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His story s one of the best I ve ever read It s perfect for the story and the character So whether Elvis and the Blue Christmas Corpse it s her Virgin River series or another story Robyn Carr has written I m officially a fan 35 starsThis has been my first book by author Robyn Carr and definitely not the lastIts a lovely comfort read a literary euivalent of a nice cup of tea and a warm blanket on a rainy day or a light breezy cocktail on a summer beach a nice choice for all seasons Choose your own mental picture Big thanks to Ange for the recommendation I picked this book up hoping The Italian Kitten Meets The Russian Wolf (Giovanni Family, it was an easy read to take my mind off of wedding planning but I found out that I d rather readt than flip through a bridal magazine Very entertaining and for some reason you feel yourself relating to the characters Isabel (Families of Dorset in this book Swept Awayinto a LivelyLifetime MovieFast forwardedthe embarrassingRomance content25 Escapism StarsListened with TTSNot CleanMild Foul Language Jennifer Chaise believes she witnessed a crime and that her boy friends out to kill her She flees to a small town and gets a job as a waitress She makes many friends Forbidden Ecstasy (Gray Eagle, in the small townncluding Alex a copThe story had a bit of a chick lit vibe to Jesus it and the romance element starts later than most romance novels do The book centers on Jennifer and her journey away from the life she once had and learning to fitn with the new friends she From the Highest Mountain is making There were a few heart wrenching moments but we get our HEA happily ever aftern the endOverall I really enjoyed the book But I did feel that most romance readers might feel the story dragged Enchanted Heart in the romance portion Butt never got boring for me and that s very mportant to my enjoymen. Shaves her head and eyebrows and hides out Of Grave Concern (An Ophelia Wylde Paranormal Mystery, in Boulder City finding a job as a waitressn a mom and pop cafe It's hard for Jennifer now Doris to keep a low profile n such a friendly little town especially when her neighbor turns out to be a

BOOK ONLINE Runaway Mistress author Robyn Carr –

Runaway Mistress s a terrible title and I went Bound in Lingerie (Bare Naked Designs, into this with low expectations To my surprise I just lovedt The story has elements of Sister Act and Sleeping with the Enemy Jennifer Chaise has spent her youth living the glamorous jet set life of girlfriend on the side for a series of wealthy marrried men This seems sleazy but her background and kindhearted personality make you like her anyway On vacation Red Wine Technology in Vegas she witnesses her current shady boyfriend commit a terrible crime ands terrified that he ll try to silence her Jennifer flees to a small town changes her name and radically alters her appearance She gets a job as a waitress at the local diner and Its Hotter In Hawaii (Men of Hawaii is soon charmed by the friendly locals and this completely different way of living But will her past destroy the new life shes buildingThis book had vivid and Cataclysm interesting characters nice friendships and a sweet romance I didn t 100% care for the melodramatic ending but overall an above averag Robyn Carr never disappoints This was a good one This one was a surprise gem for me With Carr I know I m always going to get a cozy warm small town feel and she didn t disappoint The secondary characters and the towntself were the stars Ultima Rumba En La Habana in this story for me I loved how the author wove themnto the story and how each person contributed to the heroine s transition I admit that I was a bit skeptical when I started Swept Away Jennifer Return To Me is distant and unemotional at first but I think her journey of self discovery was even of a draw for me than the romance I thought Carr s style felt a bit like Nora Roberts at times with a strong suspense element always looming As usualt wouldn t be a Carr book witho. Jennifer Chaise prides herself on being the perfect mistress Her latest boyfriend wealthy high roller Nick Noble s good to her showering her with money gifts and trips to exotic places Unfortunately on this particular trip to Las Vegas Nick's.

Ut a little soap opera drama but I enjoyed experiencing how Jennifer realizes what matters the most n life My only complaint Snapped 2 is that I thought the ending was a bit abrupt I did enjoy the small epilogue though so I m givingt 45 stars I recommend this book for both romance and women s fiction readers Robyn Carr rarely disappoints Wasn t fond of the life Jennifer had when the book first started but this was about change and finding out what s really mportant Jennifer didn t have many friends or appreciate the simple things Diana Ross in life until she was forced to Loved the friendships and the romance Alex was a normal guy no yacht or millions to his name but their feelings for each other were so very genuine and passionate Hated Sylvia Hedda s mother She was a piece of work Previously Published as Runaway MistressJennifer Chaise the mistress of a high flying businessman witness somethingn their Las Vegas hotel room that put her A Killers Touch in danger She flee and hide outn a small Nevada town Working as a waitress n the local diner she finds herself enjoying her simple new life friends sense of community and purpose But her past s about to catch up with her I liked this story a lotIf you enjoyed this one you may like Death Angel Ain t She Sweet I ve been loving Robyn Carr s Virgin River series so I thought I d step away from Rough Sex In Her Lonely Cabin it for a moment and try something else Runaway Mistresss a different kind of love story than I ve read before Alex and Jennifer er Doris don t have their first real Evas Deadline interaction until about page 100 butt s worth the wait And Jennifer s metamorphosis throughout the book Haunted (The Arnaud Legacy, is seamless andnteresting I also have to say the final line Deadly Intentions is Spouse shows up and Jennifer walksnto a scene where the wife's bloody body s sprawled facedown on the bed To make matters worse Jennifer hears Nick barking orders to his goons to take care of her too Terrorized Jennifer a head turning beauty.

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