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Mills Boon Sweet series promises love affairs to last a lifetimeThree Coins in a Fountain Gina Libby and JessieThree women three wishes Three Coins in a Fountain When lovelorn Gina Hart recklessly wished to become a nun the last thing

Read If Wishes WereHusbands

Read Download If Wishes WereHusbands –

Was for the night to last forever but though she fit perfectly in Jackson's arms what would e think when Archies Americana, Vol. 1 he found outer secret Could they turn one night of passion into the love of a lifetime Only a wish from the eart will come tru.

He expected was to immediately meet a rich andsome eligible bachelor But there before Talk to Me her was Jackson Maxwell Covington III offeringer Silver Mortal (The Gracen Chronicles, his arm and escortinger to a party so elegant it put Cinderella's ball to shame Gina's next wish.

Debbi Rawlins currently lives with her husband in Las Vegas Nevada A native of Hawaii she married on Maui and has since lived in Cincinnati Chicago Tulsa Houston Detroit and Durham North Carolina during the past twenty yearsNow that she's had enough of the gypsy life it'll take a crane a bulldozer and a forklift to get her out of her new home Not that her friends would let her leave