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Wn successful veterinary clinic Skye is a nurse in a fertility clinic Ainsley designs her own wedding dresses If Ainsley and Rhett didn t work out it would affect them all But what s the harm in a little fun if no one gets hurt and they keep it their little secret everything should work out shouldn t it If love should be anythingIt should be honest A lot have asked in the past wanting to know my hard limit when it came to books it s animals throw anything ou like at me but if an animal gets sick hurt dies I m a mess this book hit me in the heart in the worst way it possibly could Bawling has nothing on me I can now claim that my tear ducts had a major clean out This book gutted me the emotional highs and lows brought me to my knees I wasn t prepared for this roller coaster ride Tissues needed But how I loved this book This author ticked all my boxes The feels started hitting me that first chapter and never stopped coming Get ready to have Poppet (Jack Caffery, your heart ripped out and stomped on There is absolutely nothing I would change about this book Teaser used is off the authors facebook page I am a wreck after reading this book Every time I think of these characters I start crying and it s not sad tears it s tears because my heart feels so much it feels so full it s almost bursting These characters became a part of me I pulled so hard for them as I was reading wanted everything to work out and just the thought of Rhett and Ainsley sueezes my heart Their story is such an intense journey A story full of angst and heartache and beauty and hope and love LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE Going into this I didn t expect all that In fact I m not sure what I was expecting But this was so much than I ever could have dreamed Prescott Lane writes with PURE heart and an intensity that stole my breath Every word was BIG and DEEP and REAL I was immersed in the detail of the characters consumed with their lives right from the start and my emotional connection to Rhett and Ainsely Brody and Skye was immediate These characters are wholly lovable They re the kind of charactersou want to be friends with the kind The Siege Winter you want to see achieve every hope dream want and need From the first word our hero Rhett s personality bursts off page He s so charming so swoony so sexy But than that this guy is smart and funny caring and nurturing pure and good and ugh I want to start crying again because I just can t handle the way I LOVE him I love him in away that words can t describe Rhett and Ainsley are soulmates They know each other because Ainsley s brother Brody is Rhett s best friend This is the falling forour best friend s sister trope BUT if The Accidental Romance you re expecting just thatou re going to be SURPRISED This romance is so much MORE The twist is one I didn t see coming It hit me like a tsunami It was INTENSE Rhett and Ainsley s road to love to life is bumpy hard and all consuming These characters go through MAJOR things Things I can t even imagine having to go through It broke me Reading as they climbed these obstacles was indescribable And honestly this story is than I can ever really say It s deep It s about accepting life as it comes about self love self acceptance unconditional love It s about living life to the fullest no matter the situation about making life Chalk Cheese your bitch LOL It s breathtaking moving and I felt every word every moment I truly livedes lived and loved these characters Overall I don t know what I can say I just LOVED this book I really hope Christmas with Grandma Elsie (The Original Elsie Dinsmore Classics you take a chance on it It s notour traditional romance novel it s So much MORE The realness the rawness the heart the love It s wow A top read for me A MUST READ A favorite of 2019 I can t recommend it enough Just when I thought I couldn t love Prescott Lane any than I already did she went and delivered JUST LOVE a romance at it s best that Falling in love is easy Holding on to that love that s the real bitch There s two sides to every love story The how Doctor Who you fell in love and the howou fell apart Just love by Prescott Lane was an emotional life long journey and the discovery of not only finding ഹിമവാന്റെ മുകള്‍ത്തട്ടില്‍ Himavante Mukalthattil your one true love but somehow managing to hold on to that love especially when life throwsou one hell of