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Use I was so curious about who the bad guy was it s never the obvious person so I suspected just about everyone and never considered the person who turned out to be the bad guy what a surprise The action took place in my neck of the woods which made the book even appealing to meLoved loved loved that fine Damien Wade Other reviewers have been correct in saying that there wasn t much romance in this book but Damien and Althea really clicked they worked well togther and when they came together the scenes were H O TGreat job as usual Ms Smith Love Maureen Smith writingI didn t know Maureen Smith could write suspense I truy enjoyed it she held me captive and glued to the pages Well done I would say this is better than With Every Breath but that would take away from the fabulousness of that book A great seuel to With Every Breath but also a nice stand alone This story had me guessing right up until the end I loved the romantic parts of the book and the mystery to solve to crime led the couple closer together I could ve done without the whole crazy things that tied into the boo. Pared than ever There's just one problem her gorgeous new partner A man she knows intimately et not at al.

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Encounter they NEVER act on the sparks of desire that are SIZZLIN between them throughoutgranted they re pretty busy trying to solve a kidnappingbut if it s a romantic suspenseWHERE S THE ROMANCEthe suspense is uite similar to her first book With Every Breathbut it s not as CHILLING or engaging as in any of her previous novelsand all the details surrounding the criminal investigation become a little tediousand when the criminal is FINALLY revealedalthough I m SURPRISED by the identity of the PYSCHOI didn t uite buy his reasoning behind his criminal actionsthe explanation is a bit lameand with over 400 plus pages I guess I just expected a EXCITING readafter finally finishing all her storiesI have to say this one is my least favoritethat being saidI still enjoy Mrs Smith s writing style and will continue to look for her novels This was a very good read I really like the way Damien was protective of Althea Fast paced and hard to put down I recommend Nobody can do romantic suspense like Maureen Smith This book was really good I literally could not put it down at one point beca. D just like Althea was eight ears before The ordeal left her determined to catch such criminals she's pre.

Great book surprise who was the kidnapper Awesome I love these seuel books It keeps ou guessing wondering and on ยอดบุรุษพลิกคดี เล่ม 1 your toes lol Great beginning and end Excellent read Man I m just going to say I can t believe I was wrong Maureen Smith weaves an enjoyablearn that is comparable to the works of the book turned into a movie crowd He as may be her strength but her writing isn t stale because her style is so varied Read this book I ve been on Maureen Smith romantic suspense reading frenzy since last weekI ve read the last of four of her books I had in my TBR pileand was CAUGHT UP in the romance and suspense of each oneand although No One But You starts out with a BIG BANGthe immediate mysterious kidnappingand then the HIGHLY erotic sexual encounter between Damien and Althea is uite THRILLING SEXYunfortunately as the story goes on it sort of FIZZLES a bitI m a HUGE fan of Mrs Smith s talesbut this one is definitely LACKING in the romance departmentshe sets the stage for an INTENSE attraction between Damien and Altheabut then kinda leaves ou hangingbecause after their first. After a long absence FBI agent Althea Pritchard has returned home to Balti A teenage girl has been abducte.

No One But You É DOWNLOAD Author Maureen Smith – freewebdesing.com

Naomi ChaseI have enjoyed writing for as long as I can remember My earliest memory of knowing I had a “literary gift” was as a third grader when I wrote and illustrated a story about a child who stumbled upon a bird’s nest and decided to nurture the orphaned chickadee until its mother returned I can’t recall whether the story had a happy ending or not but my teacher Mrs Bennett was so impressed that she predicted I would someday become a writerDuring the summers as a teenager I preferred the sticky discomfort of my bedroom to hanging outdoors with friends I would lock myself away for hours churning out endless stories and surfacing only for uick meals Is it any wonder my parents and siblings labeled me a certifiable recluseI received a BA in English from the University of Maryland College Park with a minor in creative writing As a former freelance writer my articles were featured in various magazines Web sites and newspapers including the Balti Afro American and Prince George’s Journal I did a brief stint as a third grade teacher at a private school in Washington DC—a gig reuiring the patience of Job I now live in San Antonio Texas with my wonderful husband and our two children When I’m not tending to their incessant needs I can be found at my computer sweating over a deadlineSince the publication of my debut novel in 2002 I have been nominated for four Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Awards and numerous Emma Awards I have won the Romance in Color Reviewers’ Choice Awards for New Author of the Year and Romantic Suspense of the Year Ghosts of Fire In 2010 I won the Emma Award for Best Romantic Suspense for Secret Agent Seduction In 2011 I was nominated for the RT BOOKreviews Reviewers’ Choice Award for Best Kimani Series Romance for Recipe for Temptation