourful new series from William Bee.

Epub Ebook Stanleys Garage à William Bee – freewebdesing.com

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William Bee was born in London but now lives in the English countryside In addition to writing children’s books he races a vintage sports car is an international skier and when at home tends his lawns and meadows

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