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Suicide suicide coming out infidelity cancer multiple miscarriages Even re reading the list makes my head spin It was ust too much for me tackling a coup If Only I Could Tell You left me feeling overwhelmed because of all the issues that it tackled It was too much for me and I was also frustrated with how the characters handled or often did not address the issues So many elephants in the room that could have been faced and dealt with to give the family some closure and an ability to grow and move on Others did like this book a lot than I liked it so I encourage you to check out the various reviews There are many issues that could be hard for some people to handle and other reviews actually list the individual potential triggers Thank you to Goodreads Giveaway and Orion for this ARC 5 stars to the writing story development pacing3 stars to the characters Lily and JessSo final decision 4 heart breaking tear An Immigration History Of Britain jerker emotionally heavy poignant memorable dysfunctional starsAs a start trying to read this book and facing with my own skeletons in the closet were the toughest tasks I lately endured I guess all the women readers had shaken tremendously as soon as they start flipping pages because every one of us are mothers sisters daughters nieces granddaughters and when it comes to connect with the same gender your emotions always speak louder your rational thoughts Sometimes you may reject to accept each other s differences or opinions perspectives choices which could cause big dramas insurmountable devastating conseuences in your lives So communication or trying your best to listen to the others are our keywords to make peace with your own familyBeckerman chose a really compelling and challenging subject a broken battered relationship between sisters and big secret that can change all the balances in the family Lily seems like she is having all with her successful career beautiful daughter and supporting husband On the other hand Jess is still struggling in her life trying to raise her kid by herself and working at demanding TV show as local manager Two sisters opinions decisions preferences about life are so different And now their mother Audrey is dying and her last wish is bringing back her daughters together for reconcilingBut of course After I read two sisters who haven t been talking each other for a long time and affecting their own children to alienate with each other made me really pissed off So many times Iust wanted to buy a megaphone and shouted at their ears with maximum volume Stop acting childish and start to use real words to communicate So many readers mentioned this book as unputdownable fast pacing addictive reading I truly loved the author s amazing emotional words cut through my heart and made me bleed But I have to say this is one of my hardest readings and I was about to put down this book and take too many long breaths to calm myself down You know the feeling as the walls come tumbling down and all the pieces inside of you start to crumble slowly that s what this book made me feel like Of course it s hard to write something objective because when you deal too many losses and family dramas in your life there are two options you became stressful person who hate everybody or you became sarcastic screenwriter who likes to tease with the hand life dealt for her and restrain your urge to slap all those meaningless obnoxious fictional characters So you already what I chose Yes hating peopleSometimes miscarriage suicide fatal illness dysfunctional family issues were like six octopus arms attacking to my neck to suffocate me I had a powerful urge to throw my kindle against the wall and start to sprint out of the house meet my husband and my friends at my favorite all you can sushi place and devour them till I suffer from mercury poisoning and drink several sake shots to get rid of the bad mood the book gave meBut later I realized I acted immature spoiled brats like these sisters did So I grabbed my book and resumed reading After all the teasing part about the real matter Pandora s box opened slowly and big revelation punched me in the face Did I expect this Partly but this is intense than what I foresawWriting is impeccable heart wrenching emotional poignant realistic genuine resembling Jodi Picoult s writing style but all those heavy feelings I had to deal and all those ugly cries I had were really exhausting shaking experience for meDid I like the book Definitely yes it is impossible not to admire the writer s talent and her approach to those pure emotional sensitive subjects but if you have dysfunctional relationship or suffering from sudden losses fatal illnesses in your family prepare yourself to face with those hurt feelings one time This book literally can bleed you make you sob till you get breathless and make you cry till no tears left to spillI know this book recommended by Marian Keyes which is one of my favorite Irish authors which made me remind of rereading Rachel s Holiday and Anybody Out There two times But I think I ll do that at least two weeks later because right now I m one of emotional victims of this author and for recovery I should binge watch Office and It s always sunny in Philadelphia episodes over and over againSpecial thanks to NetGalley and Harper Collins Publishers to share this heart wrenching emotional ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest review. Ntrol a devastating choice that was made so many years ago is about to be revealed testing once and for all Audrey and those she lovesIs it too late for one broken family to heal and find their way back to each otherA beautiful novel of mothers and daughters the bonds of family and the secrets that can sometimes divide us yet also bring us together If Only I Could Tell You will remain on your mind long after the last page is turn.

