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Libby Riddles is the first woman to win the Iditarod sled dog race in 1985 This is her race autobiography Thru her retelling of the tale readers earn about the race the dogs the weather and all the The Message Glorious little hardships that go along with the Iditarod trail From an old washing machine in the middle of the trail moose carcasses negative 52 degree weather broken sleds doggy frostbite dogs in heat and even bootie piracyI mean dog booties Libby experiences aot of bad O Cérebro de Broca luck and not onlyives to tell but crosses the finish ine first two and a half hours before anyone elseIt was actually her braving a nasty storm and the Northern Winds that got her ahead She was the only one to dare it and it worked Wow Pretty amazing Libby gives most of the credit to her dogs tho I really iked Breaking The Curse (Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales learning about the dogs and their different personalities and how she determined who goes where in theine up It fails to hit the five star mark due to A Banquet of Consequences (Inspector Lynley, layout issues than writing It is done in a newspaper columnike format and most of the time half the page the inner column is a complete blank It makes the book appear twice as ROMANTIC TAKEOVER long as it is I wouldn t have minded so much if they had filled in the blank spaces with pictures Preferrably dog pictures or the pictures that Libby says she took Where are the waterfall picturesNevertheless a fun and educational read Gee Right on Libby A really neat format the main story is along the edges of the page with relevant explanatory info along the middle So inspiring and wonderfully interesting This is the fascinating story of Libby Riddles barrier breaking victory in the Iditarod the 1000 mile sled dog race from Anchorage to Nome Riddles became the first woman to win the race by venturing out into a blizzard and somehow finding her way while others were forced to turn back or delayedeavingI found it thoroughly fascinating reading about what she did from managing the personalities and strengths of the 15 dogs on her team to cooking them dinner by chopping frozen meat hauling water and cooking in an improvised stove The physical demands of driving the sled were incredible and she somehow did it with very ittle sleep Lots of fascinating details about the ogistics strategies history etc I absolutely Keeper of the Light love anything having to do with dogsledding so this book was right up my alley It s a blow by blow account of Libby s Iditarod win without much beyond that there are some sidebars with aittle information about dogsledding and the Iditarod but I found it fascinating Marc and I met Libby while we were in Alaska she gave an amazing Shattered Spear (The Lost Stars, lecture to a group of people young and old and captured everyone s attention Fiercely independent at a young age but at the same time easy going in nature she was really fun to talk with after theecture we swapped stories about our The Homing lab husky with her Her relationships with each dog and the intertwined dependence of the sled racing teamcaninehuman is. Libby Riddles wanted an adventure At the age of 16 sheeft home for the snowy frontiers of Alaska the Last Frontier There her ove of animals drew her to the sport of sled dog racing When she entered the Iditarod

free download Race Across Alaska First Woman to Win the Iditarod Tells Her Story

Free book Race Across Alaska First Woman to Win the Iditarod Tells Her Story AUTHOR Libby Riddles –

