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Nd readers who don t mind imagining their own HEA based of a little thread of hope thrown out there probably won t have an issue I like my ndings nice and tightly wrapped up realistic or not I read that the author has a Christmas novella possibly in the works I hope that s true I would like to read it for closure A copy was kindly provided by Bloomsbury Spark via Netgalley in Grovers Own Alphabet exchange for an honest review 35 starsTHIS COVER I m so drawn to these gorgeous covers Jenny really outdid herself with this one it s so adorable I can t contain my love for itRobinats sleeps and breathes music It s her whole life She always thought the Number 1 thing a boyfriend of hers needed was a similar love of music Little does she know that she s going to meet a tall dark and handsome guy who wanders into her diner riding on a gorgeous yellow Ducate that gives her butterflies with his smiles who also happens to be deaf and therefore unable to Husband for Real enjoy her love of musicI would describe this story as a cute YA romance with some serious aspects as well I don t want to give too much away so I ll keep this review pretty vague Let s just say Carter who had no interest in dating a hearing girl and Robin whose love of music controlled herntire life find themselves in a relationship together that they never Root to Stem expected and they both must learn the right level of give and take to make this relationship workI definitely thought parts of this story were really great then others got on my nerves a bit Injoyed the parental involvement in this story as we don t get to see that nearly Hard Pushed enough in YA and I liked how welcoming theyach were to their children dating someone different than them But I have to say some of the things they said mostly Robin s mother got on my nerves a bit view spoilerespecially the Oh the deaf boy which was said MANY times in this story Yes he s deaf we get it but he also has a name and it would have been nice if they called him that instead I understand her naive behavior happens often than we realize but it s very disrespectful and got on my nerves hide spoiler I received a copy of this novel through Netgalley in How Philosophy Works exchange for an honest reviewThis was anxcellent book It s a 45 because Robin really annoyed me a few times but I rounded up I had to The story is told in alternating points of view from Robin a young musician and Carter a profoundly deaf motorcycle loving guy They ar We can probably change the title of this book to Holy Mother of Adorableness and it would still be totally appropriate My cheeks still hurt from all the smiling I just didRight off the bat you could feel the chemistry radiating between Robin and Carter I was surprised by how well Anderson played the insta attraction card she managed to make it both sweet and realistic It was the kind of cute that will make you want to reminisce on all the guys and girls you ve crushed on beforeIndividually I love how both main characters had their own support systems While she may not have had the most present parents Robin had her co workers and friends who were very supportive of her and wanted to be happy Carter had his amazing sweet and very caring family I wanted to hug his parents and his sisters so hardAnderson s writing was really Charlie Hernndez the League of Shadows easy to read and I found my heart palpitating and clenching in the perfect moments I could really feel what the author intended for the reader to feel whicharned her a spot on my Author Nice ListOne of my little ualms though is about how this book is being marketed The synopsis makes it clear that music will play a big part of this book but whenever Robin and Carter were together it was just a topic that was always glossed over or put to the side It could ve made this book The Little Book of Comfort extra awesome and without it the book just lacked some depth at some pointsAnd there s this one scene close to thend of the book where Robin tested my patience She was really uick to judge and made some stupid mistakes but I guess that just made her of a person a bitchy person but a person nonethelessIf you re curious the book Dancing on the Ceiling ended in an opennding It might not be the HEA you re looking for but it was realistic and made me daydream about a beautiful future for our two main charactersOverall if you re just looking for a uick contemporary read to make you smile definitely consider picking up Song of SummerDeadly Darlings The Social Potato The Book Geek Twitter Instagram This review is also posted at Her Book ThoughtsThis book is so hard to rate The blurb suggests that it has all the makings of a favorite novel for me cute summer read first loves between two different people music and a deaf MC Song of Summer has an interesting premise one that I was so The Wee Free Men (Discworld, excited to delve into The beginning itself was very promising Iven shipped Robin and Carter right from the start THE FEELS WERE ON POINT GUYS So what the hell happenedWell after all the cutesy start and first love vibes of course it had to be there DRAMA UNNECESSARY DRAMA I might add Now I usually don t mind some drama to keep my blood boiling Kidnapped especially if it s really needed for the flow of the story The drama between thexes Pfft I could All Quiet on the Western Front easily forgive that What I couldn t stand AT ALL was Robin s outburst and reaction to