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Monster Girl is the 3rd book in the Star gazer series Evie still mourns the loss of her family She is exiled from the colony because they believe she killed thousands of people when it was soldiers that were on their way to annihilate the colony Joseph stays with her and they live outside the colony She wants to go back to Earth believing that maybe it is safe now since the horrific evil president is dead now But their escape is halted from illness This series is interesting and I enjoyed reading it It was well written and a page turner Can t wait for the next in the series Good seriesI actually found myself holding my breath at one point Author does a good job helping reader to make connections I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I have to say for the majority of this book I felt like puking No as you can see from my stars it was t because I thought this book was bad but because how emotional Travis makes me when I readI had a feel g for a while that I was going to dislike this book This author has a habit of breaking my heart However there were many redeeming alities of this book and over all story Like with the previous two books I highly recommend this read My favorite so far in the series twists and turns in the story were good very realistic charac. Stay and face a terrifying plague alone Leave and face the wrath of the colonists who exiled her A choice Evelyn may not surviveExiled by the colonists she was created to protect Evelyn is finding her way through life as an outcast It isn’t easy though The hollow feeling of hunger never leaves And with winter approaching she knows things are only going to get harderEvelyn decides to leave Orsus; not even a beaut.

Ter development with the situations that occurred The twist at the end To see reviews check out MI Book ReviewsI got an ARC of this bookThis book hooked me in a way that the second book couldn t This book brought back all the fun of the sci fi adventure and avoided a lot of the things I didn t like about the second book but it still wasn t the first book My favorite part was the plot didn t revolve around a badly written romance though I am sad to say that the romance continued in this book I got really excited near the end but the last twist just annoyed me I wasn t expecting that last twist so I have to give props to Woodman for tricking me I didn t enjoy the many obvious references to the Holocaust They felt The Venetians Mistress unnecessary and the way they weresed were so trivial it was almost offensive I just don t get where they came from or why I also noticed Woodman started sing the same phrases over and over again The writing was not as tight as I was hoping and expecting but I did still enjoy myself The twists and turns started to get to me again The plot is what drove me Evelyn was much mature and dealing with complex issues There were so many great lines as she came to terms with who and what she was She started to learn control and power It was such a great journey I can t wait to find out what happens next Whi. Iful alien enigma blowing in over the western mountains of her camp can persuade her to stay But her plans to leave are cut short by a sickness bringing horrors Evelyn couldn’t have imagined in her worst nightmares The sickness distorts her thoughts warps her vision and reveals to her a shadowy darkness within herself that is vast and terrifyingStruggling for survival Evelyn has no choice but to seek help from

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Online Read Monster Girl –

Le some of the plot was obvious there was so much that I didn t see coming This book really brought me back into the story I am a fan There was so much in this book that I expected There are new creatures new villains new heroes new everything I really enjoyed the world building and the way the characters grew in this book Literally the only character I don t like or hate that good hate where you want to see what happens is the love interest His character is so flat and I just don t nderstand why that plot is being pushed Evie is an AI in human flesh but her introspection was at the very least extremely human When a book makes you think of how you fit into your own world I say the author has done his job The story grips you from the beginning and your head spins as you ride along in Evie s tumbling churning and tangled thoughts I freuently had to remind myself to breathe exaggeration but only slight I cannot wait to read from Travis Woodman Stargazer Series 3From awakening in a laboratory age 10 Evelyn has had a hard row to hoe The colonists she s tasked to protect distrust her and treat her like a mutated science failure Now sixteen maybe she ll be better off leaving but not without her beautiful companion Joseph But then Joseph contracts a horrifying plague and so do the settlersnow what s Evelyn to do. He colonists knowing the penalty for returning could mean death But when she arrives Evelyn finds the colonists are dying by the hundreds from the same disease and once again she is confronted with the grim dilemma of her creation should she help the people who torment her or save herself because she can’t do bothMONSTER GIRL is the highly anticipated third book in TR Woodman’s thrilling Stargazer sci fi serie.