The correct path she apologized to them profusely The incredible ove and care she took for her dogs was heart warming and it s only right that she won the humanitarian award as wellIt was also amazing to read about all the help she and the other racers received on the trail The hospitality of the folks that Why Are You So Scared? live along the route is just amazing To open up your home at all hours of the day and night and to cook for hungry and exhausted humans and allow them to dry their stinky sweaty gear all over your house shows a great deal of compassion andove for one s fellow human I enjoyed the format of the book as well At first I was a The Power of One little confused as to why the writing was only on the outer edges of each page but with the first encylopedic blurb in smaller font in the middle I realized how handy it was as a format I really enjoyed thoseittle blurbs with information on everything from the history of the race to commemorate the dog teams who ran a very important diphtheria serum to Nome to save the The Wolf Gift (The Wolf Gift Chronicles, lives of native children there to the breeds of the racing dogs to how people felt about Riddles s chances at the win I felt these blurbs gave even depth to Riddles s storyI reallyike what Riddles said at the end about being the first woman to win the Iditarod I had never thought much about being the first woman to win the race I thought of myself as just a sled dog racer not a woman sled dog racer But there was no denying that if my winning encouraged other women not to underestimate themselves then I was happy to have helped It s just that I considered it accidentalVery highly recommended This is incredibly well written and it pulls the reader so fully into the story of Riddles s trek that she feels she s right there in the sled with her So I got this book on a trip to Alaska and Libby signed itThis book was He Who Dares like an exhilarating journey and adventure and it brings you into the story so it s really a good exposure to dogovers The Thing About December like me I was a bit annoyed that all the words were in one thin column but as I read through the book it was okay This book also gave me aot of insight to the Iditarod as Gary Paulsen s Winterdance did Both of these were good books but I enjoyed this one It s really a tough journey and Riddles managed to bring it out to the readers and made us feel that we were in her placeLast but not Os Peixes Também Sabem Cantar least than I finally got through it Libby has an interesting story to tell but I think this book could have been aot shorter I found it repetitive and boring and the style that it was written in with the notes in the margins was distracting Reading the margins took me away from the main story too often I t like dogs and Iike adventure and the Iditarod is clearly an adventure to say the east but the way this story played out on paper was not captivating to me I think what bothers me the most is in the end I don t feel ike I know Libby or the dogs any better than in the beginning. Iles ahead of the nearest competitor and suddenly she realised I will be the first woman to win the Iditarod This is the story of a courageous woman and her heroic dogs This is the story of Libby Riddles's adventure.

Truly fascinating This book tells a story that is perilous at times touching at others and demonstrates just how much dogs and people go through to race the Iditarod More humanist than feminist it is interesting to hear a woman s perspective given that she was in the minority of the racers The fact that she was a woman racing didn t really set her apart aside from a Stand Up and Fight little joshing before the race I m only halfway through andook forward to the rest I really iked this book since I ove Alaska and am very interested in the Iditirod Race This is the true story of Libby Riddles and her uest to be the first woman to win the Iditirod Her Now Is the Hour love and care of her dogs during the race is obvious and other racers take notice This book has a uniue twist to the writing The pages are divided in half One side tells her story and the other side has sidebars that include facts about the race and tidbits from the other racers It really gives the reader a good perspective I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good read about the human spirit and the fortitude it takes to be in such a grueling race not to mention the interaction and respect that both dogs and woman have for one another What an enjoyable read from start to finish Weearned many things about dog racing in arctic conditions and marveled at the endurance it takes from both dogs and humans I m not even sure why I am so fascinated by Alaska Maybe it s because I much prefer the winter over the summer I hate heat and I hate sweating so places Londons Glory (Bryant May, like Hawaii don t have a huge draw for me Instead I dove to go somewhere cold and snowy with the northern Jingle Bells lights dancing above where the sun doesn t come above the horizon for most of the winter I am not sure how well I d handleiving there although I ike to think I d be okay at east in a village but I would definitely Troys like to visitIt was a given then that I would enjoy this book What s not toove This is an autobiography of Libby Riddles s winning trek on the Iditarod a 1000 mile dog sled race from Anchorage to Nome You have to be physically tough and mentally so as there is very Knights Templar in Britain little sleep to be gotten on the trail It amazed me that Riddles would sleep only for an hour or an hour and a half when she pulled into checkpoints after being on the trail for ateast eight hours She described feeling Reign of Fury (Battles in the Dark, like she was in a trance forarge stretches of the trail so tired that she kept dozing off It s then that the brilliance and athleticism of her dog team shone They kept her going in the right direction even when they were in the Nature Cure lead without the benefit of the scent of any prior dogs having forged the trail ahead Ioved reading about how much she cared for her dogs She described each of them and their differing personalities so that the reader felt that she got to know the dogs as well And any time she doubted her dogs but they stubbornly ignored her and managed to keep her on. He famous marathon from Anchorage to Nome she was just another Iditarod Nobody Twelve hundred miles ater having conuered blizzards extreme cold and exhaustion she and her dogs crossed the final stretch of sea ice

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