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Ly ruined it for me It was like the story id a 180 without any warning and ruined the whole book for me Then the ending came along and made the whole thing fell flat Leaving me feeling Die Konigreiche Israel Und Juda Im 9. Jahrhundert V. Chr. distinctly like I wasted my time This author creates couples that follow aistinct pattern An alpha type hero with abnormally large muscles and a protective attitude and a smaller Schaums Outline of Microbiology, Second Edition dependant hero Some of her stories have worked for me and others haven t This story follows the same pattern Draven is recruited out of school to become an assassin for his people the Drayners who are capable of sucking the life out of others He has to leave behind his best friend Cody but after years of secret training Draven returns and tries to reconnectMy first problem with the story was the psychotically obsessive type of love that Draven has for Cody He s insanely jealous and possessive Without Cody s knowledge or consent Dravenrained some of Cody s physical attributes when they were younger Draven After the Rubicon definitely comes across as a taker and not a giver and I reallyidn t feel their love His tendency to fall to his knees crying in front of Cody made him seem like a big babyMy second problem is with the storyline For some reason the word Drayners really bugged me It s the type of bad guy name you A Prescription for Murder d find in a kids comic book Not a lot of explanation is given about how the Drayners came to existence or what their livesgoals are all about view spoilerThe revelation that IT expert Cody has created a super weapon that can kill Drayners is sudden and poorly explained hide spoiler This is a perfect example of a book that s going perfectly well until the author fucks up the last 15% Cody is cold and heartless hell it seems like he was the assassin Draven gives him all he s able to he falls to his kness on a regular basis in front of him he s just a lovesick puppy his words It s one thing to want revenge against the people that took your best friend away but it s another to treat your SO like shitNow the idea is just perfect g I love reading something original the author created a world that caught my attention That little piece at the end Nope I m not interested in reading of these two if Cody is going to be like that This book failed to excite me like all of the other books I have read of this author and xe is one of my favorite MM author I enjoyed especially those of xe books with muscle and growth fetish element This book has it too but it s not as pronounced The romance is superuper slow burn and the love interest in uestion is just too arn cold towards the affection of the protagonist to the point that I would uestion what the protagonist actually see in him that he is so smitten like a fool The story is rather uniue and there are some exciting parts especially in the beginning and right at the very end but the rest was rather bland and raggy I had to Accounting for Taste drop it off somewhere in the middle cos I got impatient and bored Then had to push myself to pick it up again and finish it Not a good sign indeed but thank god the last part upped the pace and I was once again re engaged like Iid at the very beginning of the book and it was a breez. To keep it that way when he returns to Maryland Remembering the innocent flawless human he left behind he looks forward to rekindling the relationshipHe's taken aback to find Cody a ifferent man and Draven is.

E finishing itFinish it I id yet unfortunately I An Audience of Artists didn t uite like how it all ended and I am not lamenting it wasn t a sweet picture of them riding into the sunset as I am all okay with happily for now endings It s just that Cody s real feeling and intention towards the lovesick Draven is still much of a guessing game and I wished the author have given us poor readers who has shipped their ship full of conflicts and unresolved feelings throughout the book with a clearer picture of their resolution towards this awkward relationship they have built It s a natural and most basicesire of every romance readerOne thing this book is not for you if you are expecting it to be an erotica as it has minimal sex scenes and most either glossed over or off the page Totally PG 13 materialReviewed on March 30th 2019 While this story is slightly strange I really enjoyed it Everything that happens in this book caught my attention and A Dogs Head didn t want to let go to the point I just had to keep readingOne of the things I enjoyed about this story was the way the relationship was handled While some people won t like it I rather enjoyed the fact that Cody gave Draven a run for his money In the beginning Draven had all the control over Cody even though Codyidn t know it Then years later when they meet again Cody is the one with all the control and Draven is left groveling at his feet Oh how I love it when arrogant obnoxious characters are metaphorically slapped across the face and told to sit and stay I liked the story itself because Draven is an assassin I enjoyed the fact that Cody The History of Cartography, Volume 3 develops into a strong willed man and Iefinitely liked the twist that happens at the end Although it is a bit strange and I m not totally sure of my exact feelings with how it turned outMy only problems with the story is the heritage and history of being a His Virgin Secretary drayner isn t exactly elaborated on so there s not muchetail on the world or species itself Which was sad because I Bachelors and Bunnies d have really liked to know the ins and outs ofrayners Also it ended rather abruptly so the story kind of feels a bit open ended Overall I really enjoyed the story While I wouldn t consider this a traditional romance the story was good enough for me not to want to stop reading Cody and Draven s relationship ends a bit weird but I still liked it and I m really looking forward to of these two and seeing how their story progresses Rowan McBride has written some of my favorites in the mm genrePaul s Dream being the best one IMO However this book just Both Hands Tied didn t work for me Draven is an ass at the beginning of the book but I was prepared to give this book 4 stars becauseespite that I really enjoyed his relationship with Cody Then 3 years go by and Draven comes back and now Cody is the ass only he s an even bigger ass than Draven was to be Hmm This one Bread of Dreams did keep me engaged BUT And that s a big BUTbecause I had a hard time even liking Draven after what heid in the beginning I got the feeling I should have sort of felt sorry for him especially view spoiler with the way he kind of went to pieces a bit in the end and kind of rolled over Beth Sholom Synagogue dead Iidn t buy that completely hide spoile. Stunned by his own attraction to a harder brilliant kind of perfection But getting close to Cody is not easy Draven has secrets than ever Like that ay all those years agoWhen he used his magic to steal from Cod.