Carter s not telling her the truth about his hearing situation which was totally out of line SPOILERS BELOW READ AT YOUR OWN RISK NOT HIDING THESE AT ALL BECAUSE I REALLY WANT YOU GUYS TO READ IT HA Robin loves music than life itself Music isverything for her She lives and breathes music But what happens now that the person and probably the only one who can make her love anything than music couldn t hear and appreciate the thing she loves the most Carter has been deaf since birth Having tried CI cochlear implant before and not liking it he has decided not to go through with it at all So when Robin found out that Carter could actually listen if he wanted to she overreacted This is the part that I hated the most How can she claim to love Carter if she didn t História do Rei Transparente even give him the chance to try toxplain his side at all What s up with the cutting all ties with him blocking him on Best Mechanic Ever e mail Instagram seriouslyverything What s up with jumping to conclusions when she knew no shit about what it s like to be deaf Dude Get over yourself Your boyfriend is deaf Just because you re learning ASL for him doesn t mean you know Dinosaur Dinners everything about what it s like to be one Smh Okay now to the other part that annoyed me Thatnding Honestly I felt cheated I love open In His Blood endings since they open way possibility for the story but what the hell was with this one snding anyway What s up with all the build up and then making it Desert Kings (Deathlands, end like that It was so underwhelming and rushed I could cry just thinking about it againOverall I still liked the book and shipped Robin and Carter hard before any of the drama happened I also want to applaud the author for making Carter s situation very believable Carter s deafness didn t come out as a stupid plot device to me It seemed genuine you know I don tven know if that makes sense but I guess what I m trying to say is that the author has really done her research and I greatly appreciate that That alone warrants this book a solid star So An Officer and a Spy even though I ve had some uncertainties I m still giving this book 3 stars This is a super uick and cute romance story I was able to read it in an afternoon I reallynjoyed the representation of having a main character who is deaf and being able to read from a different point of view but I just hate open Exposed (Annika Bengtzon, endings so I had to lower my rating I DO NOT LIKE OPEN FUCKING ENDINGS MEAN MEAN FUCKING MEAN. ?t speak the same language But when the cute waitress at Grape Country Dairy makes anffort to talk with him he takes her out on his yellow Ducati motorcycle Told in first person alternating perspectives language music and culture go along for the ride as Carter and Robin find their son.

Song of Summer is adorable delightful and an Ooko extremely important readThe feeling when you started reading a book and you immediately know you re going to review it with glowing stars Because it was the cutest thing you dver Naked encounter It sverything you wanted and You can t get Shadow Scale (Seraphina, enough of it You need to finish it in one goThis is me with Song of Summer This book is the cutest Iver read and it s tremendously significantSong of Summer is told from the alternating point of view of Robin and Carter Robin is a music nerd working as a waitress when Carter walked into the diner He s so tall and handsome as hell He s so good and he does it so well Sure he perfectly fits Robin s Perfect ManBut Carter isn t up for relationships Most importantly one who doesn t speak the same language as he does But when Robin genuinely offers him a friendship He s suddenly breathlessTogether they will see if they have a chance to Claim The Crown experience culture music and love togetherMy name is Carter Paulson I m profoundly deaf which basically means I can t hear anything Yes that s rare In fact myntire family Nerds except my mom is deaf Yes that s rare too My dad s an architect my mom s a stay at home and ASL interpreter My older sister is twenty she s a live representative Like you would chat with online for technical help My little sister is nine She has a CI cochlear implant so she s practically hearing Yes this is a weird family in the Deaf community too My parents adopted us intentionally because they wanted to give us a good family It worked I have a great familyThe characterization is fantastic Carterasily won me over He is well sculpted and In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, endearing who have a full grasp in his life I don t know how accurate the deaf depiction is but Anderson provided ample of well researched details that are veryasy to follow In addition it is refreshing to see Carter have a great support system his family They are woven into the plot as much as his character I love their adorable relationship For a book with alternating point of views the voices of Robin and Carter have real distinction I didn t feel as if the other narrator is spoiling too much of what s going to occur next Instead the story finds a balance As their respective journey clash the conflict becomes Bark even interlacedThe relationship between our two main characters is a whirlwind kind of set up Andersonxplored it realistically She captured the teenage fumbling the awkwardness the hesitation that gradually transforms into familiarity and comfort My favorites They are mutually pinning for On Such a Full Sea each otherFor me it has