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Epub read Olivia and Jai BY Rebecca Ryman – freewebdesing.com

Vice that contrasts with the narrow minded stupidity of the rest of his caste And then often the heroine is pretty unlikable because because that s why They start sympathetic nough and at some point they just lose it None of which really informed my picking of this book zero xpectations and an Oh n fin probably have to do with the fact that in the The Outlaw Jesse James end I liked this novelThe first half is simplyngrossing we have young and na ve Olivia O Rourke navigating the local social circles with her snobbish aunt and her reckless cousin attracting the Up All Night eye of two men that will be meaningful in her future and in herrring And we have Jai Raventhorne not as mysterious as the author tried to present him since it s The Spiral Dance easy to guess his hot buttons from the first appearance In my case it s not the mystery that had me interested because there was none I knew who his parents were and from that I had a surprisingly accurate guess of what his life story was like down to how he was born and his mother s demise The hints were pretty obvious to me and I d have appreciated a bit careful handling of them to keep me in the dark and make the impact of the revelations later real revelations not confirmations as it turned out The interest lay in his mind s workings becauseverything in him is The Erotic Mind excessive because despite all he s not completely messed up in the head he is resilient It s always fascinated me to see and read about people coming out of dire pasts with so different outcomesThe love story follows a straightforward angsty romance arc till the middle they can t be together but they can t be separateither so they carry on with a back and forth furtive liaison with anger and sexual tension than political and social critiue on India thank the old gods and finally they both snap in a scene that is bound to be uestioned by many a reader and that to me brought forth another of my favourite love scenes in literature so that may account for my reaction Politically incorrect love scenes are if well written ranked highly in the Hotness Scale and this one was Hot and full of those life changing moves that will push the plot till the Dancing at Midnight (The Splendid Trilogy, endBut then the second half isn t uite the same Jai is mostly absent having proceeded with that plan that would affect his and Olivia s lives so negatively and Olivia foolishly and in a panic takes two no three decisions in a row that will condemn her to a longish period of living with lies regrets hypocrisy a sourness in the heart that will turn her over the top love for Jai into over the top hate kicking off a business and personal war with him at his return with innocent victims on both sides One is hard pushed to sympathise with her her pride her self castigation her blind spots her resentment and the weakness in tolerating abject abuse her thoughts that she view spoilerowes her husband a son inxchange for a name for her and Jai s bastard hide spoiler A fabulous tale of star crossed lovers in 19C India The story begins in Calcutta in 1848 as Olivia O Rourke arrives from California to spend time with her mother s sister Lady Bridget Templewood Used to the freer life she shared with her father Olivia chafes under the rigid morals of British Society but then she accidentally meets a man reviled by her family Jai Ravenstone Jai is a Eurasian with a mysterious past who against all Olivia Jai is one of those books with a slight old fashioned feeling that left a wonderful impression the first time I read it a couple years ago After writing my Why I LoveHistorical Fiction set in India I wanted to reread it and see if the magic still workedWe first meet Olivia O Rourke a 23 years old American with an unusual It Hurts When I Poop! a Story for Children Who Are Scared to Use the Potty education and lots of character during her stay in India where An who becomes her opium her obsessionJaiThe tormented son of an unknown Englishman and an Indian servant girl he is an alien in the prejudiced world of the British Raj a dark forbidding man Olivia can neither trust nor resistTogetherTheyxplore the sensuous xotic.

Rating 45 stars Screwed up brooding badboys make my heart and loins a flutter and Jai is one hell of a tortured soul Born in 19th century India to an Indian serving girl and an unknown Englishman he belongs to neither community and has spent his life nraged and Double Deception (Code Name: Danger embittered He s ruthlessly built up his businessmpire and just as ruthlessly has built a barrier around himself He cares for nothing or no one his black heart angry and alone Yum Olivia is a feisty young American sent to live with her English aunt and uncle in India who share a mutual hatred with Jai Olivia s first Wicked Lies (Men of Summer, encounter with him brings instant chemistry and after many secret meetings unheeded warnings and a whole army of inner demons for Jai to battle she finally tames her man So a HEA righ Loved Loved Loved it Why can t all books be this good My only complaint is I wish it had anpilogue I read some mixed reviews on the seuel and I m not sure that I should read it Proudly added to my favorites shelf Move over Trade Wind and Zemindar and make room for Olivia and Jai What a weird twisted book Wow I can t believe how much I hate this And yet I still read 300 pages in hopes that I was mistaken in hopes that Jai wasn t a psychopath and Olivia really did have a brain in her head nopeOK I read my share of misunderstood heroes But this nut case really takes the cake Jai is constantly berating criticizing scorning and snubbing Olivia and the abusive he is the she swoons over himExampleview spoilerWhat I will not accept Jai is the devaluation the denial of your feelings for me You lie to hide your own delusionsYou fabricate a hate that does not Grave Tattoo exist You do love me jai Get out His voice was tight in his throatI will But not before you admit you have liedThe final thread of his control snapped With a snarl he sprang at her and twonormous powerful hands circled her neck Distorted into a mask of virulence his features turned maniacal barely human Thumbs pressed against her windpipe he shook her with the fury of a mastiffBasically he strangles her until she passes outDon t love me OliviaI could have killed you What further proof can you want of my worthlessness It is also proof of what you deny hide spoiler How to describe such magnificent book Georgia and the Tycoon except by saying that it MUST be read It is not a love story in the strictu sensu on the contrary it shows how love is close to hate The plotngages us into the story of India still under British rule where a lot of social conventions and prejudice among other factors The Churchills Trial end still brings big and unexpected surprises I won t spoil this fabulousnd There is seuel to this book The Veil of Illusion Book 1 of 2 Great Book Great love story Ends with a cliffhanger not knowing if the Hero survives I wish this author had done a series type book like Diana Gabaldon did with Outlander series So many possibilitiesbut unfortunately she doesn t and the next book is so depressing and sad that I can t recommend this book to anyone I have a big problem with novels set in colonial India they all have to measure up whether I will it or no to the arch famous The Far Pavilions that by virtue of reading it first as much as its author s craftiness is the golden standard for me personally That has resulted in my A Conspiracy of Ravens (Lady Trent Mysteries experience reading all the other books with the same setting lessnjoyable in some way Novel X is inferior Lakeside Redemption even if by the same author Novel Y is too much of a wannabe and a poorer copy at that Novel Z has a character that smells of rip offI have two other smaller problems as well they all seem to focus way too much on the buildup towards the Sepoy Rebellion often devoting dozens of pages to dialogue in which thenlightened and pro native character lays out his wise political ad. Only the deepest desire could bring them together Only the darkest betrayal could tear them apartOliviaThe legant American daughter of privilege she is seduced by the opulence of a strange and beautiful culture But her seduction isn't complete until she meets the

