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How cheats financial algorithms one rogue and so much I pretty much loved this book from start to finish I found it thoroughly fascinating and often hilarious Parker has a Somato Respiratory Integration Workbook great way with explaining technical subjects distilling it down to layman terms while retaining his humor Even on events I already know about Parker s explanations provided a new and interesting takeThe book is organized so that similar themes arerouped together into chapters but each incident is only a few pages long so it never feels bogged down or boring I found it best to read with the internet handy so I could zip on and find out whenever it interested meIt s been a while since I ve been this riveted by a nonfiction book I was tearing through it chuckling to myself and stopping only to look up videos of Michael Larson on Press Your Luck and Galloping Gertie as it came down I m so Reine Mädchensache glad I happened across this book It totally spoke to the inner engineer nerd in me After all the only thing fascinating than how something works is when it doesn t Knew I wasoing to love this book when I opened it and immediately saw the page numbers Animal Babies going the wrong wayIt is a lot of fun the whole way through Parker takes us through some of his favourite or some of the noteworthy cases of mathsoing wrong across a variety of applications We re talking engineering and computing from bridges to spacecraft to calendars to ancient sumerian tablets His enthusiam shines brightly through and it s hard to not be infected by it His writing is infused with a dry wit and a Offenders and Detainees good sprinkling ofenuine laugh out loud humour which hopefully would make this a fun read ever for those who aren t already invested in the maths storiesMy major criticism is that despite the clear over arching theme of maths problems the book still does not feel that cohesive It has the feeling of a series of articles and just never uite manages to tie them all together or raise a qasas-ul-quran greater point This ultimately doesn t matter too much though as it is still a very engaging and enjoyable read Definitely learnt a new thing or two Matt Parker had me thoroughly enjoying this collection of situations where maths and numberso wrong in everyday life I think the book s title is a little weak Humble Pi doesn t really convey what it s about but that subtitle a comedy of maths errors is far informativeWith his delightful conversational style honed in his stand up maths shows it feels as if Parker is a friend down the pub relating the story of some technical disaster driven by maths and computing or regaling us with a numerical cock up These range from the spectacular Lots of interesting anecdotes Sometimes the math and science explanations went over my head uite funny. Putting date in decimal form leads to problems because the internal computations are actually done in binary Yet Parker has a sly wit; so although all this sounds very serious in fact the writing style is breezy and in some parts extremely funny.

ThoughThis book is better than most popular wow isn t that silly scientists did this books About half of the chapters I did find enuinely interesting eg how clocks in computer operating systems can be designed to count down from some very high number on the assumption that time zero will be well beyond the expected operating life of the system uess what Some such as how numbers placed in spreadsheets in a text format can lead to errors interpreting spreadsheet outputs had me yawning But if you re prepared to ditch out of chapters uickly that you don t enjoy and move onto the next it s Dead-End Road Mysteries generally an interesting readI think the author hasreat talent for popularising some difficult science and maths concepts he does well with probability and he s easy to read but it d be better to see it used for one Hear the Wolves grand concept in a book rather than this mish mash of the interesting and mundane I know it ll be a matter of a reader s interests but about half of the book covered topics I regarded as dull so you ll need to work to find the ones that interest youIf youet it as a present then worth a read but I wouldn t Valors Measure go out of my way to recommend it for a purchase if you want an interesting popular science read Turns out that pi s not as humble as one could imagine That many people actually did die as a result of many of the errors is tragic and definitely takes most of fun from the comedy The unfortunate book name aside it s a magnificent read into how mathso bump in everywhere Plaintiff s insistence that the commercial appears to be a serious offer reuires the Court to explain why the commercial is funny Explaining why a jo Summary not very interesting and it s not about maths errorsThis book is a collection of anecdotes that you can read anywhere most of them I had read before and you can find them on the internet too They re bundled by theme here which is convenient but the writer tries too hard to make them appear connected and often than not that results in uninspired paragraphs Here s an example from a random pageBut what happens when computers try to divide by zero Unless they ve been explicitly told that they can t divide by zero they naively BFI Film Classics give it ao And the results can be terrifyingYou can almost hear that in that slick documentary voice over style where every This was one of the most highly entertaining books I ve ever read Whitty and easily digestable I would recommend this to anyone remotely interested in math or engineering Humble Pi takes us on a tour of the times when math engineering and programming have Tni Tata Dunia Baru Sistem Pertahanan gone wrong leading to disastrous or sometimes just funny results The book covers a range of mistakes including bridge failures space exploration disastersame Rs of computer software not fully understanding the limitations of packaged programs The only topic that is somewhat technical and reuires a bit of effort to follow is Parker's explanation of how the inexactitudes introduced by inputting and out.

( KINDLE Humble Pi ) author Matt Parker – freewebdesing.com

I really enjoyed this book I m one of those people who وصف الاستعباد في مملكة فاس - مذكرات أسير سويدي على عهد السلطان مولاي عبد الله got labelled bad at math at a young age because I struggled with arithmetic and still do That resulted in myetting handed a lot of books of math is fun type puzzles when I was a kid which were definitely much fun than math class I learned to differentiate math from arithmetic and stubbornly took math classes up through calculus which was fascinating but which I ve sadly never had any occasion to put to use To make this long story short I recommend this book to people who think they hate math or who foundfind math difficult as well as technically inclined types who use math all the time The topics covered in this book are wide ranging and a lot of them are things you might not even think of as being mathematical putting a padlock on a door properly for ins I love maths I enjoy finding out about mathematical and statistical errors I was thinking some of my maths teacher friends might enjoy it and find it useful for illustrations in class Thats where the plot breaks down a littleI enjoyed the book but was a little disappointed that so much was taken from fields of computing and engineering where the issue wasn t strictly a mathematical failure but a failure for example to understand the limits of binary or load bearing or resonant freuency Many of the examples could easily have found themselves in books subtitled A Comedy of Engineering Errors or A Comedy of Programming ErrorsThe book is fine if you are looking for a book that shows how mathematics in its many practical applications Fiend goes wrong Having said that there are chapters that are mathsnumberstatistics oriented than others But not as many as I would have likedThe book is reasonably well written but a few too many asides to the reader for my liking A Christmas present book from a relative in recognition of my past technical careerEach chapter a nugget of information about some maths error that has caused us problems in everyday life I put maths in inverted commas as many of the issues may be a poor engineering implementation of some analysis As each chapter is independent of others it s easy to dip in and out of the book when one fancies light relief from the serious business of reading fictionNot normally a book I d review on here I don to for popular science of this type anecdotal though informed commentary on technical mistakes I ve found that in the modern era many science bloggers online can provide up to date light or serious reviews of technical problems in a digestible and easy to understand form Books on the same topic seem to me too frozen when a lively discussion online something interactive is often a better way to understand the problem Just my view. The author explains how the misuse of math creates problems Mathematical errors often include mistaking units pounds for kilograms feet for meters and misunderstanding probabilistic and statistical statements Parker also presents examples of use.

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Matt Parker is a former maths teacher who communicates about mathematics via YouTube videos stand up comedy and books