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Mm two children who late discovered their family heritage as the jailer and protector of fairy tale creatures known as Everafters After spending months in an orphanage and one lousy foster home after another they were told they had a grandmother a woman they thought was dead They go to live with her in Ferry Port Landing which they soon learn is home to most of the fairy tale creatures they ve read about However all of these Everafters are trapped in Ferry Port Landing for as long as one of the Grimms are alive This makes them a less than popular twosome After several adventures where they solve mysteries and help save Ferry Port Landing they make their first trip out In the previous adventure The Problem Child their Grandmother s ward Puck was injured and is in a coma The only thing likely to save him is to get him back to the Fairy land where his parents reign Much to Sabrina s disgust this is in New York City a place she associates with home and a complete lack of Everafters While Daphne has been thrilled to take on the job of fairy tale detective Sabrina still resists She hates their calling and wants nothing to do with it She decides the trip to New York will be her final case She can then concentrate on saving her parents who are in a magical sleep that no one can wake them from and return to her normal life What she discovers instead is that her seemingly normal mother was highly active in the fairy community in New York City and nlike the attitude that Ferry Port Everafters have toward the Grimms the New York City Everafters honor and adore them In Once Upon a Crime you learn a little about Puck s family His story obviously comes from William Shakespeare s A Midsummer Night s Dream and it is in this book that you get to meet the rest of the fairy creatures from the famous play It s one of the things that will delight any lover of classical literature It s also what gave the book its greatest appeal to my 10 year old son who has seen the play numerous times since he was five Puck is also a great favorite of his as it is his final two speeches that were the first he ever memorized His view of Puck isn t far off from the Puck that is met in The Sisters Grimm an 11 year old boy who sees himself as a villain despite his golden heart While Shakespeare doesn t claim it author Michael Buckley tells s that Puck is the offspring of Oberon and Titania a fairy prince who was promised to one of the other fairies Titania s fairy attendants get much greater play in this novel with fleshed out personalities and goals At its heart Once Upon a Crime is a classic mystery story despite being populated with fantastical creatures It also continues to expose the growing pains that Sabrina is having as she must make a choice between selfishness and service and discover what it really means to be a family Sabrina is freuently a frustrating character despite being the protagonist because she is so distrustful and resists the route that others and the readers want her to go Nothing ever comes easy for her but mostly because she insists pon making it difficult Is this really any surprise when we realize we re talking about a pre teen girl on the cusp of puberty Michael Buckley continues to entertain with The Sisters Grimm series Each offering in the series changes the characters in subtle and not so subtle ways The books are The Far Far Better Thing uick reads and I look forward to each new book I love how Puck saves Sabrina from near death In some ways this book definitely feels like somewhat of a departure for the series The story focuses on a different location there is an incredible focus on annexpected character and the book is about revelations that I didn t see comingWithout going into an incredible amount of detail as to avoid spoilers Michael Buckley continues to weave a fantastic story. Re the wounds With the help of Granny Relda the girls must figure out who killed Puck's father King Oberon whi.

The Sisters Grimm series are my audiobook standbys The narrator is fantastic and these are perfect for long drives in the car The series is about two young girls Daphne and Sabrina who after the disappearance of their parents and a year spent jumping from one wretched foster home to another go to live with the grandmother they never knew they had in Fairyport Landing The Grimm sisters find out that they are the descendants of the famed Brothers Grimm who brought the fairy tale creatures over to live in Fairyport landing The fun part is it s not just Grimm s fairy tales that show Valentines Cowboy up in the book Puck from Midsummer Night s Dream the Wizard of Oz and Mother Goose all appear The sisters their grandmother Mr Canis the big bad wolf and Puck join together to solve mysteries and keep the town in order Once Upon a Crime p What are you looking at the gingerbread man said to her Didn t anyone tell you it s rude to stareFor once Sabrina fumbled for wordsShe s sorry Daphne offered It s not every day you get to talk to a cookie you know The gingerbread man s brown body suddenly turned red and his icing face crinkled in anger Hey Cookies are round buster Do I look like I m roundSorry Daphne said I didn t mean That kind of ignorance is why gingerbread people are treated so badly all over the world he said bitterly Just cause we came out of the same oven doesn t mean we re made from the same doughDaphne ducked behind SabrinaRelax She didn t mean to offend you Sabrina said finally pulling herself together As she turned to calm her sister she felt something hard bounce off her head She whipped around and found the gingerbread man pulling a gumdrop off his chest There was one already missing one she was sure was now lodged in her hairTake that you bakist the little man saidDid you just throw something at me Sabrina criedickly regaining her witsYeah What are you going to do about it meat person the little baked man tauntedThrow another gumdrop at me and you ll see what I ll do dough boy Sabrina hissed Granny was trying to pull her away when the second gumdrop bounced off of Sabrina s noseThat s it she cried as she turned to the bartender Give me the biggest glass of milk you ve gotThe gingerbread man kicked Sabrina in the ankle Despite his size it hurt and Sabrina reached down to grab him The little man darted away and ran through the barCatch me if you can stupid meat person he criedEverafters are immigrants Fairies are gangsters and Wall Street is run by Pirates It s another hilarious insightful installation of the Sisters Grimm series this time set in the Big Apple with a whole new cast of characters Sabrina learns about her mother s secret life and what it really means to be a Grimm The fourth in a most entertaining fractured fairy tale detective series Once Upon a Crime was a great read In it Sabrina and Daphne Grimm company drive from Ferryport Landing where most of the Everafters or fairy tale characters live to New York City to take the ailing Puck to Faerie so he can be healed by his family Oberon Titania and offspring Turns out Faerie isn t The Truth About Jane Doe uite what itsed to be The fairy tale detectives find thuggish fairy godfathers characters from Oz the Wizard the Wicked Witch of the West and we even get a glimpse of the Woggle Bug dwarfs in the subway pirates from Wall Street one with a parrot who shrieks Dump the stock now Sell sell sell and Scrooge a financial and spiritual adviser and Tim Cratchit It was all great fun and I m glad there are of these books to enjoy The Sisters Grimm never fails to amuse because of the way it takes famous fairy related literature and puts a modern twist on them Far than the overall plot or even the themes it is the little moments in these books that make them worthy reads Once Upon a Crime is the fourth adventure of Sabrina and Daphne Gri. Sabrina and Daphne's adventures continue in their hometown of New York City as they bring Puck to Faerie to cu.

