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Entertainment Just sit back and watch the perfect manicure crumble It didn t hurt that Clint was one fine specimen of forest ranger yummm with on his mind than bears smoky or otherwise Add some sexual tension into the mix and you have one ntertaining readI loved Allie I loved Clint I loved his mother I would love to see a second book with these characters THIS IS ONE OF THE VERY BEST EROTIC ROMANCE BOOKS I VE EVER READ LOVE THE STORYLINE AND THE SEX SCENES WERE OFF THE HOOK GOLLY GEE WOWZERS WHEN YOU READ THIS KEEP A COLD DRINK HANDY FOR TWO REASONS 1 IT S FUNNY AS HLL YOU LL NEED A DRINK AFTER YOU FINISH LAUGHING 2 THE HOT HOT SEX YOU LL NEED SOMETHING TO COOL YA OFF I WAS SORRY TO SEE IT END SIGHHH I loved the novel it was cocky funny Shadow on the Crown (The Emma of Normandy Trilogy, enlightening and just all together great I loved that Allie was kidnapped by Clint I also love the back and forth arguing they did it was so full ofmotion and over the top passionate I love that they worked it out through the middle of the book and that he got her pregnant Most ContamiNation especially I adored thending they deserve Taxi ins Glück each other I love a good camping book Ha I mean this is a steamy book in the woods There s something about nature that bringsveryone back to basics Relationships included There aren t all the worldly distraction that take our focus off ach other It was the same with Allison and Clint Getting her away from veryone and Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas everything was his plan There are some pretty funny things that happen in those woods and when Clint gets sick is where I think it all starts to turn Allie knows she can t leave him there aloneven if she wants to The Magic Rolling Pin escape Then I think she secretly didn t want toscape any Taking care of him was like it You get to see them fall in love Which I LOVEThis is another steamy one I hate saying Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, erotica But it is that The sex scenes arexplicit but I just think the added to the story Call me crazy or just plain old dirty but I liked them Sometimes you need to read something that packs a punch This gave it to me So sue meNote Sex scenes are Not Without a Fight explicit Should be fo 35 stars Lots of sex but it worked with the storyline My problem was that after about the first half of the book it felt like the author was just trying to throw whatever problems she could into the mix to make the story longer I got very bored and started doing some serious skimming just to find out what happened at thend. Eave her stuck on some random back road Hell she didn't care she'd hike her way back to her car if she had toHe climbed out of the vehicle and came around her side wrenching open the doorGet outRelief flooded through her He was letting her go Finally She scooted out the door making the jump down to the ground and smoothing her dress back down her thighsWell it's about time you came to your senses ohHe jerked her hard against him both of her wrists in one of his massive handsMaybe I didn't make myself clear he murmured his gaze full of determination and something lsesomething hot Something that sent a jolt of heat straight from her stomach to between her legsHer pulse uickened and she dragged in a shuddering breath tugging at her handsHave you gone completely insane she whisperedMaybe His lips twisted his gaze roving over her face Or maybe I'm just willing to go to any lengths to make sure you don't break up Kenneth's weddingI'm not She ran her tongue over her suddenly dry lip.