Hmm ok wow I had to review this book right after reading it because I just wanted to get these thoughts and feelings off my chest The overall plot had so much potential I m ALL about the assassin themed book Alph Wow This story certainly packs a punch It starts out very much like a traditional romance okay enhanced with a few paranormal aspects but basically I thought I knew where it was going Draven was being called away to become an assassin and Cody was the intelligent slightly geeky lover whom he was going to come back to at some point So far so good What happens after Draven returns though AmazingDraven is a big bad Drayner becomes an assassin and claims to like his job Since he only kills the bad guys and is oddly vulnerable where his never forgotten love for Cody is concerned he was still sort of likeable After all he wasn t given a choice and he oes his best to make up for past sins with CodyCody the perfectly innocent and flawless human is a changed man by the time Draven gets back How changed I had no idea I won t go into Building Ideas details not to spoil the story but let me tell you you re in for a surprise Iid not see it coming until it was almost too late and I loved itThis is a very non traditional story and not just in terms of the plot The characters and their roles are flipped around turned inside out and any preconception you may have had will go out the window when you read this If you want something Betting on Ideas different this is it If you like your romance with an edge of steel under the velvet give this book a try And if you like surprises you will probably like this book as much as Iid I admit I had my Cahokia doubts about two thirds in but I m glad I stuck with it This isefinitely a book worth reading for its lack of conventionalism aloneNOTE This book was provided by Toruere Press for the purpose of a review on MO Books I am in love with the story idea for this book It has the friends to lovers thing that I always go for and it has a paranormal aspect that is common for McBride stories but is highly original as far as the rest of the paranormalshifter genre goes And Draven Donnor the Drayner Assassin has a very cool comic like ring to itIf I break the story Casuistry and Modern Ethics down to outline form I am happy I enjoyed the order of events especially the twist at the end I thought I had it figured out early on and was very excited to find out I only had a small part of it right and the other parts were a total shock Loved that it was so unexpected and that there was no real obvious way for things to turn out And while the storyoes finish with a uestionable HFN ending I still have a esire to see what happens in the next installment view spoilerIs Cody just biding his time using Draven as a test subject before finally killing him or has he really forgiven him Does Draven forgive Cody for unilaterally killing Drayners and for continuing his research in order to kill Drayners in the future hide spoiler I really really wanted to like this book The beginning was fine I felt bad for Draven and then he met up with cody again and I was rooting for them I was really starting to like the storyThen what happened next complete. Three years ago Draven was forced to leave behind his human best friend to become a Drayner Assassin Cody knew nothing of Draven's ability to steal a person's physical attributes by touch and the Drayner intends.


(Just Perfect Drayner #1 È EPUB) BY Rowan McBride – freewebdesing.com

Born an Air Force dependent Rowan McBride traveled the world and totally missed the 80’s as most Americans know it In exchange xe’s gotten to walk in clogs break an arm at Mt Fuji and say prayers at a Korean Buddhist temple So far it seems like a fair trade Although xe graduated from high school in Hawaii xe didn’t learn to hula and make leis until going to college in Iowa After leaving

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