Ebook kindle OrangeMore Awphul Poetry – freewebdesing.com

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Offended may find content that they disagree with in this bookThe number of poems in this book they are broken into sections for the NCX table of content navigation To navigate to individual poems there is a TOC table of contents at the beginning of the book with links to each poe.

Kristopher Ivie Ä 7 READ

Ying emotions but it has haunted many poets who have ever dreamed of hyming the word There are 50 poems some extras in this book as well as information on Awphul poetry Some of the poems in this book cover social issues that are often surrounded by controversy Those who are easily.

Ebook kindle OrangeMore Awphul Poetry – freewebdesing.com

Awphul Poetry is an abbreviation for Articulation With the PHonetic Use of Language It doesn't fit in with most modern poetry and attempts to einvent the use of verse The book is titled Orange because the color orange often symbolizes controversy Not only does the color invoke var.

Kristopher Ivie began self publishing his work in June of 2012 He started out with several poetry ebooks and is currently working on several novels He has worked on developing a uniue style of poetry that he calls AWPHUL poetry It is a style that he hopes will expand the poetry market