a curve ballRhett has been very successful in his career as a veterinarian He has a thriving practice with his best friend he s a gentleman and his love for animals knows no end Life couldn t be any better at this moment or at least that what he thinks When his best friend s little sister moves back to their hometown Rhett is about to experience something truly foreign for the first time Forbidden temptation Ainsley has always been a lover of love From watching her parents have a love story that some people only read about she knew what was the right kind of love and she wanted nothing to experience that kind of earth shattering feeling With that in mind she creates beautiful wedding dress for other people hoping to bring something extra special on their day Now back home Ainsley has plans of opening up her own boutiue and making a name for herself But little does she know is that her life is about to change drastically when she sees the one man who has always been there for her for the past ten Cinder Royal yearsI m going to admit that I was not expecting this kind of story I knew that it was going to be a somewhat emotional romance and that the storyline was about a guy falling for his best friend s little sister and I was than okay with that But we got so much than that There were tough struggles that would make anyone waver heartache that was too much at times unbelievable stupidity that had me wanting to shake these characters because we saw the sacrifices they were making and most of all we felt the love There were no uestions about it because It was something that we got to witness The falling in love part was not the hardest it was staying together Rhett and Ainsley s love story was just that a love story I m happy that I got to experience their love their joy and the heartbreak because every single thing made them stronger As I said before their road wasn t easy but whenou think about it what love story ever is If Myself and Other More Important Matters you re looking for a different emotional romance thenou should really give this one a try. T she’s a hopeless romantic That should’ve clued me in that she believes love conuers allBut there are some things that love can’t fix I’m one of themShe thinks love is the answerBut love is the reason I let her.

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It s me not ou situationThe writing was actually good The book seemed to have potential The cover was gorgeous The synopsis was promisingBut I just didn t like it I was bored The first half of book is alternating between the present and past I normally don t have problems with books that do that But I was beyond annoyed in this book I didn t like the jumping from present to past specially when I didn t feel like there s something really happening It was unnecessary and it added nothing to the book in my opinion And Yes something kind of major happens in the second half of the book and it should have affected me but it didn t Yes it was sad but I wasn t moved by itThe book was so slow like really slow with nothing happing The thing is for a very slow book their relationship was kind of instant and super fast And I really don t like insta love books I didn t like both the hero and heroine They were annoying That s it Ever since I laid my eyes on this visually stunning cover I ve been so intrigued to get my hands on it Trust me when I say what lies between the covers is beautiful There s two sides to every love story The how ou fell in love and the how Capital Cities/Abc, The Early Years, 1954 1986 you fell apart It s such JUST LIFE isn t itSo many stories of so many couples falling in love some find their HEA some break up never to meet againThis book ISN T THATit s so much MOREBeautiful story starts as forbidden love There s rules in life for a reason Bros before Hoes chicks before Docks best friend s little sister is OFF LIMITS but this aortic pump that beats inside the chest cavity has an agenda of it ownSo technically Prescott has drawn the growth chart of this muscle we call heartRhett Bennett s best buddy Brody his gf Skye and his baby sister are a fun foursome thicker than thieves They ve held each other through tragedies and travesties wiped each other s tears and smiled and laughed together So it s a fated coincidence that Rhett falls unsteadily for Ainsleyhis ARose They re still trying to be casual about itIt s JUST FUN isn t it Everything is just something