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Using characters in a very clever ways There were some bits I didn t LOVE such as all the pirate business but then there was such insight and character building in other parts of the book that it than made Mediterranean Men Bundle up for itI am proud of myself for realizing who the killer was long before it was revealed however there was another plot point I didn t see comingntil moments before it happenedIn some ways this was a book that established a holding pattern and got a bit deeper I am hoping that Sabrina had a major break through with her character so that she stops being the voice of descent all the timeAlso Michael Buckley seems to be employing the ol Alias opening that JJ The Indian Tycoons Marriage Deal used so much which makes for an engaging and exciting start to each book 35 STARSNot my favorite in the series since there were a lot of characters just thrown in but this was probably the most action packed and took me a little by surprise at the end This series is just so fun I m still a little angry because the cover of this book kind of gives away the end of the book or if not the end then the climax Based on that it was super easy to figure out who did what to whom shrug As I ve said about these books before they re definitely for kids but still fun for adults My 13yo is totally done with the series and is kind of annoyed with me for not having finished so that s something I ll have to work on catchingp with soonDaphne Sabrina Granny Mr Canis and the former sheriff of Ferryport Landing head to NYC to visit the faeries and see if they can help heal REDACTED While there REDACTED is murdered and the Grimm family is tasked with finding the murdererLike I mentioned the cover gave much away but even if it hadn t I still turned to 13yo and said So it was REDACTED and REDACTED t While not really dropping in Holding Tight (Five in a Bed Book 3) uality I felt like the Sisters Grimm series lost a little steam in the fourth book The mystery was a little obvious and the rhythms of the series are becoming a bit repetitive Sabrina is going to have an angsty personal problem learning that her mother was all for fairy tale detecting which isn t Sabrina s bag that will be resolved a mystery must be solved a murder mystery this time but the culprit is given away by the cover art Mr Canis will battle with his true self and Daphne will have a new catchphrase Jerkazoid I felt like the author Buckley tried to inject a little excitement into this volume with a change of scenery but leaving Ferryport Landing for New York City actually cut all the tension that s been building in the little town But when a good series loses a little steam it s not alway the end of the world and there are still plenty of great moments I appreciated the respect that existed between Mr Canis the Big Bad Wolf and Sheriff Hamstead one of the Three Little Pigs and I liked Mother Goose as a bartender in a bar run by the fairy mafia fairy godfathers get it And Scrooge as a psychic who can communicate with ghosts was a great idea Oh and Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins are now Wall Street pirates who battle Sinbad who captains a New York City ferry Puck was out of commission for most of the book and when he shows backp he s slightly matureThe dark tone is a bit lighter than in the last book except for a couple of crazy moments Remember that time when the primary suspect SPOILER who didn t actually do it is straight p executed by being held in front of a freakin cannonIn summation it s not the best of the series but it is still a decent addition Actual rating 4255Thank you Michael Buckley for creating this world This is competing with Percy Jackson The Olympians for my favorite middle grade series and that s saying something And these books keep getting better and better with each one and this one is my favorite so far and I m only halfway through the series On to the next on. Le navigating the warring factions of Everafters that make their homes in every neighbourhood of New York City.

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