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Picket Fence Surprise Comeback Cove Canada à ONLINE by Kris Fletcher – freewebdesing.com

H has a past that continues to rear up and bite them in the butt while effecting their decision making each wants to be loved but aren t uite sure how to go about reaching that goal But Xander offers to help Heather secure the job she thinks will cement her plan to obtain joint custody of the little girl she deserted years earlier Why she does so and how she attempts to resolve that decision forms the basis for her back story Xander has an adventurous streak that got him into trouble and in jail years earlier He retains that adventurous streak but not his former stupidity however will anyone give him the benefit of the doubt Somehow he isn t sure that will ever happen Particularly when an event causes Heather to reconsider what she d been creeping forward into a relationship she thought might actually work When her body then betrays her intention not to have another child both she and Xander are forced to reconsider what ind of relationship they will have in the futureA compelling story that poses difficult uestions without descending into easy answers Well done. Ally when she's not convinced his reckless ways are behind him Plus he brings out a side of her that she'd rather eep in check And then the impossible happen.

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W the way that both Heather and Xander were confronted with some stark truths about themselves by people who cared about them and were forced to grow as people in order to progress out of the ruts they d become stuck in This was a book that made me think way than I d expected I would have to in some ways it was uite confrontational forcing Heather and Xander to address their past mistakes I enjoyed it but I m not sure it would be your average Harleuin reader s cup of tea Still five stars for an excellent thoughtful love story with extremely relatable characters Disclaimer I received a copy of this book for review through NetGalley This was the first time reading anything by this author Picket Fence Surprise is a read you ll find the extremely relatable and one where you ll enjoy the story from start to finish with the caring love story this author createdRecvd copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Another Comeback Cove tale the author hit this out of the park In so many ways Heather Jacobs and Xander Sorenson have similarities each has a child eac. Nthood started out easy So he's the perfect guy to help her with her plan to seek joint custody of her daughter But the perfect guy for her Not so much especi.

Miniseries Comeback Cove CanadaVery heart touching and the characters are perfectly matched Kim This is much deeper and emotionally fraught than I expected from a Harleuin book Until recently it had been uite a few years since I picked one up and I ve been pleasantly surprised by the fact that the ones I ve read so far have been anything but the mindless fluff I remember Anyone who picks this one up looking for a shallow story with little depth will probably not enjoy it but I have to say that I absolutely loved it This was an extremely well thought out plot with logical yet very human reactions from the characters involved Heather and Xander both have Pasts They ve both made mistakes that affect how people perceive them and that could taint their futures if they aren t careful They each have to take a big leap of faith take a chance on each other in order to create a happy future as a couple and a blended family yet because of their checkered pasts they both have very understandable hangups about trust Heather so than Xander perhaps It was fascinating to follo. They weren't expecting this Heather Jacobs has a lot in common with Xander Sorenson they've each got a great id they adore and neither of their paths to pare.

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