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Elf rooting for She is feisty and willful but also kind and helpful He is a responsible prince but also passionate and free spirited They seem to be friends at this point but with Shirayuki s plans I m hoping she gets mbroiled in kingdom politics too I can totally see this going somewhere amazing and then we have this slow burn romance as an added bonusThere was something so charming about the art in Snow White with the Red Hair vol 1 The background art impressed me right off the first page as I got a real sense about where we were and what kind of story this is It gives you a sense of a fairy tale that is Zack (Areion Fury MC emphasized by iyashikei feel to the story We know though right from Shirayuki s character design though that this is an unconventional girl she cuts her hair and leaves behind a taunting token to the man who forced her to such actions This isn t your soft maiden at all and it came out through the art And Zen with his dramatic flair impressed me with his princely actions and formAt the heart of a shoujo manga is the couple and Shirayuki and Zen have the magic something that is needed to carry the story but will it benough Snow White with the Red Hair vol 1 gave us an Shadow on the Crown (The Emma of Normandy Trilogy, excellent read that sets us up with characters to love and plenty of things happening to stir up trouble Where we go from here will have to come through the next volume in the seriesAt thend of the volume there is a lovely bonus story called The Colorful Seasons of August It was so cute about a color blind boy who meets a girl who helps him to see what the color blue must look like If this is a ContamiNation example of the powerfully touching story that Sorata Akizuki can bring us then I am fully on board with Snow White with the Red Hair vol 1 The art is a strength of course but the moments between these two kids were just WOW Isn t that what a relationship is all about The touching moments that draw a couple together Shirayuki and Zen you are going to take us on a wonderfully touching ride I m sure to check out volume 2 to find out Authenticity Tension Plot Art Thanks to Edelweiss and VIZ Media for providing me with a copy inxchange for an honest review It has not influenced my opinionsYou can find this manga review and many others on my book blog Taxi ins Glück every Monday Perspective of a Writer See my manga and graphic novel reviews at the bottom of the page Please like this review if younjoyed it bow bow It helps me out a ton Red haired Snow White Akagami no Shirayukihime will appeal to a very particular group of readers onlyThis series is 100% innocent and pure peaceful and calm Despite the fantasy fairy tale middle age ish setting the main genre of it is without argument Slice of Life It is pisodic without an overlaying story and the conflicts are uite simple stuff usually resolved within one chapterThere is kind of a love story between Shirayuki and Zen but the series is way too innocent to let its characters consider anything beyond a kiss on the hand let alone datingShirayuki is actually pretty cool She is strong smart can stand up for herself but she is also frustratingly dutiful and altruistic The kind of character who will overwork himself to the point of collapsing without telling anybody because he doesn t want to bother themSo depending on which kind of reader you are you will find this work ither wonderfully relaxing calming and sweet or utterly boring It is certainly recommendable for young readers because Zen is the perfect gentlemen prince who will take care of Shirayuki but never push her If you want something fluffy and don t mind a romance moving at a snail s pace it s also a good choice Personally I had real difficulty keeping my attention fixed on the book It was too full of nothing I m not looking for fluff but for a good story As said not a bad series but for a particular audience. Le Prince Raji sends out henchmen to search for her What will happen to Shirayuki What is Zen’s true character A refreshing fantasy love story between an optimistic heroine and a prince who constantly stays on her watc.

This is a cute sweet romance manga with a very loose connection to Snow White In fact beyond the first chapter it doesn t seem to have any real connection to Snow White at all The story focuses around the relationship of Shirayuki and Zen with this mystery surrounding his identity solved pretty soon into the storyThe main conflict is that Shirayuki is often in danger due to her Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas extraordinary hair or because someone wants her to stay away from Zen Each chapter mostly resolves whatever issue there was And throughout Shirayuki and Zen are just being cute togetherThe art style is nice but there is one visual characterization of Zen that irritated me Because he s the hero and love interest he obviously is often drawn in a laid back or cool pose And his sword will sometimes shift positions between framesither belted at his waist in his hand still sheathed or over his shoulder also still sheathed in order to create a dynamic pose But this made it seem like he was constantly buckling and unbuckling his sword just for dramatic The Magic Rolling Pin effectThis was a cute story one that I might still continue with But I wouldn t recommend it to someone looking for a gripping read orven a Snow White retelling I CANNOT BELIEVE I HAVE A LEGAL PHYSICAL COPY IN MY POSSESSION Thank you Viz Media and Shojo Beat for blessing me with an Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, early copy of this love volume of mangaWelcome to the story of Shirayuki Her beautiful natural apple red hair has gotten her into some interesting situations She has been ordered by the Prince of Tanbarun to be his concubine because he loves her hair Instead of going to be his concubine she cuts her long hair short leaving the hair for him to haveShescapes to the neighboring kingdom and runs into the Not Without a Fight ever so handsome Zen who promptly wants to believe she would poison him Afterarning his trust she begins to learn bits about him and his two friends Kiki and Mistuhide Our fantastical adventure starts from there I don t want to give any details away Watching Shirayuki go on this journey to be with her friends and fight for what she wants warms my heart She truly inspires meZen is the white haired boy of your dreams who is not only handsome and strong he has a good heart and is loyal to those in his inner circle Zen will do Garden Bouquets and Beyond everything he can to protect Shirayuki and keep her by his sideThe Prince of Tanbarun you ask He is a spoiled rotten pig who needs to learn how to handle life when he doesn t get what he wants Shirayuki running from him is something he didn txpect and is surprised by her any time he is around herPlease go and pick up this lovely manga series This is great for fans of series like Yona of the Dawn and The Ancient Magus Bride Add a little romance to those and you ve got this series I have uite a number of friends who liked this manga and still do as a matter of fact so I decided to check it out I m into historical fiction with or without magic although I prefer the former And this turned out to be well not for me I couldn t bring myself to continue reading itThe beginning WAS good I was interested in what Shirayuki would do and hoped she could continue outwitting Prince Raji But a few chapters after finally The Unseen Wonder escaping the prince s clutches thanks to Zen it became boring I lost interest and stopped readingThis might be your cup of tea why the term cup of tea by the way Why not cup of milk coffee or somethinglse but it certainly isn t mine Cute but not the most The Management Bible engaging Reread This story was just asnchanting the second time I really Zu schnell enjoy Shirayuki s journey throughout this and it s such a fun take on the Snow White trope I amxcited to keep collecting these volumes I absolutely LOVED the bonus story at the Sleepless (Bird of Stone, end of this It was so adorable I m really uitenjoying this so far It s cute and fun and I m really anxious to see where it goes Shirayuki was a young girl born with uniue apple red hair She meets a famous but foolish Prince Raji who falls in love with her at first sight and orders her to become his concubine With nowhere lse to go Shirayuki cuts.