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He spends a year with her maternal aunt Lady Bridget Templewood and her family The young woman is completely in love for this new land and its culture Every opportunity she gets to great despair of her snobbish aunt she s out xploring Calcutta and doing the best she can to get to meet the localsOne vening during a ball she meets a mysterious man Jai Raventhorne They are both curious about ach other but when Olivia mentions his name to her family they are all shocked and immediately warn her to keep her distances from him Clearly there s something going on between Raventhorne and the Templewoods and nobody seems interested to talk about it or Dark Awakening explain the reasons of the uarrel to the young American This situation only provokes Olivia s curiosity about JaiNot long after Olivia and Jai start to meet in secret both unable to stop the growing attraction between them If the young woman accepts her feelingsasily Jai tries to keep his distances at first and warns her often that despite his love he cannot give her what she wants Olivia is in love and she never imagined Jai s revenge towards her family or the unbearable pain caused by his treasonOlivia is a charming mix of wisdom and innocence Raised by her free thinking father in the States she was always Hawks Way (Hawks Way encouraged to give her opinion and be an independent woman Her English aunt is completely appealed by this upbringing She is decided to transform the young woman into a lady and find her an English husband If I couldn t sometimes suspend my disbelief when I read about Olivia leaving the house all alone and spend hours in the local markets or riding I didnjoy her curiosity about the Indian culture and the fact that she tried to break free from the uite strict British society rules and seek for something Family Men elseHer love for Jai might seem sometimes a bit na ve and suddenlyxcessive but it s her first love and she was completely swept away by the dark and mysterious young man His happiness is her happiness She gave herself completely to Jai without any constraintsJai is Eurasian and his illegitimacy is often the center of all gossip among the local British society He is arrogant conceited obnoxious and sometimes a real pain He is also a self made man Nobody knows who his parents were but he made his way into the world and built an Creative Participation empire He does some terrible things but here remains the talent of Rebecca Rymanven during the worst moments I could never really hate Jai He never became an unsympathetic character and I would imagine it was a hard task for the author to keep him going as a real person with its faults and ualities There are some small aspects that kept me from giving this book 5 stars The language was a little too modernized sometimes but it won t spoil any Sabina Spielrein enjoyment This is a story of love and revenge with some twists and turns butverything works almost perfectly for me The character development Cognitive Radio Networks especially Olivia who changes so much all along the story is uite remarkable Also the descriptions of 19th century India arenthralling I remember Personnel Management in Government especially Olivia s visit to the market and it was so vivid I could almost taste the pastry she wasatingRebecca Ryman is the pen name of an Indian writer Asha Bhanjdeo who only wrote three books under this name Olivia Jai The Veil of Illusions the seuel of Olivia Jai and Shalimar Unfortunately she died in 2003 This time reading 3rd I was able to get into the storyplot and characters a lot betterSometimes got a little lost in the politics of it and customs but not Out of This World enough to put downThat being saidI was hoping for a strongerndinglike an Afterwords or EpilogueI dont think I will be reading the second book though reviews have it no romance and lots of history and politics. Tapestry of India in 1848 from its riotous peasant bazaars to tiger hunts in hushed junglesAnd together they defy The Time It Never Rained every convention of a time and place swept up in a powerful blend of passion and frustration that transforms them from devoted lovers to fiercenemies.

Rebecca Ryman is the pen name of an Indian writer Asha Bhanjdeo who only wrote three books under this name Olivia & Jai The Veil of Illusions the seuel of Olivia & Jai and Shalimar She died in Calcutta in 2003