just fun just love just dinner Like use of the word just makes things less significant If I were a betting woman I d say before long he s going to be using just friends on me Hearts in tango limbs entwined stealing moments of blissful unawareness in kisses and snugglesLife morphs their perspectives and relationships to an extent that when does simple no strings fun turns into JUST LOVE they don t even realiseBut man proposes and God disposesunfortunate fate twists their path where they ALL get lost Nobody dies a virgin Life fucks us all Some cried a lot Some worked a lot Some disappeared Some soldiered on And some like Skye just got pissed The story jumps from present to past 18 months ago for a very special reason Prescott skillfully captures angst and tears in her pages The story moved me would be an understatement It gouged out my heart would be suitable to sayThe characters are all lost in their heads refusing to open up and I could split my nails to pry open those tightly shut hearts if I just could I could ve gone back a long time ago Only I got stuck looking at all the things I couldn t have any instead of looking at all the things that were right in front of me Each word brought wide smiles or streams of tears for me Fate not only flipped their lives but mine too I sobbed I cried I hurt I achedI couldn t get enough of itThe story was so formidable in sentiments I physically ached for Ainsley and Rhett From radiating rosy glow to Grey of looming clouds this story had ALL the shades of emotional spectrum and then some They always say whenou re in love Audrey Hepburn you glow but no one ever talks about whatou look like when Silent Seduction you lose love when it punchesou in the gut Love has done some serious damage Be prepared to have the proverbial rug pulled out from under Wo Milch und Honig fließen you untilou thump fall on the floor stunned and stupefied When all will seem hopeless Prescott holds The Scarecrows your hand and takesou furtherWhen all is butchered and unsalvageablethe only option is to Go Back To The StartGo discover the journey called Immeasurable Love redefined by Prescott You ll find Faith and be thankful for every tiny blessing in Circles in the Dust your life 5 Pink Roses for JUST ONE MORE CHANCE BookBistroBlogApproved Follow me BookBistroBloggmailcomhttpstwittercomBookBistroBlogwwwinstagramcomBookBistroBloghttpsBookbistrobloggerblogspotcomhttpswwwfacebookcomgroupsBookB 3 sHello minority Here I amI loved the cover and I was thrilled by the synopsis I saw the ratings and also took a few glimpses at the reviews And then I started reading it with excitement because it felt like I would be swept off my feet 42 chapters and epilogue I struggled to finish chapters 1 17 they were so full of past and present day in order to find out what had finally happened to Rhett and Ainsley And I kept reading and expecting to reach to a point where I would be moved by strong and heartbreaking emotions Of course I was sad for what happened to Rhett and the characters went through great ordeals however I wasn t as moved as I expected to be Only the last 6 chapters managed to bring out some emotions but my interest had already faded in order to just love this story JUST LOVE Is a full length stand alone romance novel by Prescott Lane Spoken in Dual Perspectives This does flit from Past to Present and can be a bit confusing to begin with but it does make sense theou get into the book From the cover to the synopsis to the author to the pages within this book was utter perfection An Unforgettable Unputdownable Uplifting Uniue book in every way possible This easily went from a 5 star read to becoming one of my most favourite books Get ready to fall in love with Rhett and Ainsley A fabulous forbidden best friends little sister romance with a second chance twist that kick starts the heart to feel everything this book has to offer Rhett is the guy that helped raise Ainsley along with her brother Brody and his long term girlfriend Skye when their parents tragically died whilst Brody was a senior leaving Brody sole custody of Ainsley who was only fifteen at the time So to say Ainsley was off limits and forbidden was an understatement Rhett and Brody had their Le sisterIt was just supposed to be funShe wasn’t supposed to end up being the love of my lifeAnd I definitely wasn’t supposed to break her heartAinsley is a wedding dress designer That should’ve been a warning tha.

