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Molly Ivins is my idol Her writing is hilarious and straight from the hip This book is almost 30 years old and it is still relevant The issues she discusses are the same issues we are wrangling today She is totally irreverent and tells it like it is She was taken from us much too soon This is a collection of columns Molly Ivins wrote from 1991 to 1993 and I had forgotten a lot of the shenanigans that politicians had gotten up to way back then Boy talk about proto trumpism The reactionaries were in full cry and laying the groundwork to take over our government and destroy liberty and honor and they have nearly succeeded Even then Molly was pointing out the dangers of income ineuality deregulation and the flood of guns fear and hatred and we have come much farther down the road than even those simpler but alarming times But she also wrote about the many colorful characters that were populating Texas politics even back then and she is always entertaining I wonder what she d make of the current crop of crooked lying low energy bums we are saddled with A collection of columns from the mid 90 s Bush and Clinton on the national stage and of course Ross Perot s campaign So a bit of historical nostalgia but one that continues to make me wish Molly were still aroundWhile most are political commentary one that is not Of Hog Hunts and Humankind is alone worth the price of admission Molly Ivins was the Texas liberal of Texas liberals Her wit was clever and often cutting but never lacking for a foundation She had the power to be a giant killer but she also held a sympathetic regard for those who were targets of her columns Fun was never had at the expense of wisdom Hilarious and depressingly still relevant to today s political climate What I really love about Molly Ivins is that she is blunt and loud about her. Molly Ivins one of the nation's toughest and funniest political observers is back with some of her illuminating commentary about the state of our governmentFollowing the terrific success of the runaway bestseller Molly Ivins Can't Say That Can She this biting new collection of provocative writings takes a piercing look at a new regime of leaders and contains fearless hilarious writing from deep in the heart of Texas Nothin' But Good Times Ahead features Ivins's writing about the wild 1992 presidential campaign including her profiles of fellow Texan Ross Perot as well as Presiden.

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BOOKS Nothin' But Good Times Ahead ì Molly Ivins – freewebdesing.com

Aking liberal voice and how daring her criticisms were etc etc And now I ve actually gotten around to reading her work I ust don t get what the fuss is all aboutIt s true that not many people were being openly critical of Bush Sr and we never heard from the ones who criticized W for a variety of reasons I didn t find much here to get all up in arms about She really lowballs her attacks on the guy til they re mostly of the Gosh That President varietyI also didn t care much for Ivins writing style in general The columns had a habit of ending abruptly with no summation or true analysis I could find and overall they were a tough slog I started this book January 2nd and it took me til last Saturday to finish it I kept feeling like it was some type of terrible assigned reading for a class I forgot I signed up for There are a few standout pieces one where Ivins does indeed rip Camille Paglia a new one one on women s rights a profile of Sam Houston and an astonishingly good one about the Waco tragedy The last is possibly worth the price of admission but this is one book that s headed to the sale pile Molly Ivins died almost seven years ago This book is a collection of columns and other short writings that were written about thirty years ago Frankly change the names of the players that s technically oliticians and you d never know they weren t written last month Ms Ivins had the talent of writing lovingly about the politics of Texas and the US while simultaneously hating many of the results I really miss reading her on a regular basis And I ve hardly spent any time in Texas at all Read this a long time ago and you would really have to be a hard core political nerd with an affinity for Texas hijinks to appreciate Ivins essays However no author has ever made me laugh as hard as she has She is very much missed. Hill's Allegations Hit a Nerve with Many Kinds of Women Dallas Times Herald 102191; Gibber Other Misdemeanors The Texas Observer nd; I Am the Cosmos Mother Jones October 1991; United We Stand Divided and Durn Proud of It Fort Worth Star Telegram 7592; With US Media Malice is Absent But so is Attention Fort Worth Star Telegram 92092; Madonna and Other Arthurs Progressive January 1993; They're Regulating Everything Plus the Kitsch in Sync Dallas Times Herald 51792; Who Am I What Am I Doing Here Progressive December 1992; Thank you George Dan Marilyn Fort Worth Star Telegram 11269.

Criticisms of Texas politcs and politics in general but even in her snarkiest most angry moments you get a real sense of ust how much she loves and respects Texas and its people There is nothing worse than a political anal This is a book of Molly s columns from 1991 to 1993 It covers the presidential campaigns of Bush Clinton and Ross Perot The principal difference between then and 2016 is that the richest 1 percent then only owned 40 percent of the nation s wealth not the 90 percent that Sanders uotes today The other problems guns gridlock money in politics seem not to have changed at all I can t decide whether Molly would have despaired or ust laughed it off Good grief Some of her insights into the 1% the right wing politics and Congressional dysfunction seem to have been written today not in 1992 Glad I happened to find this old volume at the library And there were certainly laugh out loud moments Gee I miss Molly Ivins Let me start this discussion by pointing out that I am not antigun I m pro knife Consider the merits of the knifeIn the first place you have to catch up with someone in order to stab him A general substitution of knives for guns would promote physical fitness We d turn into a whole nation of great runners Plus knives don t ricochet And people are seldom killed while cleaning their knivesSynopsis A collection of newspaper columns from the early 90s by the late great political commentator Molly Ivins I remember first hearing about Molly Ivins right around the time these columns were set so late 80s early 90s in my last year of high school maybe and while I didn t read any of her work then I remember hearing about what a stir she was creating on the political commentating scene simply by being critical of George Bush Sr Later on as the Cult of Molly grew I heard about her groundbre. T Clinton's early days in Washington Molly Ivins has sharpened her pencil once again and establishes herself as a national treasure and one of the savviest thinkers in AmericaMolly Ivins Can't Say That Can She is also available from Random House AudioBooksAcknowledgmentsBeing an Arthur Mother Jones JanFeb 1992; Deep in the Heart Mother Jones AprilMay 1992; Good Morning Fort Worth Glad to be Here Fort Worth Star Telegram 3192; The ueen and the Reunion A Veddy Interesting Contrast Dallas Times Herald 52691; Reindeer are Counted Better than Homeless Fort Worth Star Telegram 122292;.

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