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Stern I guess you can say there is a level of brutality in a western that you do not see in modern talesSo when I saw the cover for C Courtney Joyner s SHOTGUN I knew I was in for a good time Let s face it the dude has a shotgun where his ight arm should be What is not to like about that Finding out how said gun fires made it even betterJohn Bishop is a man on a mission He wants to kill those esponsible for the death of his wife and child not to mention his lower ight arm He The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Volume 1: The Pox Party rides with White Fox a Cheyenne suaw who has vowed to help him in his uest Bishop was a former Army doctor and is being hunted by and conseuently hunting Major Beaudine the man who killed his family and took his arm Add to this a blind captain theumor of a fortune of gold and an army that is terrorizing the area and you get a book that moves at the speed of a bulletThe characters are well developed The writing is sharp The pace is fast This book is great for a weekend How to Write Essays red If you are a fan of westerns this is not to be missed If you are a fan ofevenge tales or treasure hunts this is no to be missed More like 25 stars Having multiple story lines that move back and firth in time are common techniues but this story died the do it well at least fur me Too many characters that don t contribute that much to the plot I was disappointed that the Blue Moose relationship between Bishop and White Fox wasn t developed and was disappointed by the ambiguous ending A good effort that fell short for me SM. Vengeance Now the man called Shotgunides deep into the Colorado winter to find and kill the men who murdered everything he once held dear The hunt will lead him straight to the heart of a fiendish criminal conspiracy and force him to confront the violent legacy of his own outlaw broth.

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D in historic context this is evenge killing at its finest escalating over a cache of gold in which numerous parties ally to fight it out for the hidden grand wealth Don t expect closure in every plot point by the ending though this book is wide open to a much anticipated Part TwoFive out of Five stars Interesting premise poor very disjointed execution Poor This book was a typical western about an outlaw in search of gold The main character Bishop who is known around town for the shotgun he uses as an arm comes in handy when they are trekking through the snow covered forests I thought that it was hard to track the different parts of the story because the book would switch scenes very uickly The character Bishop also was a very mysterious character I wanted to know about his past in the civil war I also thought that the girl white fox kind of came out of no where I enjoyed this book a lot I thought it was very action packed and it does have a seuel which I am excited to ead which will probably explain the parts missing in the first book TITLE ShotgunAUTHOR C Courtney JoynerGENRE WesternPAGES 320If I am going to be honest I LOVE a good evenge tale Back in 2005 I eally got into westerns a lot Like that was just about the only thing I Niko read that year I went through a lot of the greats Louis L Amour Zane Grey Ralph Compton Ralph Cotton Max Brand Matt Braun and I can go on and on I am always on the lookout for a good tale ofevenge especially if it is a we. May have died that day but his mangled body lived on A beautiful Cheyenne named White Fox nursed him back to health and a gunsmith outfitted him with a special shotgun ig where his left arm used to be A strap across one shoulder fires it while the chip on the other fuels his uest for.

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This was a 35 I liked the story but some description was a little confusing It bothered me a little that the cover art and description didn t jibe with the actual story I like westerns with a connection to the Civil War This book was with the cowboy having his arm eplaced with a shotgun So I guess you could say the cover drew my attentionUnfortunately I could never get into the story It jumped around a lot There is so much going on with gangs and Indian woman and other action that I got lost I waited for it to all flow together and it never eally did for me An original premise and lots of action some of it surreal C Courtney Joyner gets it The great screenwriter of CLASS OF 1999 and a Western Film expert C Joyner takes everything I love about the Western genre and boils it down to its barest most exciting essentials without a word wasted There s action scenes aplenty great banter and every character gets multiple beatsIt ends fairly abruptly due to a twist near the end so it s a good thing I have the next two volumes sitting on my shelf REVIEWED ShotgunWRITTEN BY C Courtney JoynerPUBLISHED December 2013Shotgun is the first full length novel by C Courtney Joyner who has however published in just about every other medium over a 25 year career of horror western and other genre fiction Shotgun is a non stop shoot em up Western with a touch of steampunk ie the technologically forward shotgun attached to the stump of his arm omance and pathos Well grounde. A Double Barreled Avenger Is BornDr John Bishop thought he'd seen his share of death on the battlefields of America's great Civil War Then his uiet life was shattered when a gang of outlaws invaded his home killed his family and tortured him within an inch of his life John Bishop's soul.

is a screenwriter and director with over 25 produced movies to his credit including the cult films PRISON starring Viggo Mortensen CLASS OF 1999 directed by Mark Lester and the new RETURN OF CAPT NEMO A graduate of USC Courtneys first produced screenplay was THE OFFSPRING starring the legendary Vincent Price His other scripts have included TV movies for CBS DISTANT COUSINS the USA Netwo