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Epub Ebook Nightwatch ✓ Valerie Hansen – freewebdesing.com

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This book kept me on the edge of my seat I thought it was well written There was no sex involved in this suspenseromance novel which was nice Still ended with a happy ending Good book I like strong women but when Jill turned umbstupid it really pissed me off Title NightwatchAuthor Valerie HansenRating To be perfectly honest I read through 90% of this book today and it s safe to say that I Ask the Past didn t like it The beginning chapters were exactly like Lemony Snicket s The Series of Unfortunate Events The house caught on fire Both parentsied in the fire Three all kids survived Their first family member they were taken to turned out to be crazy The baby gets kidnapped Remind you of anything Yeah me too The book seemed rushed and every page had a new but Riding Class (Saddle Club, depressing problem The main characters relationship wasumb They promise each other they would always be friends and all of a sudden without no relationship whatsoever BAM I WANT TO SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE WITH YOU Same BAM MARRIAGE The ending was entirely predictable and it also was rushed You can t just throw together and ending or for that matter an entire freaking book in thirty seconds and expect something good to come out of it This book Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, disgusts me books love booklove loveofbooks reading readinglove loveofreading yus bookreview nightwatch valeriehansen I really liked this book It was a very good clean love story A handsome firefighting hero and a strong kind hearted Heroine This is my first read by Valerie Hansen i would like to read a few her A Good ReadStory switched back and forth between characters without an obvious chapter break Needed an indicator of author s intent Otherwise the story was interesting and a very good read originally appeared onBookshelf ConfessionsThis was actually the first book I read of Ms Hansen s judging from this book this won t be the last The romance is subtle but it s there a clean romance with lot of action mysteries and suspense in itThe book is truly inspired by God In every lines I felt God constantly knocking at their hearts It s a book of faith and that anyone like Mitch should not let himself stray away from God It s not like weeserve the trials were facing it s a way of life to make it strongerA lot of insights are written in the book how the characters fought for justice and peace meanwhile searching themselves of their faithsI Nightwatch is not my first Valerie Hansen romance nor my last I ecided to read it since Nightwatch won the coveted American Christian Fiction Writers CAROL Award in 2012. Fire captain Mitch Andrews can't forget the three young children he saved from a fire A suspicious fire that left them orphans In the care of foster mother

Ged aunt Natalie Guessing the villain of this very short novel isn t hard everyone will have it by the second chapter tops There s little suspense to be found hereWhat s interesting about the book is that a local nurse Samantha Rochard is part of a national organization known as CASA Court Appointed Special Advocate that is based in Canton Georgia Volunteers like Samantha are appointed by judges to watch over abused andor neglected children to make sure they on t get lost in the vast machinery that is the American legal system or languish in foster homes There s some Short Stories by Roald Dahl detail about how the organization works in the book and I appreciated the authoroing her homeworkHowever I Goldilocks the Three Bears did notice that at one point Natalie the unhinged aunt bullies the nurses at the hospital where the children were taken for observation into letting her take them home There is simply no way this would happen in real life Security would have been called and Natalie would have been escorted off the premises Hospitals have codes to alert others to unruly behavior whether from a patient or a visitor Then Jill and Mitch storm Natalie s house to find the children Breaking and entering is still considered a crime even in Serenity so Ioubt the realism of this scene as well This isn t the first stupid thing that Jill and Mitch o in the book either Megan is kidnapped from Jill s care and instead of waiting for the police they both take off into the woods near Jill s farmhouse with the other two kids Timmy and Paul in tow along with Jill s ranch ogs Why You know the kids are in mortal Socialist Realism danger now why risk being killed by whomever took Megan This is so unbelievably stupid especially for Mitch as he clearly knows what aangerous situation Jill and the kids are in The book is nicely paced and filled with action Because we know the identity of the villain so early on though there s not much suspense It bored me after a while because I was tired of Mitch and Jill pretending they I Look Up To... Michelle Obama don t like each other when they obviouslyo and seeing them Doctor Extraño do all sorts of idiotic things in the name of protecting the children This is the first book of Valeries that I have read but it won t be the last It was a clean romance mystery and suspence with a lot of heroes in itMitch is a firefighter that takes on to much blame when he can t save everyone Their was a loud explosion of a business and a house They were able to save the three children but not the parentsJill is a foster parent She was in foster care as a child Her husbandied in a accident right af. Ible angerand one of the children is missing Mitch and Jill will risk everything to find the stolen girl and keep a makeshift family of five together foreve.

Nightwatch is still available used and in ebook form I think the story had the right amount of suspense to keep the plot moving along at a fast clip and the hero and heroine a firefighter Mitch and a foster mom Jill respectively were warm and believable characters The plot hinges on the mysterious fiery eath of the parents of three children and then the kidnapping of the youngest a little girl Why were the parents killed and why was the little girl snatched from the crib at Jill s Who wants whatThe story also portrays CASA which means Court Appointed Special Advocate volunteers who help children in ifficult court situations Altogether it was a well one fast and heart felt read Highly recommended This is the first book of Valeries that I have read but it won t be the last It was a clean romance mystery and suspence with a lot of heroes in itMitch is a firefighter that takes on to much blame when he can t save everyone Their was a loud explosion of a business and a house They were able to save the three children but not the parentsJill is a foster parent She was in foster care as a child Her husband Feminism is for Everybody died in a accident right after moving to a farm in a new area Mitch feels blame for not saving him Mitch and Jill became friends because Mitch helped her out at the farmSomeone set the bomb and murdered the parents kidnapped the littlest child Jill and Mitch are trying to protect the boys and get the baby backI really liked the characters the children especially Tim 7 year old who was trying to protect and find his sister So many wanted to help and protect the children It is a book that Iid not put Deterring Democracy downI was given this ebook in exchange of honest review This book is part of The Defenders series which involves protecting children fromangerous people Set in the bucolic town of Serenity Arkansas the book begins with an explosion that takes the fire epartment hours to control as well as the lives of a local married couple Rob and Ellen Pearson who ran an export companyTheir children Timmy age 7 Paul age 5 and Megan age 18 months are placed into the custody of Jill Kirkpatrick a recently widowed woman who s acted as a foster mother over the past few years Her connection to the Serenity Fire Department is her good friend Mitch Andrews who attends Serenity Chapel on Sundays and who befriended her following her late husband s accidentJill and Mitch continually claim they re good friends but they behave like a married couple throughout the book Jill s custodianship is challenged by the children s unhin. Ill Kirkpatrick he knows the little ones will be loved Even if the sweet strong widow won't let Mitch close to her But suddenly the kids and Jill are in terr.

Valerie Whisenand Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name