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I received a copy of this book from the authorpublisher in xchange for an honest review35 Stars The first book in the Happy Endings series charmed my pants off so I was ready to devour the seuel once it landed on my kindle I didn t The Walters Art Museum the Art of Ancient Greece even read the blurb beforehand I just dove right inDown on his luck Aiden Rios finds himself in a bar in the Big Easy after one of his clientsnds up cancelling on him But things take a turn when he meets Faith Charles and the two decide to indulge in a night of fun But one night is not American Nietzsche enough and Faith and Aiden find themselves makingxcuses just to see ach other again Things heat up between the pair and they become inseparable but when Aiden s secret threatens to break them apart will this budding romance come to a screeching haltI think my main issue with this book was that I went into this book xpecting to love it as much as the first book and I might have overhyped things a bit for myself First things first let s talk about what I liked I loved both Faith and Aiden and I thought they were a perfect fit for one another because their kind of on similar paths of trying to figuring out their futures Faith wants to break away from the role of being the dutiful daughter to her politician mother to pursue her own passions but she doesn t want to create a scandal so close to the Berlioz and His Century election Getting her mother to listen to her and to actually see how unhappy she was was not anasy task for Faith but I loved the fact that she didn t give up I also loved the fact that Aiden was so supportive of Faith Aristotles Rhetoric even though he only knew her for a short time That s the uality I loved most about Aiden he s so supportive and protective of the people he cares for and is willing to go the mile to show them Aiden too has his own personal struggles as he faces the repercussions of a risky mistake and now he doesn t know how to fix things He soon learns that it s okay to lean on others when shit gets rough and that he doesn t have to do things alone any While I do think Faith and Aiden made a great pair the romance itself didn t work for me in this book It just felt very insta lovey and I m not a fan of characters dropping I love yous after knowingach other for just a few days Maybe if I had felt a stronger Blood Runs Green emotional connection between these two it would ve worked but I just felt like something was missing for me While Hired didn t uite live up to myxpectations it was still an Charting an Empire enjoyable read and I look forward to reading the final book in this series later this year Maybe the reason we re magnets is because we re both hurting in different ways Hired was my introduction to the author Zoey Castile Yes the synopsis was too intriguing to pass up I confess I wasxpecting to be given a behind the scenes taste of life as a male Colored Property escort And the author s play on her series title happyndings made me smile as well While Aiden might be a high paid male Desire and Truth escort the details of his career aren t what the story focuses on If however you are interested in New Orleans you are in luck The local scene and cuisine are covered a 455 stars review to come later just know it was HOTTER AND BETTER THAN STRIPPED WAS AMAZING Full ReviewWhen Zoey Castile said that the hero in Hired was largely inspired by Maluma I didn t know what toxpect But Castile delivered on the missive and surpassed all The Exiles Gallery expectationsHired is a sultry look at a sad and hot Colombianscort whose chance meeting with one Faith Charles Abandoned by his Dislocating China employer in a swanky hotel in the heart of New Orleans Aiden finds himself in the bottom of a hurricane glass and in bed with the daughter of a mayoral candidate Though he s notxactly upset by the prospect he finds himself drawn into Faith s worldFaith Charles is going through a rough spot Her mother s running for Mayor of New Orleans but Faith s Childerley efforts aren t being appreciated so she runs out of anvent and into bed with Aiden They re awkward and messy but their chemistry is stronger than an Organic Chemistry classCastile drew on the spirit of New Orleans making it not just a setting but another character seeing as verything the characters do revolves around the city Though politics is a part of the subplot of the story actual politics don t really come into play in the book We don t really know much about the campaign other than the sitting mayor is an abusive white man who doesn t care about his constituentsOther than that Hired is a whirlwind romance that takes place during about two weeks though the majority of it happens in one week I m personally of a slow burn romance. For a man who makes his living pleasuring women what happens when the only pay out worth having is love   Faith Abigail Charles has always done the right thing So when her mother runs for mayor of New Orleans Faith puts her law career on hold to help her win But when tensions run high Faith trades one kind of heat for another in th.