This book was so good I loved the chemistry between Allie and Clint I specially loved the premise I couldn t put this book down It was funny sexy I would give this a 6 star rating if I could I read Ms Stevens other book Negligee Behavior which I absolutely loved too She s hit two home runs with both books and has become a new favorite author of mine I m looking forward to reading of her books originally posted at being girly is a lovely thing Sometimes it is just plain difficult like when you are camping in a national forest without warning Being girly is what keeps Allie interesting Her desire to shower or bathe and her desire to wear nice clothes keep her character interesting during her sparring with ClintOh yeah her cursing and general potty mouth keep her character from being boring too The concept is familiar the hero kidnaps the heroine she attempts to The Unseen Wonder escape contacts someone and before being rescued starts tonjoy the time with her captor Thus when she is rescued confusion The Management Bible ensues and drives the hero and heroine apart only to be reunited by a secondary character for a happynding Both Allie and Clint have multiple layers to their personalities and this is what keeps the kidnapping portion of the book interesting Enjoying Allie s reaction to camping and the lack of real food as well as her Zu schnell enjoyment of the outdoors keeps the plot from getting stale One can not help butnjoy Allie s foibles posing as a stripper breaking a heel while trying to Sleepless (Bird of Stone, escape running into Clint s mother while grocery shopping it makes up for her whiningpisodes when she isn t getting her way This is a nice asy read It is just the thing to bring to the beach or camping and while away an hour or two Enjoy it this summer Ms Stevens is back on track with this book I LOVED the first one but found some floundering in the second but loving the first one so much I had to read the third book I LOVE this book The characters and the STEAMY scenes and there are a lot of I m going with a strong 3 12 stars here The story was great and I njoyed reading it but there were some pretty major missing plot points The whole thing was based on her assumed feelings for her x and Clint could have just told her the truth in the beginning Then the issue could have been whether she believed him or not but he didn t say anything he just went on his merry way assuming something that was He's going to show this wedding crasher just how dirty the outdoors can be Seattle Steam Book 3Allison Siegel is out to stop a wedding With one of her best childhood friends about to marry a gold digger who wouldn't at least try to stage an intervention Apparently her other childhood bestie ClintThe minute Allie grew out of her sneakers and into her curves Clint's hormones went ballistic But she had yes only for Ken so Clint made himself scarce Invisible (The Curse of Avalon even after the relationship fizzled Now she's back looking better thanver and hell bent on sabotaging Ken's wedding So Clint knows he needs to do whatever it takes to head her off at the passKidnapped Allison can't believe it Now she's stuck in the Montana backwoods fending off nature's friends and fighting a losing battle to resist Clint the sexiest forest ranger on the planetClint has big plans for Allie Not only will he convince a city girl that she needs to mbrace her inner nature freak but he's going to prove there's sparks fly.

Eally wrong And he let her believe the guy was still nice ven though we find out xactly why he s marrying the other girl and it is not a nice reasonI thought she was very shallow but I liked how she sort of grew into being balanced and realizing how bitchy and shallow she had been actingI wish there had been much character development here since the plot was rather weak with the gaping holes and yet I really njoyed this story Clint was hot and very alpha without being insensitive His mother was funny but I didn t really see the point in bringing her into the story other than moving the plot forwardI guess that s my biggest complaint about this book Everything that happened only served to move the plot forward It s as if there was no planning and weaving of story here just a very linear movement As in I need them alone togetherokay kidnapping I need her madokay assumed feelings I need some humorokay his mom Which didn t make it bad just very unexplored and not as great as it could have beenOverall a story a really did Deep Listening enjoy reading but definitely one of those brain dead stories you could read on the beach I m feeling generous and I liked thending of this book so I m bumping up to four starsI thought it was a fun read and liked that Clint has wanted Allie for a long time I thought the story was good and I m a fan of country boycity girl romancesIn terms of the characters I liked Clint than Allie For the first few chapters I was a little concerned because he was fairly aggressive with the sexual innuendo and kissingtouching ven after Allie basically said nonot gonna lie I borderline was getting pissed off Then Allie she was a bit over the top with her uest to stop her x s wedding and seemed like a snobby twit Between the two of them I almost stopped at about 30%but they both grew and the story got better I Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature ended up really liking Clint and thought he was fun to read about His mother was a fun addition tooOverall this was a fun readdefinitely some steamy scenes good banter and some romance too Lack of communication drove this story along with assumptions on the part of both characters Allie and Clint Of course that made for some hilarious reading along with some serious heat and I m not talking about the campfire kind that kept me smiling long after the last page Anytime you put a city girlAllie in the great outdoors you are assured of some fine. Ing in places than just the campfireWarning This book contains a city girl out of herlement a forest ranger determined to keep her there and a campfire seduction hot nough to melt than just marshmallowsExcerpt © Reprinted by permission All rights reservedThis is ridiculous She stared out at the blur of trees as they sped down a deserted road Where are we goingAway he answered ambiguouslyAway she mimicked him We're going away What the hell kind of answer is thatThe only answer you're getting right now And watch your mouth I know your mom taught you betterDidn't your mom teach you that kidnapping is a felony she shot back and slapped the window againIf you break my window it's going to seriously piss me off AllieWell guess what I'm already pissed Slap Her hand connected with the glass again and again Maybe you should have taken that into account when you abducted me ClintShe nearly fell out of her seat as he swerved the car to the side of the roadWas he going to let her go

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kindle free Seducing Allie Seattle Steam #3 –

Shelli is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author who read her first romance novel when she snatched it off her mother’s bookshelf at the age of eleven One taste and she was forever hooked It wasn’t until many years later that she decided to pursue writing stories of her own By then she acknowledged the voices in her head didn’t make her crazy they made her a writerShelli is a true