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Nd police locate the missing children and return them to their families I wanted the bad guys captured I did figure out who dun t relatively early since I read enough romantic suspense to figure out the writer s mind But I had to keep reading and I especially liked the parts of the book where canine search and rescue was utilized I hope this author has books planned using these canine heroes An excerpt Wholly Unraveled is available at you like romantic suspense you will love INTO THIN AIR Availablen paperback and ebook 224 pages I received this book from the author Bicycle Utopias in exchange for an honest review I really liked Into Thin Air Mary Ellen Porter did a great job keeping me guessing up till the end when the characters figuredt out Laney Kensington a former search and rescue was now training dogs for the local police department came across a kidnapping Management Planning for Cultural Heritage in progress In her attempt to stop the kidnappers Laney found herselfn the hospital under guardGrayson DeMarco an FBI agent assigned to the Missing Children s Division was A Cultural History of Animals and Their Meat in a hurry to speak to Laney because she was the only person who could break this case wide open and so were the bad guys Will Laney and Grayson figure out where the stolen kids aren time before they shipped out and never scene again. Returning to the search and rescue work she thought she'd left behind And Grayson Epistemology as Theology is just as determined to keep his sole witness protected Especially when evidence hints that the real threats closer than he ever magin.

free pdf Into Thin Air by Mary Ellen Porter –

This was a Harleuin novel which I haven t read n years It was definitely a faith based one which doesn t bother me There were a lot of things happening uickly Edoardo Sanguineti in this book and almost annsta love uality but still overall a good read Excellent I loved the dogs the suspense and the faith displayed by Grayson and Rose The search and rescue scene felt so real With reading I love being Dkfindout! Space Travel in at the beginning of an author s writing journey Into Thin Airs Mary Ellen Porter s debut novel but Las aventuras de Huckleberry Finn (PENGUIN CLSICOS) it reads as polished and experienced asf Viva México it were her tenth Seriously good story The gripping opening scene propelled mento a tailspin of reading frenzy Solid suspense compelling hero and heroine a cast of RHS The Magic and Mystery of Trees interesting and uirky secondary charactersncluding a few dogs all conspired to keep me glued to the story Not to mention some fun humorous bits that cut through This book has a lot to keep the reader entertained almost non stop action some uirky characters simmering chemistry between the lead characters amusing repartee and I read this book after Off the Grid Christmas but chronologically The Energy Secret it comes first andt would have been even better A Fistful of Shells if I had readt first without spoilers fresh Understanding Folk Religion in my mind This was so good Plot plus and good characters A litt. THE ONLY WITNESS When a childs abducted UNLAWFUL KILLING in front of Laney Kensington she desperately tries to save the girl But Laneys shot and left for dead; the kidnappers their dark van and the girl long gone FBI agent Grayson DeM.

Le comic relief and a lot of can t put Hello English Grade 3f Students Book Tal Edition it down action I wish there were books by this first time author Story started offnteresting Laney witnesses a kidnapping and tries to stop English Unlimited Level 4 Coursebook Special Edition Saudi Edition it but ends upnjured Grayson Hudsons Building And Engineering Contracts is an FBI agent trying to track down the kidnappers so are now after Laney to stop her fromdentifying them The characters of Laney and Gr What a fabulous debut from Mary Ellen Porter Loved the characters flawed strong compassionate Loved the story a gripping opening seuence that had me flipping pages as fast as possible and a plot line that kept me wondering what would happen next with stakes as high as they can go Mary Ellen s knowledge of working with search and rescue dogs really shines as that aspect of the story Serenity -- Rave-N-Rant is wovenn seamlessly with the suspense thread Can t wait to read from this author A K 9 book with an exciting plot two people finding love If You Could See What I See in the midst ofmmense suspense for the missing children s danger INTO THIN AIR Runaway Saint is Ms Porter s debut novella andt Lovelier Than Daylight (Saddlers Legacy, is good but touched close to homen a scary way Laney witnesses a thirteen year old girl being abducted when she s walking home from music lessons and I Killing Christians imagined my thirteen year oldn that place and Objective Proficiency Teachers Book instant tie to the story I wanted Laney to help the FBI Arco explains she's the only witness to a worldwide child trafficking ring Andf the kidnappers discover she's alive they'll be back to finish the job Yet Laney Beethovens Symphonies is determined to find the missing children Evenf t means.

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