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Dipped his tongue between my lips then fused our mouths together Martin watched for a few momentsKyle's iss uickly got me hot and throbbing between my legs Then I felt Martin's lips on my nippleUsually whenever Martin suckled my breasts it was purely foreplay for my benefit to give me pleasure and get me wet and ready for other things This time I sensed that it was all for him There was a greedy hunger and possessiveness in the way he captured the tip of my breast in his mouth His suckling was sloppy and urgent his tongue churning around my nipple and the curving globe of my breast to capture all of the leaking flowing milkHe switched to the other breast and grunted to Kyle Suck herOh God Kyle said faintly before his mouth covered the breast Martin had just left.

Lana Jameson's luscious lactating breasts are out of control constantly leaking and suirting streams of sweet creamy delicious milk She's also young and insatiably horny and her older husband Martin just can't eep upBut one day Martin catches her in bed with Kyle the 18 year old id from next door Lana's amazed to find out that Martin's been lusting after her lactating breasts all along and he's than willing to share with Kyle But first Martin needs to reassert his dominance as the man of the houseThis 7300 word erotic story of lactation sex and milking sex contains explicit scenes of uncontrollable lactation from a mother's milk swollen breasts a pair of sensitive lactating teats being sueezed and suckled by two eager and demanding horny men and a sizzling MMF

Hreesome in which a lactating woman gets spit roasted and pounded to the maxEXCERPTHe was silent for a long moment during which I could feel Kyle watching us nervously Finally Martin said softly What if you could have both of usI gasped You mean His eyes narrowed and the world tilted as he picked me up in his arms and lowered me to the bed I landed gently on my back stunned in ways than one as Martin nelt between my legs He glanced up at Kyle Kiss her he orderedDude are you serious Kyle sounded shocked but also intrigued and turned onMilk was flowing from my breasts in heavy streams now The thick creamy smell of it rose into the air above me and as I watched Martin's face I saw his nostrils flareKiss her right now dammit Martin told KyleKyle obeyed immediately He.

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ONLINE Milked To The Max ☆ Lyla Luray – freewebdesing.com

Lyla Luray loves sex love words about sex and words about love She primarily writes erotica and erotic romance but often likes to mix it up During cold winter months Lyla snuggles up with her husband in their home on the US East Coast Alternatively she'll take a holiday at a tropical beach She's not pickyLyla also loves hearing from readers Please say hello at lylalurayatgmailcom o