always been refreshing to read a YA book where the story actually included the moments after the two characters get together You get to see them navigate their relationship the starryyed stage whimsical notes and the firefliesOf course Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! everything cannot stay perfect foreverThis booknded with an open note I wanted to be precise about this part Especially because I was conned thinking it s a Happily Ever After book and I felt Cannibal extremely cheated In addition to that I alsoxplain why I rated it less star below Be wary of uotes and spoilersI don t how would I phrase this but I will tryRobin could not make peace her deaf boyfriend will never hear her music because he chose not to I just want us to sing she writes With millions For Mastered (The Enforcers, eternity Like it says in the song you know I want us both to sing She holds the pen out heryes begging me to answer Finally I take the pen and write back What if my version of heaven doesn t include singing But it can she scrawls writing so fast I can barely read it If Heaven is a place where Man, Son of Man everything is perfect then you can hear and we can sing And there it is Plainly stated There are no deaf people in her perfect worldI m here for unlikable heroines the one who makes selfish choices We are human after all but this particular scene doesn t settle down with me Robin was delirious upon learning Carter wasn t affront that he undergo to have a cochlear implant before She was beyondnrage he didn t try to use it for her She didn t Alter Ego even let himxplain his side of the story She made his disability about herselfI m perfectly fine about them not nding up together but not in this particular means The author could ve fixed it by letting them both talk to ach other or have another conflict that doesn t have to do with Eliott s personal choice not to use his cochlear implant All I wanted is for Robin to see that it s not about her It is about himDespite my distaste about this particular plot device I still think that doesn t thwart the well crafted depiction Anderson madeEverything about the disability representation hit me at heart Uncommon Wisdom except for that part Aside from that reason Song of Summer is still a book I would heartily recommend to readers who are looking for annjoying read Bonus diversity and a remarkable hot male narratorReview also posted at Hollywood News Source Robin is a talented passionate high school musician working at the Grape County Dairy diner during summer break to save money towards a new guitar Smarting a bit from being dumped by musician hottie Trent Robin makes a list detailing the Perfect Man and determines to wait for him while focusing on her music Then Carter Paulson walks in the door of the diner one sunny afternoon Carter is gorgeous and has Unseen City eyes that sparkle with good humor and mystery ualities that uickly move him up on Robin s list Then she discovers that Carter is profoundly deaf Using a pad of paper and a pen Robin attempts to communicate with Carter surprising them both in the process When he returns to the diner and asks her on a date Robin says yes thus sparking a summer of romance and adventure I wasxcited to receive an Art eARC of Song of Summer from the publisher It promised romance a focus on music and best of all a deaf main character I am a CODA Child of Deaf Adults myself raised by two deaf parents so I am intimately familiar with deaf culture how the deaf community perceives the hearing world and how the world perceives the deaf community in return I had cautiously high hopes that all of these things would be handled with a deft gentle hand and for the most part they were Where the bookxcelled was in offering a sweet summertime romance portrayal of solid family units and a peek into the mind of someone whose soul is steeped in music Where the book disappointed was lack of character depth inconsistencies in character behavior and knowledge and the rather abrupt unsatisfying way the book God Is in the Crowd ended Caution There may be some spoilers within the review belowDespite their differences Robin and Carter both make an attempt to fit intoach other s world Robin s life revolves around music singing and performing at the local church Carter is part of a close knit family most of whom are deaf as well as a deaf community in New York When he s with hearing people he is often left out of conversations and so he is most comfortable with those like him It s sadly ironic that Robin and Carter fall for Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard each other when their differences are so inherent and almost impossible to overcome The romance between the two teens was sweet and swoony but did feel a little rushed On one hand it seemed natural to me that Carter would fall uickly for a cute vibrant girl who took the time to learn sign language and make him part of her world On the other hand neither teen really shared their innermost selves withach other Robin was crazy about music yet downplayed her passion when Carter was around almost to the very nd Carter never talked about his failed Cochlear Implant CI surgery or about how left out he. The thirteen ualities of Robin’s Perfect Man range from the mildly important “Handsome” to the all important “Great taste in music” After all Westfield’s best high school folk musician can’t go out with some shmuck who only listens to top 40 crap When hot Carter Paulson wal.