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READ ONLINE If Only I Could Tell You –

If only I could like this book Foreshadowing is a potent tool Very potent Unfortunately this book uses it the way a three year old talks to a parentDaddy I sawWhat did you seeIf only I could tell youOK then don t tell meBut guessWas it an animalIf only I could tell youA manIf only I could tell you OK then let s play a gameNonono you MUST guess It has legsHow many legsIf only I could tell youWhen I reached the second part of the book I started flipping through the pages irritated waiting to find out WHAT IT WAS THAT SHE COULDN T TELL ME At the same time I feared I d end up feeling the same way I had when I first read Stephen King s It which was perfectly terrifying until it was revealed at the point where even an eight headed dragon named Susan would have disappointed me Beckerman doesn t disappoint when she finally delivers Unfortunately in order to get there I had to ignore the multiple as we so often discussed as you very well know etc dialogues fifty hints that this thing from the past that you never talk about is tearing us apart etc and flashbacks flashbacks soooooo many flashbacks each of them giving Crime and Society in Twentieth-Century England just that one piece of the puzzle It has FOUR legs daddy Is it a table If only I could tell you Go on guessing daddyI would suspect that my problem were my expectations but I had noneust assuming the book would be great because it came recommended by my favourite writer Marian Keyes Now that I am finished I can see why Keyes is my favourite writer and Beckerman well isn t Marian Keyes wrote a book that is sort of kind of similar as in heading for the great reveal of a terrible secret that is hinted at but the reveal comes halfway through the book allowing me to see what happens next Beckerman made me grind my teeth for 300 pages then gave me the reveal then rounded it up with afitting ending to avoid a spoilerSometimes people say this book kept me on the edge of my seat or I couldn t put it down In fact one of the cover endorsements says I read it in a single day So did I Out of frustration and my determination not to DNF the book Now that I did finish it I m frustrated again because the parts that I actually wanted to see develop the relationships between mothers and daughters a wife and a husband etc were Low Country Dreams just cut short OK you got the Big Thing time to round up aaaaand cutSo it s a hamsterYou got it daddyPhew So what about itNothing Can I go play Fortnite now A very intriguing start Sisters Jess and Lily are getting ready for school when Lily goes into the spare room which she was asked not to We don t know what she sees but it causes the sisters to be estranged for years to come I m so pleased I had thought I had this all worked out and I was so wrongWe then move forwards 28 years and Audrey is moving into her daughter Jess s house as she is dying Audrey s last wish would be for her daughters to be reconciled But can it be fixed The title If only I could tell you was so apt Imagine thinking you saw something you keep it a secret only to find out that you had misconstrued it A secret that has affected the whole family with heartbreaking conseuencesFor me reading this was an emotional ride it is so beautifully and compassionately written that it will capture you re heart and attention from start to finish Definitely read this with the tissues nearby you made me laugh and you made me cry you also made me think about siblings that I have not been in touch with for a while and how life is too short so grab life with both hands and enjoy itThis book incorporates so much grief loss friendship love basically it has highs and lows than a rollercoaster but is not all doom and gloom The tension is kept throughout the book to the end which is finished off in a believable and compassionate wayA must read but make sure you have a few hours to spare as you will not want to put this book downI rate this book 10 out of 10Looking forward to Hannah Beckerman s next book Thank you to Netgalley for my copy in exchange for a review Oh how I love an emotional story of family Audrey s Family is a mess Her daughters Jess and Lily no longer speak to each other and her granddaughters have never metThere s a secret that divides the family but it s also a loosely tied tether that connects themWill this broken family ever reconnectIf Only I Could Tell You is an authentic sad somber and genuine story of sisterhood in all its rawness Audrey is ill and she needs the support of both daughters Will Jess and Lily come together for the sake of their mother There s so much depth I felt like I was reading a memoir and not a work of contemporary fiction This is definitely a book that reuires a box of tissues If Only I Could Tell You is a relatable well written story one that is memorable and the author keeps the tension building as she slowly reveals the secret that tore this family apart Highly recommended for fans of powerful reads and stories of familyMany of my reviews can also be found on my blog wwwjennifertarheelreadercom Hannah Beckerman has written a supremely emotional story seriously this book should come with a box of Kleenex This book did not break my heart it tore it out of my chest chewed it up spit it out stomped on it a couple times and then slammed it against the wall When I finish the book I dried my tears took a deep breath andust sat there uietly and thought It is days later now and I m still thinki. Hannah Beckerman pens a life affirming novel that tells the story of a family divided and the secret that  can possibly unite them a must for fans of This Is UsAudrey knows that life is filled with ups and downs but she can’t help feeling like she’s been dealt than her fair share as she’s watched her family come undone over the years Her dream as a mother had been for her daughters Jess and Lily to be as close as only sis.