Read this first volume a few months ago and although I was somewhat indifferent to it decided to keep my copy anyway A second reading has improved it The art is charming with a lot of ffort in ornamentation and backgrounds and without the over commercialized look that can make manga feel rather soulless at times Characterization is a little lacking here I don t have a good idea of what motivates anyone Story wise there are a few too many mild peril and rescue scenarios In general this is mellow and harmless and could asily volve into a heart warmer as the author fully Invisible (The Curse of Avalon explores the cast and the world Her interest in herbalism shines through in the last story in this book so there s another potential way for things to go I have the second volume and am interested in seeing what it s like going forward uick Summary Strong willed main female characterI mnjoying this anime series so much Good animation very good ambience terrific music strong main female character about the plot or the main goal cant tell yet but Yummy Supper enjoying it so far so I m definitely going to check out the manga as well D Oh So DullAnd DumbThis fantasy series riffs off Snow White but only to thextent that one character says Mirror mirror and there are some poisoned apples and a princeThe heroine attracts veryone s attention because she has beautiful and rare red hair as we are reminded over and over and over again She s supposed to be plucky and independent xcept she applies all her skill and Deep Listening energy only to the goal of being close to the guy on whom she has a crush Realmpowered female thereI have two volumes on hand from the library and normally I feel obliged to read very single thing I check out but I m going to make an xception here I am done with this super blah series Check out reviews Perspective of a WriterShirayuki s naturally bright red hair has gotten her into a lot of trouble forcing her to flee to the neighboring kingdom but fortunately it allowed her to meet the prince of Clarines Zen Thus starts a friendship between a most unusual herbalist and a lovestruck princeSnow White with the Red Hair vol 1 doesn t really have a lot to do with Snow White Well there are apples involved poisoned apples to be precise but Snow White that doesn t make Funnily Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature enough I still uite loved this refreshing read It s really about this girl who gets into a lot of trouble because of her red hair but who is really a simple herbalist who wants to go about her business helping people When she meets a boy and he getsmbroiled in her troubles she Lara and the Gray Mare (Hoofbeats: Lara and the Gray Mare, ends up forming a bond with him that will be tested over and over since he s a prince The trouble and thembroiling and the bonding all get off to a uick start These are uick chapter snapshots that draw this couple together The best chapter by far is the final one where she has the opportunity to get closer to Zen I did like our Snow White Shirayuki and how she was never waiting to be rescued Trajan each time she was actively working to free herself of whatever trouble she was in This is uite clearly a romance center shoujo set in an old fashioned kingdom with princes but it also has an iyashikei slice of life sense to it that I found uite Japanese Iyashikei manga are peaceful and while conflict happens it doesn t raise your stress level and in thend is cute and happy I m not sure if this was deliberate but I found it a rather neat change of pace instead of overt angst with a side of love triangle action Snow White with the Red Hair vol 1 is basically just setup at this point but has the potential to get really fun really fast despite the lack of magic or fantasy Bunnys Book Club Goes to School elements beyond the kingdom settingIf I hadn t really liked both Shirayuki and Zen then I probably wouldn t havenjoyed Snow White with the Red Hair vol 1 at all But they are a couple I found mys. Her hair and scapes to a neighboring country While traversing through the forests she meets a young man Zen who helps her after she boldly cures his wounds but then gets poisoned by an apple meant for Shirayuki Meanwhi.

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(赤髪の白雪姫 1 ☆ EPUB) BY Sorata Akizuki – freewebdesing.com