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O view the actual paintings What a wonderful way to learn art history and appreciation Pravo prole no opu taju e tivo Knjiga koja odi e lepotom Prva polovina mi je neuporedivo ra a jer je zasnovana na injenicama iz ivota slikara u ivala sam itaju i svaku pri uSvi a mi se kako pi e ova ena Book on CD read by Karen White Vreeland is best known for her historical novels focusing on various artists Auguste Renoir Emily Carr Johannes Vermeer etc This is a collection of short stories that focus on art but on the people around the artist rather than on the artist himherself The first half of the book is set in an historical time frame the second half is contemporaryWe see a father s eyes opened to his young His Convict Wife (Convict Wives daughter after August Renoir takes an interest in painting her A woman who was befriended by Camille and Claude Monet and would become the artist s second wife suffers through the rumors and gossip following her husband s abandonment and Camille seath A young woman hunts for clues about her father Modigliani A young girl is asked to water her neighbor s plants while the neighbor is on vacation and her eyes are opened to art she never imagined before A teacher is faced with the possibility of miracles when a Toyota Management System drawing by a student cannot be erased and appears to cry A mother recognizes that her son is growing into an adult when they both participate in a Tableaux Vivant I really liked some of these stories and others left me feeling meh Karen White s performance on the audio was adeuate but I never really connected to the work I thought sheid a better job on the contemporary stories Chi ama l arte come me chi rimane estasiato come me The Perfect Indulgence di fronte ai capolavori che la pittura e la scultura hanno saputoonare e regalare rimarr entusiasta e ammirato a tanta traboccante bellezza La Vreeland gi scoperta e apprezzata in altre sue opere ha edicato a uesta ricerca A Seductive Revenge dodici annii California Living duro lavoro Dodici annii un lavoro ricco So Damn Lucky (Lucky OToole, denso in cui ci apre le porte le casei artisti o meglio i coloro che in un modo o nell altro hanno contribuito a renderli tali Conosciamo meglio attraverso le testimonianze i nutrici mogli figli amanti coloro che li hanno reso grandi Renoir Manet Monet ecc Entriamo in punta Ryugakusei no tame no Kanji no Kyokasho SHOKYU 300 - Japanese Writing Study Book di piedi nel loro mondo nel loro studio in cui esercitavano la professione scoprendo soprattutto l uomo che si celaietro l artista permettendoci Her A Study in Scandal (Scandalous deeper compassionate self In one enlightening summer a young girl encounters Picasso andeath Together the stories in Life Studies are a fascinating exploration of human frailty and resilience These tales marvel at the lasting strength and meaning of art in our lives revealing art’s healing effect on the soul Crafted with the skill of a master painter Life Studies is a azzling addition to Vreeland’s outstanding body of work.

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Epub online Life Studies: Stories BY Susan Vreeland – freewebdesing.com

I m always a little hesitant to start a book of short stories More often than not I read one The One Who Stays (Summer Island, disappointing story and put the book aside saying I ll try another later but then I nevero bc there are too many good novels out there to read Luckily this book of short stories were all great It helped that they all had the same theme none had horribly tragic endings all were well written and had a great range of topics even though they all were involved with art in some way Amazing When I first started listening to the audio version of this book I Shadow of the Wolf (Hearts Desire, didn t like it The reader s voice grated on my nerves But as I listened flipping channels on the radio can only beone for so many miles I began to enjoy the stories of the everyday people in the lives of famous artists By everyday people I mean Monet s gardener the Manet families wet nurse the little boy who threw a stone at C zanne Through these stories art and artists come to life but as side characters I re read this collection of short stories in anticipation of Susan Vreeland s upcoming book Lisette s List Section one stories about ordinary people who came in contact with artists of the Impressionist era touched me Smijurija u mjerama deeply as Vreeland so beautifully captures theepth of emotion the magnitude of human frailty of love and of loss Each story leaves you wanting The story of Modigliani s aughter left me in tears the relationship between Monet and his gardener the tension between loyalties was so relatable and Mimi with a Watering Can besides taking me back to my beloved Montmartre sings with hope for a spirit near expired brought back to life The interlude fable reminds me of Susan the teacher the master story teller who brought such gusto and life into the characters to whom she introduced us It was also a brilliant reminiscence of my trip to Rome and my first glimpse of the Sistine and even of getting lost trying to find Michelangelo s Moses The last section is comprised of stories of how art touches our every ay lives and a reminder to see the beauty in the ordinary and even in the Ultralearning death of a loved one the end of a relationship the ordeal of a life not chosen There is grace and beauty all around us if we open our eyes to it and Susan Vreeland s wonderful book is just the thing to remind us I loved every story this was very compelling storytelling and in the process of enjoyable readin. In Life Studies Susan Vreeland has written aeeply moving richly textured collection of stories that explore art through the eyes of ordinary people Rather than focusing irectly on great Impressionist and Post Impressionist artists like Manet Monet Van Gogh and Modigliani Vreeland shifts her lens to those on the periphery their lovers servants children and neighbors showing their personal stories as they play out against the artists.

G you learn a lot about art and the times in which the art was created I ve passed it on to a friend who is eually spellbound by it Susan Vreeland is a beautiful writer and takes a very creative approach to her novels of great artists and their works One of my favorite lines from this book How powerful a thing love is that one loves past eath past regret past all logic and feels purified by that loving Winter of Abandon This book is a collection of short stories about The Lost Literature of Medieval England different artists that are contemporaries Renoir Monet Manet Morisot et al and a look behind the scenes of some of their paintings She speculates about how certain paintings came to be painted What was really fun for me about this book was looking up on the web the paintings that were written about in the stories In this book of short stories based on famous artists and their works Vreeland paints aark joyless view of the world Her imagined versions of the artists stories for the most part are about infidelity betrayal cruelty bitterness jealousy abandonment A Curse of Kings diseasedeath etc Granted writing needs conflict but reading about this side of human nature when there is so little of a redeeming uality to recommend it is not enjoyable for me The concept is fantastic stories based on artists lives and their paintings but unfortunately for me the execution is not the portrayals are bleak andepressingAdditionally I think Vreelend failed her readers in not providing within the book a resource list of artists and paintin Susan Vreeland has taught me about art than any art book or class I ve read several of her books and really liked all of them especially Girl in Hyacinth Blue This one had me puzzled at first I hadn t noticed the part of the title that said stories so when I tried to read this as a novel I was thoroughly confused Once I realized that every chapter was really a Garfield Dishes It Out (Garfield, different vignette I fell in love with this bookFrom Paris in 1876 to presentay Laguna Beach each story focuses on art and artists and their families and the influence art has on life Manet Monet Van Gogh Renoir and Modigliani The modern stories show how art can change one s perceptions The title refers to artists renditions of the human body so each story features a painting or paintings that feature the human form As with all her books this one sent me to my computer and the various museums online ’ lives Counterbalancing these historic stories are an eual number of contemporary tales in which her characters a teacher a construction worker and an orphan encounter art in meaningful sometimes surprising ways When a Im a Narwhal disillusioned banker sees hisaughter through the eyes of Renoir his senses and zest for life are awakened Morisot’s wet nurse sacrifices her own child so another mother can paint By modeling nude a wife iscovers.

Susan Vreeland is an internationally renowned best selling author and four time winner of the Theodor Geisel Award for Fiction the San Diego Book Award’s highest honor She is known for writing historical fiction on art related themes including Girl in Hyacinth Blue The Passion of Artemisia Luncheon of the Boating Party and Clara and Mr Tiffany Her books have been translated into 26 languag