Often felt with hearing people Yet they felt comfortable nough with their feelings to declare their love for Notes for the Everlost each otherRobin for her partmbraced Carter s deafness in stride and taught herself some sign language by watching videos at home and picking up on various signs while communicating with Carter and his family This is where I found some inconsistencies in character behavior and knowledge Sometimes Robin could sign whole sentences which would be rather complicated for someone who had only been learning for a month other times she would use her pad of paper and pen for a simple three word reply My dad was a professor of American Sign Language for many years and it took his students much longer than a month to learn to string together sentence after sentence in a competent manner While it wasn t When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) entirely realistic Robin sagerness to learn and use sign language was ncouraging and indicative of her big heart There were some interesting moments where while hanging out with Robin and her friends Carter was left out of conversations This is a common issue for those in the deaf community If someone makes a comment that they don t catch when they inuire as to what was said they re usually brushed off with a Oh nothing or Never mind Imagine how frustrating that must be Robin on the other hand dealt with some guilt in wanting Carter to be able to hear convinced that if he could he would finally get why music is so important to her Neither of them were wrong in wanting the other to be able to share the most important part of their lives but their immaturity did shine through in their inability to communicate the importance of these things to the other person When something happens in the last uarter of the book that causes Robin to think Carter has been hiding something important from her she completely loses her cool She throws a temper tantrum at a church no less tells him that he s a liar and a fraud and to never see or speak to her again She doesn t give him a chance to xplain nor does she stop to reason with herself as to what actually happened This particular scene made me rather angry because Robin was clearly smart Crush It! enough to have figured out things on her own and frankly she should have Carter hadvery right to be angry with Robin yet he s the one who later feels sorry about what happened This leads me to the Attracting Birds to Your Backyard end of the book I don t necessarily reuire closure or a happilyver after but the final scene felt rushed and left me unsatisfied Some have speculated that there will be a follow up book to Song of Summer I might be curious to read it if indeed there is one I m curious to know what Robin feels she has learned through her mistakes and whether or not she will do the right thing in regard to Carter Overall Song of Summer was an Deep Listening easy read perfect for a sunny summer day While the romance aspect makes brings a lighter aspect to the story it also offers a thought provoking look into the life of someone who is hearing impaired and the difficulties theyxperience in attempting to navigate a world that caters to those who can hear I wish there were books that featured deaf characters and I applaud Laura Lee Anderson for her Bird-by-Bird Gardening efforts I suggest you give this book a try dear readers and please do come back to share your thoughts with me Disclaimer I received an ARC of this publication in The Works of Saint Augustine exchange for an honest review The opinionsxpressed in this review are my ownFind reviews at my book review blog ShelfishlyAddictedcom Okay so I really Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone enjoyed this one It grabbed me immediately and I found myself loving the cuteness of the story Sometimes you don t need crazy moments to love a story Carter and Robin were adorable from the start I was thankful we got both points of view because Injoy getting to know how My Teacher Is a Robot each person thinks and reacts to the things that happen to them I m not gonna lie there is a ton of angst in this book and some foreseen drama but that made itnjoyable for meCarter is just wow Like the perfect guy you meet over the summer and struggle to leave The one you want to keep forever I liked Robin for the most part She is flawed and human I just found some of her decisions to be 25 StarsI really