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Read the previous book The Knight s Scarred Maiden then ou already know Nicholas of Mei Solis he is the scarred knight that helped Rhain escape the vengeance of Reynold of Warstone If like me The Ideal Muslim Society you wondered about his past the wait is over Commanded by Rhain to return home and settle his past Nicholas dreads returning to I ve been waiting for this book since I first saw the cover and read the blurb before it was officially released At the time I hadn t had the pleasure of reading any books from author Nicole Locke So I decided since it was seventh in the series I would read the first six books first even though all the books in this series could be read separately Oh my what a fantastic journey I have had reading the last six books I highly recommend reading the whole series I was hoping that in anticipation for this story that it would be able to live up to the previous books Well it was even better than I ever imagined it could be It was absolutely fantastic and I loved it This definitely was one of my very favorites of this series and I am so happy to have found a new f I really enjoyed Nicholas Matilda s story Its neat reading historical romances that are well written You can feel the anger and hurt from the start of the story with Nicholas Its neat how Nicole weaved this story to show how misunderstandings can cause certain things to happen Like a ripple effect There is a hint that something was never given to Matilda whatou need to read the book Its a second chance of love for them for its a maturity of their love I love how Linux Networking Cookbook you are drawn into the story and I wonder who is next on her story roster I will be watching for the next one that s for sure Another great read from Nicole LockeThe characters in this book are so well written that I felt almost proprietary as they grew and changed As always the location and time don t interfere with the tale as these two explore their duties challenges and realities The story could be set in any time period and it would still ring true because ultimatelyou care about the people and understand their lives I heartily recommend this book. Widowed and with child changes everything Suddenly Nicholas is compelled to stayand to take back the future they both thought they’d lost.

Attention and as they begin the slow process of reconnecting and forgiving each other we get a glimpse of what the future could hold for them Danger is swirling but true love is once again beaming a powerful force Really good readNicholas sacrificed himself and many Marcus Garvey years of his life in order to raise the money needed to keep his family homestead running and receiving the upgrading that it needed Now he has arrived home to confront his past and the ones he thinks have done him wrongMatilda was betrothed to Nicholas all thoseears ago when he left but when he stopped writing or responding and never returned home she went on to marry another Now widowed and pregnant she s not sure how to react when Nicholas returns She s still angry FRIENDLY ENEMIES yet seeing him brings back those same old feelings Ifou enjoy historical and add second chance romance to it this book is for Amok you Nicholas loved Matilda and so wanted to have a good future with her Even though Matilda bets him to stay and not go off and make money he leaves Feeling he broke their betrothal she informs him she married his friend Roger Sixears pass and Nicolas returns to find Roger dead and Matilda pregnant What happens Things are not always what they seem can he forgive Great story don t miss it 35I have to admit second chance love is not my favourite trope However I liked how Nicole Locke handled it I will write a longer review in a few days RECLAIMED BY THE KNIGHT by author Nicole Locke is a September 2018 release by Harleuin Historical seriesNicholas came back after an absence of five And a Bottle of Rum years to see that Matilda was married and pregnant He was betrothed to Matilda before he went away but stopped writing to her to save any letters falling into enemy hands But she had married his best friend in his absence and was widowed too And now she was pregnant Could Nicholas for Knight Nicholas of Mei Solis returns home after sixears as a mercenary He brings his anger and thirst for revenge against the three friends he had left in charge of the estate Roger who married Nicolas love Matilda and Louve who also had a crush on her He re If ou. Is meant leaving beautiful Matilda too Now Nicholas has returned briefly to lay to rest the ghosts of his past But one look at Matilda now.

Reclaimed by the Knight Lovers and Legends #7 ô DOWNLOAD Author Nicole Locke –

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Firstly when I got this book I got to say I did sueal in pure delight I have been looking forward to reading this one since I met Nicholas in The Knight s Scarred Maiden There was something very dark and dangerous and raw about him something that captured my attention and like a lot of readers of this series I really wanted a Nicholas story I wanted to know what drove him to becoming a mercenary I wanted to know all about him so I was very excited when I heard that Nicole Locke had written his story I was way too excited This does not disappoint this story is high on emotion but than that it answer s so many uestions that needed answering about NicholasThis is book seven in the wonderful Lovers to Legend s series just the like previous books this can be read as a stand alone or as apart of the series This is what I love about this series is ou can pick up any book in random order and instantly become glued with itMercenary Knight Nicholas left his home all those ears ago to bring in the funds that his ancestral estate needed Yes some thought he left to gain a name for himself or left for some selfish vain reasons but that is as far form the truth Nicholas isn t selfish he cares deeply and knew that he needed to leave Which also meant leaving the one woman he had always loved MatildaWhen he receives word that Matilda had blatantly given up on him and married their childhood friend Roger Nicholas is fuming and all out for revenge which is one of the reason s he decides that now is the time to return home and take his rightful place as lord Nicholas is hurt and confused by Matilda and Roger s marriage he doesn t understand why the woman who had claimed to love him and said she would marry him had done such a thing while he was away risking his very neck not to mention losing his eye to send home the coin Matilda and his people n 4 12 STARSA historical rendition of lost love reconnecting With an in depth depiction of several characters who were the best of friends once upon a time but who now have feelings of betrayal floating around them Nicholas and Matilda are both uick to grab our. He left to save his family Now he’s backNicholas of Mei Solis swore to do anything to protect his home even going away to fight for it Th.

Nicole first discovered romance novels hidden in her grandmother's closetConvinced that hidden books must be better Nicole greedily read them It was only natural she should start writing them but now not so secretlyIf she isn't working on the next book in her historical series she can be reached at NicoleLockecom Facebook and on Twitter NicoleLockeNews

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