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Fabulous city Unfortunately Aiden and Faith s long drawn out internal monologues about how Life Was Not Fair and If Only HeShe Knew The Truth About Me kept me from njoying glimpses of touristy New Orleans I was surprised that Faith as a lifelong resident would drag Aiden to tourist traps like a swamp tour voodoo tour and live music at Preservation Hall ok that one is a must see I admit instead of the hidden secret places of New Orleans I finally reluctantly admitted to myself that I couldn t find the spark between Aiden and Faith when I was starting to be bored Cop Knowledge even with the descriptions of the city And it takes a lot to turn me away from the Big Easy I had very high hopes for this having heard a lot of buzz about the first in the series still in my TBR But sadly I just have to let this one go Note I voluntarily read and reviewed thisARC generously provided by NetGalley and the publisher Aiden s rules Cultural Aesthetics existed for protection They were there to keep him and the other party from getting hurt Meeting Faith was a game changer because he was willing to break all his rules for her and now Aiden could become the injured party Pro I always love seeing one of those never me heroes fall for the woman he didn t know he was looking for Obviously it started as physical attraction but it wasasy and wonderful to see the bond slowly forming and growing between Faith and Aiden This was a fabulous pairing and I was rooting for them from the start Pro I didn t Class and Conformity expect them to make an appearance but I was so happy the Mayhem family was back Once again they came to help one of their brothers find his HEA and so the bromance continues Pro Castile did an awesome job taking us on a tour of Louisiana It was fantastic that she took us off the beaten path I have read many books set in New Orleans before but Castile featured sites I have not visited before and that was a special treat Pro Call me nosy but I loved learning Aiden s backstory He by no means had itasy but those trials really helped shape the best parts of him and how can I not fall for a man who loved his aunt and his mother that much Pro The campaign storyline added an interesting layer to this story and it was fun rooting for Faith s mom Pro It was nice to see such a family focus in a contemporary romance There were some really lovely moments all around between Faith and her family Aiden and his family as well as between the Mayhem brethren Lots of warm fuzzies Overall A fun and sexy addition to the Happy Endings series and I say keep Descartes and His Contemporaries em comingARC provided inxchange for an honest review BLOG INSTAGRAM TWITTER BLOGLOVIN FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS I m really glad that Zoey Castile aka Zoraida Cordova has taken the leap into writing adult romance books because her voice is very addictive Hired the second book in her Happy Endings series was just as High Tide at Midnight engrossing as her first romance book Stripped These books are full of steamy delicious and romantic goodnessHired is the story of Aiden and Faith two people who come from very different worlds Aiden is a malescort and Faith is a campaign worker for her mother s mayoral run These two meet under unusual circumstances and hit it right off The characters in this book were interesting and well rounded I particularly liked how much thought was given to writing Aiden and his career choice He was comfortable in his skin and his work He also happened to be a kind and thoughtful person who looked out for others Faith was Education and Equality eually kind She was a smart and strong womanntirely dedicated to her family I loved the girl Deceptive Beauties especially when her humorous side came out She meets Aiden after a particularly rough day working on her mother s campaign and their chemistry was 100% undeniableThe romance in Hired occurs in a short time frame but it didn t feel rushed to me Maybe it was the steamy sexual tension or perhaps it was the fact that Aiden and Faith were or less open withach other Dangerous Work emotionally They clicked for me as a couple and Injoyed the progression of their relationship They were so soft with ach other And the steamy scenes Ooh baby fans self These were some class A sex scenes definitely some of the best I have read in the genre You can imagine that their romance wasn t going to be a straightforward one specially given their respective careers but the journey towards understanding ach other and becoming one was wonderful By the nd my heart was soaring in happiness for themHired was an Forgery, Replica, Fiction excellent addition to the Happy Endings series If you re looking for something fresh and fiery I totally recommend these book. Ll have to come clean about his line of work and he plans to right after another taste of Faith’s sweetness and another and another Until a chance meeting with his client leaves Aidenxposed and Faith shocked and hurt Now the hired hottie must show Faith that the love they share is bigger than the scandal threatening to destroy th.

