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He basics of melt pour soap making but also fancier projects creating our own mold mats from clay etc Many things here I haven t seen on any blogs Awesome bookGreat Ideas simple Lindsay and the Lifeguards yet fun Will defiantly try out the ones in the book Highly recommended for someone who has just started experimenting with Melt and pour. To make cameos plaid patterns soap pops and even jelly donut soapsThe ins and outs of melt and pour soap supplies allowingou to experiment with The Wedding Ghost your own styleSo come on in and start creatingou're bound to Feel the lov.

Interesting designs for beginners I guess but the instructions were really repetitive This was recommended for an advanced soap making class and I have no idea why I finished it in about 20 minutes I really love Debbie s fun and creative soap projects My only misgivings about her book are that a lot of her project. Melt Pour and so much Soapylove shows The Value of Optimism you how to turn a glycerin melt and pour soap base into tempting stylish soaps You'll learn fun and easy techniues for 25ummy projects featuring bright colors amazing designs and de.

S use essentially the same method Make a sheet of soap make a pattern w cookie cutters pour another layer of soap done I would have liked to see variety in techniues used But I do love the fun factor in her soaps Her things are super cute and I m sure they d sell well at craft fairs Creative M P projectsGoes over Licious scentsGlycerin melt and pour soap is very easy to use a microwave or stovetop is all ou need There is no messy boiling or complicated mixingTechniues not et found in any glycerin soap project book including how.

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