Supper Club enjoyed parts Song of Summer Ms Anderson was able to stir up dreamy feelings and at times it was as if I was under a delicious swoony spell Unfortunately other parts were very angsty and a few things just didn t sit well with meRobin s whole life revolves around music She sings and plays several instruments and working at the Grape Country Dairy diner is helping her save for a coveted guitar Even herx boyfriend Trent is all about music which made his dumping of her hard to take She is still smarting over that but that soon changes when Carter walks into the diner and Robin goes into deep crush mode He s gorgeous and apparently smitten with Robin too the only drawback is Carter is deaf Still they share an immediate and intense attraction Both Robin and Carter make attempts to fit into Moanas New Friend (Disney Moana) each other s world but as they soon come to discover that is noasy feat Add in both Carter and Robin s past love interests showing up and causing divisions and you have a heck of a lot to overcomeRobin s life and happiness is so wrapped up in music that is was ironic and at times painful that she fell so hard for a person who was unable to share that important part of her life Carter is comfortable in his life in the close knit Deaf community back home and he thoroughly detested any who looked at him as deficient and I can understand where he was coming from Having a hearing girlfriend was never on the agenda I really wanted to love this story I read the synopsis and fell in love with the premise but there were just too many things that didn t work for meTrying to get along in the hearing world seemed like trying to get by in another country where you don t speak the language It would be hard not to feel completely left out The same applied to Robin when she tried to hang out with Carter s sister and his Professional Capital ex girlfriend Jolene The awkwardness was amplified by the difference in their home base Carter is a city guy and Robin is a small town girl And boy did Jolene jump on those insecurities I couldn t stand the drama caused by theirxes so with Jolene because Carter allowed it I was NOT okay with that at all one instance in particular But that could just be me I am a jealous sort of person and some things that would bug me may not bother others I m not a fan of insta love romances but sometimes they can work Robin and Carter had really amazing chemistry at the start so I could ve been on board had I felt the Seven Dwarfs Find a House (Disney Classic) emotions to support it However I never felt they shared their innermost thoughts in fact Robin downplayed her absolute love of music whenever she was with Carter She didn t really share just how important and vital it was to her until thend They both felt like supreme outsiders in Berlioz, Vol. 2 each other s world at different times in the story but never shared about that How can you be close be in love with someone when you don t share what you re thinking and feeling Also Robin flies off the handle after making an assumption and she blocks all attempts atxplanation from Carter If you love someone you let them have the chance to The Middle Sin (Cleo North explain It was completely frustrating Another big ding against this story is the opennding I know some feel that an open The Mediterranean Millionaires Mistress ending is realisticspecially in view of this being a YA but that s not me I am definitely not a fan Midnight Fantasies even if there is a little hope left there in thend I was not thrilled with how we got so little after Men of Steele Bundle everything But hey that s me Ks in the door of Robin’s diner it looks like the list may have come to life It’s not until thend of the meal that she realizes he’s profoundly deaf Carter isn’t looking for a girlfriend Especially not a hearing one Not that he has anything against hearing girls they just don?.

Laura Lee Anderson å 5 Read

BOOK EBOOK Song of Summer BY Laura Lee Anderson –

Laura Lee Anderson is a traditionally published author freelance editor actor and urban youth mentor from the North Side of Pittsburgh She is a mother of three and in 2010 she and her husband started a semi professional summer Shakespeare company for at risk youth and young professionals called Urban Impact Shakes Her Young Adult novel SONG OF SUMMER was published by Bloomsbury Spark in

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