The synopsis doesn t reveal very much so I m not going to either As this author is an auto read for me I dove right in and was immediately drawn in until the finish It didn t disappoint Simply stated this is the story of Rhett Bennett and Ainsley Rose He s her brother s best friend business partner and six Death in a Serene City years older She s a wedding dress designer and has been crazy about him since she was 15ears old She s back in Charleston living in the same building one floor down He can t stop thinking about her but doesn t want to violate the best friend code When the inevitable happens both Rhett and Ainsley keep their relationship secret Then something happens that tears them apart I loved this story Ainsley s unshakable love for Rhett was severely tested mostly by him and she was unwavering to a fault Her commitment was admirable under heartbreaking circumstances and it had me in tears several times Rhett s reasoning for walking away however logical was maddening The blunt reality of his situation was both enlightening and educational Yet I never uestioned the depth of either s devotion to each other The road back was uneasy and realistic sometimes impossible to envision It s never clear until the end whether it s a possibility and I ll leave that to A Runaway World? your discoveryThe raw emotion captured here is difficult to describe I could hardly put this down because I had to see this relationship through whatever the resolution I felt like I knew Ainsley and Rhett s hearts because they were so skillfully defined which made this an even tougher story I never stopped rooting for them even when they made boneheaded mistakes I don t want to provide spoilers so I ll close saying the author just got everything right Posted at Blue Mood Caf Thanks to Social Butterfly PR and the author for my complimentary copy All opinions are my own REVIEW 4 STARSEverything I want I crave begins and ends with her FIRST AND FOREMOST I don t feel like I can start this review without first mentioning this absolutely exuisite cover This cover immediately caught my eye the very first time I saw it and it s what drew me to actually wanting to see what the book was about So this timeI did judge a book by it s cover And thank gosh I did I definitely love this cover and enjoyed the book And oh so fitting and original Bravo Miss Lane BravoThis was my first book by Prescott Lane and I can easily add her to my rotating list of authors I d love to read again With the story being an emotionally heavy journey the flow of her words carried me through but the compassion held my hand as I waded through all the drama as it unfolded It was heartwarming and heartbreaking intertwined with detail Definitely not all flowers and roses that s for sure Her voice was a much calmer voice than I anticipated and I appreciated that very smooth and easy to read There were some anecdotes as well as some entertaining side thoughts that may have added conversation points but not necessarily intrinsic to the overall story but it didn t feel noisy or too wordy Very easy to read and I definitely look forward to This was a great introduction to her work and it s one that I can stand behind and readily recommendWhile this one was told in a backforth time style not my favorite I honestly don t feel like it detracted from the storyline at all In all actuality I enjoyed this aspect of it uite a bit since I got to fall in love and learn all in the span of a few hours while reading While I know a few of my friends and a few other readers shy away from this style I will say that it played a very important discovery role and was very necessary and uite ideal to the layout But the best lies I tell those I reserve for myself Rhett was the kind of man we have all run into in this book world There wasn t anything different about him until we got deep down into his heart He was all heart All lovable and sigh worthy he definitely gave me a case of the heart eyes a few times I loved him so much Ainsley was such a strongoung lady that had a terrible hand dealt her but a life full of love certainly followed But not without its due drama I will tell The Queens Necklace you this journey was a rough one and it had my full attention from the first page until the last page So many twists and turns that made my heart sink and soar within a matter of pages but I was eually rewarded I really really enjoyed this one I felt a very wide range of emotions mixed in between the actual story and the characters actions and as frustrating as some parts were there was always a deeper meaning that I could look to and better understand It was uite frankly eye opening and beautiful I felt like this one was a good mix of heartbreakinget heartopening It s truly a look at what can break up a perfect relationship but it also made me think about the what if scenario What would I do How would I deal with his actions One would think love was stronger than anything but there s always that scary off scenario I think this was beautifully written Giving a voice to the struggle and emotions that poured off the pages and into my heart this twisted me up a few times Prescott lane put me in their shoes In their hurt In their world of painand I m thankful for thatI like to find authors that can write a book that moves me I like reading ones that tug at my heart I love ones that are gritty and angsty and have me clawing at my stomach because I can t take the angst any This one had 2 out of 3 While it wasn t angsty it moved me and I honestly felt the pain and the agony these characters went through I eually love that the agony was shared by FOUR characters mainly and the love story wasn t lost in it allYou can argue selfishness or selflessness with this story and neither side will be correct The way things played out was nothing short of aggravatingly emotional and I really enjoyed it Love is immeasurable But when it s the right fit The Literary Conference you just knowBEEPURCHASE affiliate links BN KOBO APPLE BOOKSENTER HERE FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN AN ECOPY The cardinal rule of friendship isou don t mess with our friend s sisterSays who Another excuse for him being with the others 25 starsThe lies we tell ourselves are the ones that become our truthsMaybe this is an. There’s two sides to every love story The how ou fell in love and the how ou fell apartThis is oursThe cardinal rule of friendship is ou don’t mess with our friend’s sisterThat goes double when she’s his litt.

Just Love DOC õ Paperback Author Prescott Lane õ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free

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