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R Grant and I miss his stories the man that took over for him and I guess you would say trained under him does a great job Good book to read during this Halloween season The stories were kind of a novelty at first and asy to follow Something about the later stories made me lose interest It might have been that there were characters to keep track of or details than I cared about but I didn t make it all the way through because I just got bored That said it was good for short reading sessions as Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze each chapter gives you a different story It is hard to talk about obake stories without mentioning Glen Grant He was a prolific writer in Hawaii and I used to read this book as a little girl It gave me chicken skin then and it still does now For the lovers of ghost storiesspecially Hawaiian ones this book is a must read My brother kept the copy of this book so I bought another copy through Makes for great campfire. In the Hawai'i Herald They are presented here for the first time in a single volume accompanied by the original haunting illustrat.

A nice little collection of ghost stories that I Les brumes d'avalon : roman enjoyed reading Creepy Obake Ghost Stories of Hawaii by Glen Grant 2005 I don t usually review books but I do have to say this book wasnjoyable It is dated and there is a lot of orientalism in this book which is uncomfortable and there were a handful of religious Japanese terms that were incorrectly used and or spelled but again this book is dated Aside from that I njoyed the stories Grant had a talent for telling stories that were believable I myself am a collector of Y kai stories and wandering old abandoned places in search of stories in Japan so this book really refueled my love of that It was interesting to see how much of a Japanese influence is in the storiesSo overall while dated this book is definitely worth the read if you have a love for ghost stories Since I am from Hawaii I was glad to see these stories deeper in depth I am a great fan of Obake Ghost Stories in Hawai'i showcases supernatural tales collected from islanders of all backgrounds that first appeared in 1983.

Spooky stories I m prejudice The author is my late brother in law He grew up being able to tell a good story These stories were his love They will make you think twice about what you re doing when you visit Hawaii Good book tells story s of accient days hawaiians left behind them that was unsolved mysteries of there hidden past interesting story got me hooked This book has both fascinated and terrified me for years I bought it for myself and never read past the 4th chapter until now Because it deals with paranormal stuff in Hawaii right where I live it gave me nightmares I finally faced and conuered my fears and have had no lasting Ill ffects nor bad dreams Dr Grant is an amazing storyteller I ve had the pleasure of meeting him in person and have been on one of his hosted Ghost Tours He wrote very believable and vocative stories while maintaining respect for Hawaii s diverse cultures Read it if you dare. Ions by artist Ross Yamanaka Those who do not care to believe in ghosts or the hereafter will glimpse into the dark realm of myster.

ebook pdf Obake Ghost Stories of Hawaii BY Glen Grant – freewebdesing.com

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