Ng about it This book was a poignant look at one family s Mr. Fullswing Vol. 7 journey to healing Sisters Lily and Jess have been estranged for over 30 years something happened all those decades ago and one sister is not able to forgive the other Their mother Audrey is now ill and wants to find a way for her daughters to reconnect she has two 17 year old granddaughters who don t even know each other But after decades of secrets and hurt will these sisters even be able to be in the same room I m going to be honest I have no idea if I liked this book or not It moved me and had a profound effect on me but it was brutal This is really a book that begs to be discussed so if you have read this please message me I still have so many uestions I still cannot understand why Audreyust didn t force the issue and have her daughters talk things out I cannot imagine I d allow my kids not to speak to one another for 30 years This was a family that had gone through so much tragedy they really would have benefited from the support of one another and probably some good therapy Miss Beckermen s evocative storytelling was simultaneously beautiful and agonizing Life is hard and this book does not pull any punches I don t usually add trigger warnings but this book deals with a lot of serious issues including illness miscarriage and suicideThis book in emojis A big thanks to William Morrow for my copy of this book Trigger warning this book talks about serious illness miscarriage suicideIf Only I Could Tell You is a book everyone talked about still in 2018 even though it officially came out few days agoMany bloggers said it will be on most people favourite lists for 2019 how emotional and touching it was and now when the book is released it s Goodreads page is full of positive 5 and 4 stars reviewsI am aware that I am in minority here but I have to say I didn t like this story as much as others I mean I do appreciate it and I do think it was a touching story that talks about so many serious subjects that happen every day and need to be talked about but I needed some hope from itI read books to feel better I am aware that life is not beautiful and I also like to read serious book and hard books but I like when books have at least one positive thing in the story a little silver lining hidden between pagesThis book had noneIt was like a punch in the face filled with all the negative things life can bring with one tragedy after another And Civil-military Relations In Pakistan just when the story punched me so hard I was mentally lying on the floor and I needed that last hope towards the end it kicked me once again and walked awayOkay I know I m exaggerating but I hope you got what I meanThe story follows two sisters Jess and Lily who have no connection to each other because Jess blames Lily for something that happened in their past and can t ever forgive herThe third character is their mother Audrey who wants to make things right heal their family before she says her final goodbyeThat is all you have to know before going into the story because there is so many tragic things that happen in this story I don t think any premise can prepare readers for what s insideSo many events from the book can be triggering so be aware of that Miscarriage suicide illnessust to name the fewThere was one scene that described miscarriage in such a detailed way that it made me weak I had to stop reading skip some pages and then after some time I was ready to continue with the storyThe story is written in third person following all three main characters perspectivesI think Hannah Beckerman is good author and I understand why people like her work but in all honesty I don t think she s the author I ll come back to At least not in this point of my lifeHowever I have a need to stress out once again that this book is loved by so many readersIf I should recommend it I would to readers who like to read tragic and realistic stories Read this and reviews on my blog This is one of the saddest books I ve ever read It actually made me feel psychically depressed at times while reading this This is a contemporary story that follows this mother Audrey and her adult daughters Jess and Lily don t speak to each other and their teenage daughters have never met all because of this secret that happened when they were children You spend the story trying to figure out what happened to their family and along the way you get your heart broken into pieces This book is being compared to one of my favorite tv shows This Is Us and I can honestly see why it s a family drama that makes you cry your eyes out I will warn you though that this book has some very triggering things in it like view spoilersuicide cancerserious illness grief miscarriage hide spoiler DNF 31%Shoot I should ve read trigger warnings of this book first I knew there might be some unexpected things but I ve never thought that it would include THISSS God I can t unread what I ve Zones bleues - Les secrets de la longvit just read but it would be better if I will no longer continue reading it and find spoilers to read insteadPS I won t rate this book since it s not its fault It s me Only me Next time I ll read trigger warnings before I start reading any books This was my BOTM for September and I wanted to love it as I am sucker for these broken family dramas but this one wasust way too over the top for meSLIGHT SPOILER ALERT This book covers way too many topics for one rather short book assisted. Ters can be But now as adults they no longer speak to each other and Audrey’s two teenage granddaughters have never met Even upsetting is the fact that Audrey has no idea how to fix her family as she wonders if they will ever be whole againIf only Audrey had known three decades ago that a secret could have the power to split her family in two but ironically also keep them linked And when hostilities threaten to spiral out of co.

Hannah Beckerman is an author journalist event chair and broadcaster In the UK she writes for The Observer The FT Weekend Magazine and The Sunday Express and is a book critic on BBC Radio 2 She regularly chairs at literary events and panels across the UK and has judged numerous book prizes including the Costa Book Awards Before becoming a writer Hannah was a TV and film producer spending