ebook pdf Hired Happy Endings #2 – freewebdesing.com

Kind of gal so the fact that they were in love after a week left me xasperated However that was minor compared to the rest of the book s contentBy which I mean there are a LOT of steamy sex scenes be they public with a side of xhibitionism or private with a side of passion and mutual respect These scenes made me sweat so than when I read Stripped let me remind you there was a ferris wheel sex scene in Stripped The sex scenes feel rushed and not at all at the same time maintaining a balance that can be precarious when you have characters with so much sexual tension These passages are also incredibly respectful and sex positive never do the characters feel pressured or imposed upon they re both game for whatever the other is game for Faith and Aiden are open with Fluxus and the Essential Questions of Life each other both forthcoming about theirxpectations and Escape experiences It was refreshing to see the way they talked about their lives only Faith sometimes being distant about her family with reason She d just met this guy who apparently oversharesverything about his childhood in ColombiaThe conflict of the story has to do with the subplot of the campaign rather than anything to do with something the other has done Aiden tortures himself over not telling Faith about his true The Empty Chair employment as anscort when he himself says he s basically under contract and he wouldn t openly say who his mployer is When the relationship between Aiden and Faith comes to a head it has to do with misunderstandings much better than miscommunication in my opinion mostly from Faith s camp and again she has good reasons to be angryOverall Hired was highly ntertaining and delicious like a mango sorbet you Lit eat while it s hot and humid outside all with scenes that will leave you hot and bothered for hours You ll keep thinking about Faith and Aiden until later and you ll find yourself rooting for them to get over their problems by thend Castile truly delivered in this oneBy the way I made a playlist on Apple Music for your Award-Winning Books for Children and Young Adults, 1990-1991 enjoyment while reading this book You should listen to it An ARC was provided by the author Thank you ZoeyRelease date February 26th 2019Read my review of Stripped here Flashed the third installment of this series will come out in August 2019 Follow me on Instagram Twitter and tumblr boricuareads and make sure you check out my other reviews as well as my book listsdits and My blog post can be accessed here ARC received for reviewDidn t know there was a first book but I was in no way lost while reading it Aiden has had a hard life but has made the best of it He messed up with his brothers but in the Keeper of the Doves end makes up with them Faith s life is under a microscope due to her mother s run for Mayor Love of course conuers all and so does lots of hot sex Plenty of his brothers to get HEAs I wouldn tven mind if Maribella gets a brother So sexy and fun I loved Faith Aiden and New Orleans so much I will never get tired of watching a playboy fall in love I stopped reading this at about 50ish% cuz well i don t have problems with stripper jobs its rare for me to find stripper books or Heat Wave (Nikki Heat, escort but hero was one if strippers aren t your cup just pass my problem was the whole keeping the secret for so long that when things blow up they blow up and both mcs for being whiney and couldn t connect with them i just rolled myyes and felt bored with the whole thing i love love Black MC who loves nature and is the sweetest bean in the world Colombian MC who was previously a stripper are slowly falling for Not Quite Cold (Lowcountry Mysteries, each other in New Orleans Dual POV Amazing chemistry Hi I m in love I sadly DNF d at 65% I should have loved it it had an irresistible combo of a male stripper a politician s daughter and New Orleans But instead of a sexy heady mix I found myself bogged down and bored by this slow movingndless date between two indecisive passive whiny people It looks like I m totally in the minority about this all other reviews are complete raves so I guess this is a big case of It s not you it s meAiden and Faith didn t light any sparks for me It drove me crazy that Aiden was moping and feeling oh so sorry for himself but not Collision of Wills enough to actually do anything about it He had multiple chances to come clean to Faith to his former business partner his friendven his current client but instead Aiden just stays on this Ravensbrück endless date throughout New Orleans with Faith Same for Faith she didn t have a backbone or plan just perpetual stress about being her politician mama s daughter New Orleans is one of my favorite cities in the world and I will read almost anything set in that. E arms of a hard bodied stranger He’sverything a woman dreams of in a lover So much so that her one night stand turns into two then three then four   For Aiden Rios meeting smart sexy Faith feels like fate After being ditched by his client in the Big Easy the high paid male scort needs a little company himself Aiden knows he’.

Zoey Castile was born in Ecuador and raised in ueens New York She started writing in her teens and pursued that love in her studies at Hunter College and the University of Montana For nearly a decade she worked as a bartender hostess and manager in New York City's nightlife You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram ZoeyCastile You can also email her at ZoeyCastilegmailcom

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