Online read Honor Bound Groom Wed At Any Price #1 AUTHOR Yvonne Lindsay –

Online read Honor Bound Groom Wed At Any Price #1 AUTHOR Yvonne Lindsay –

E brother s books No disrespect to people who didn t like the heroine BUTI do not agree with youShe was the ONLY sane ethical and logical person in the book who did NOT coerce manipulate or blackmail people into doing anything Neither did she do anything for ltimate gainShe gave CLEAR messageYou don t love me you don t get my bodyYou want a baby fine I agreed to give you one I ll honour the agreement but there are ways to conceive without physical involvement Unless you can give love which you have FALSELY led me to believe you don t get my bodyShe does sleep with him fine she s only human now she doesn t want to she thinks he s having an affair and the things he s been saying and doing doesn t help his case as a selfish cad She told him what was bothering her he DIDN T explain From the second I arrived here Giselle has made it perfectly clear that you were only biding time with me English Doctor, Italian Bride until I provided you with an heir Even you yourself did nothing to disabuse me of that belief He had NO response for this accusation as this was so fucking true He didn t explain ANYTHINGntil she had blazing proof of his infidelity and was ready to leave him so yes she has every right to say no to sex with other woman s leavings and want other ways to get pregnantYou have to remember he has done the wrong thing from the beginning so she has every right to be mad he needed to soothe her he is the older one he did nothing except for offering sex sex is NOT eual to love to hershe made the MOST valid point in harleylandYou don t love me yet you want a baby with me Some people might be able to separate emotion from their physical behavior but I am not one of them I won t share my bed with you if your only purpose in coming to me is to conceive a childAnd I refuse to take another woman s leavingsthis are the demands ANY self respecting woman should make you may not agree with me but I stand by my opinion Heroine wasn t bratty she had self respect and hero was an idiot and a slimeballHe KNEW his assistant had not been over him she d been dropping hints which are apparently NOT subtle and then she started getting aggressive yet he did NOTHING Lullaby for Two until the point his wife caught her almost sexually assaulting him That s what HE said and he just calmly dismissed her to gainpper hand on his wife Apparently would ve fired her on spot if wife didn t show p Give me a break From the blurb on the back I thought I would really enjoy this story howeverThe guy was a complete jerk and so full of hi. Only Choice Marryor elseAlexander was betrothed from childhood his future held a wife not of his own choosing Thankfully bride to be Loren Dubois wa.

Oveall this book doesn t really set it apart from the hordes of other Harleuins out thereThe hero was a jerk businessman who comes to fall in love with the woman he harangues into marriageThe heroine was a strong willed woman who had just enough vulnerability to move the plot into the right directionThe plot itself was fairly simple Nothing totally outrageous and completely focused on the couples love and romance just as it should have beenIt was entirely adeuate in every way 25 years ago Alexander del Castillo s father saved Loren Dubois father s life In return he promised his only daughter to his oldest sonNow Alex has come to collect his bride and end the curse his grandfather believes will come true for the 9th generationwhich is Alex and his two brothers Loren has always know she would one day be Alex s With that knowledge she has always loved him From a child and following him around to teenage of crushing to adulthood now Alex is doing this to end the curse by having an heir Love isn t apart of the euation for him When Loren finds out he sed their father s promise as a way to get her to marry him so he could have an heir and end the curse she refuses to be involved in any normal married couple activities except those specified in the prenuptial As Loren becomes and distant from him Alex takes a closer look at his feelings for his wife But will acts by his jealous personal assistant and overhearing he and his brother talk demolish any chance of him convincing her of his love Did not like this one It was Loving Jessie uite disgusting that he kept his ex lover working for him and had her help the heroine go shopping and settle in The other issues arranged marriage miscommunication etc they had were typical and I didn t care one way or the other Np I had some difficulty in settling into this book but stuck with it since Isually enjoy Yvonne s titles I m really glad I did because I did enjoy the book in the end and couldn t put it downMy main thoughts on this book I couldn t stand Giselle right from the very first interaction with her in the book While I m sure in a different story she could have come across as a likable character I really hope she doesn t end p with either of Alex s brothers I found Loren s responses to Alex s reuirement in their prenup that she produce an heir while trying to protect herself emotionally rather amusingI am looking forward reading the brothers stories I also find myself wondering if Loren will be seen pregnant or as a mother in th. Librarian's note Alternate cover edition of ISBN 037373042XMr August Alexander del Castillo CEO and eldest sonHis Dilemma End his family's curseHis.

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Mself If I were the heroine I never would have married him especially not without talking over that prenup She fell into his plans just a little too easily for me Even though she loved him her whole life I still would think her eyes would have been a bit open before actually marrying himI really can t recommend this book The story made me mad although I m almost positive that wasn t the emotion the author was going for when she wrote this Loren sweet strong determined and not about to let any man take her for a ride Alexander Del Castillo powerful attractive experienced and knows exactly how to get nderneath Loren s skin what do once he s there From childhood Alexander Loren were meant to be together Not for reasons of romance but because of a promise made between their father s Now years later Alex is back to claim Loren and bring her back to her homeland as his bride Loren has been infatuated with Alex since she was a young child and when Alex arrives in his helicopter in New Zealand to tell her of the marriage that is meant to become of them Loren is than happy to go back with this attractive man as her husband But once married things are not as Loren thought they would be Alex spends the majority of his time working meaning late night s early mornings His personal assistant Giselle is dying to get her claws into Loren s husband and the relationship Loren fantasised about is fast turning into of a nightmare than a dreamWhat is the reasoning behind Alex s distance to Loren Is she about to walk away from this new life or are things about to become nearthed Great book wasn t too keen on the ending Or Giselle for that matter Wow i really hated this heroine she was so annoying and bitchy I wanted to slap her silly Oh and the book really needed an epilogue with a pregnancy or a baby though nothing can redeem this heroine 35 stars This book gets better towards the end Let me explain Our hero and his brothers want to break a curse set on their family by marrying for love and honor Also they want to make their failing grandfather happy When our hero was a young boy his father saved the life of his best friend The friend offers p his baby daughter s hand in marriage to the eldest son in gratitude Sounds medieval right Except that the story is set in modern day Now we move on to our heroine She is beautiful graceful classy and has always known she was engaged to our hero So she had been waiting patiently for him to end his playboy ways and come to claim his bri. S than suited for her place at his side and in his bed But the businessman never expected his beautiful bride to get nder his skinor into his heart.

A typical Piscean USA Today Best selling author Yvonne Lindsay has always preferred the stories in her head to the real world Yvonne is a five time Romance Writers of Australia RBY nominee and three time nominee and 2015 winner of the Romance Writers of New Zealand Koru Award of Excellence She spends her days crafting the stories of her heart and in her spare time she can be found with her

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