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Heir stories go unread I was introduced to Mule Hollow in An August Bride I uickly realized that the marriage posse had been to work in previous books I was intrigued because they were so much fun in the book and I wanted to read about of their meddling ways It really isn t hard to read one book and find another waiting in the wings that you want to readMontana and Luke are two people who are not looking for a relationship They both have plans and dreams that do not include falling in love She wants to live her dream as a rodeo barrel racer and he wants to build up a legacy to take care of his brothers and their offspring It doesn t take long for the posse to link them together and see that they are a good fit Both Montana and Luke come from dysfunctional families Her father is controlling his father told him he would be worthless Both come from broken homes and broken spirits Healing and faith is theme that help them overcome adversity and become better peopleThis book a contemporary western It centers around a rodeo that brings a small town together It also has strong christian themes This is a well written book with a great storyline The three matchmakers are funny and the adventure that Luke and Montana take you on to find love is wonderful I loved this story I have only read one other book set in Mule Hollow and njoyed that one and this one is really good We meet some of the other residents of Mule Hollow and the matchmaking ladies In this book they set there sights on Montana and Luke Montana is staying with her cousin Lacy and helping look after her nephew Tate while training for barrel racing Luke provides stock for the rodeo and also has a brother involved in bull riding Montana has left here job with her father as an accountant after finding out he had an affair is uite angry with him She is dealing with this issue and is not looking for love Luke like wise is not looking for love and has dealt with issues with his father also While neither is looking for love the matchmakers have other ideas I love seeing these ladies work There are alot of humourous incidents which add to the story The book deals with anger forgiveness and overcoming issues from the past A good read Mule Hollow Homecoming 1 Montana Brown became a CPA to please her father She wanted to be a barrel racer but gave that up to go to college When her parents divorce she is hurt and decides to try the rodeo again she visits her cousin in Mule Hollow and Meets Luke Holden The matchmaker posse Er his own dream of xpanding his ranch A wife isn't on his wish list But the Mule Hollow matchmakers are fixin' to lasso Luke and Montana together with a little faith and lov.

Ing Montana Brown gave up her dream to please her father Instead of a barrel racing rodeo cowgirl she was an accountant until her dad let her down Her parents divorce shattered her life Cousin Lacy Brown Matlock has opened their ranch to Montana and her horse Murdock She practices her barrel racing daily and helps take care of their adorable six month old son Tate Montana knows she has to let go of her anger and forgive her father she s just not ready She is ready to live her life and her dreams Her goals did not include a man in her life specially not Luke HoldenLuke Holden and his brothers Jess Colt are building a ranch to be part of their families legacy Their parents bad marriage has left the three of them shying away from marriage though Luke goes on a date now and them and clearly lets them know it is only a date With Montana he can t The Management Bible even get that one date The Mule Hollow Matchmakers have decided the two of them belong together and they use all their wiles to prove itSamantha the donkey who acts like a human makes her appearance in this book along with our friends from the diner the matchmakers and a few others you would have met in previous booksAlways fun and mischief in Mule Hollow TexasThis book will be released 92011This book received through NetGalley for Review My local library has a large bookshelf filled with paperback romances so I ve been reading a lot of the Love Inspired booksMontana Brown is mourning her parents divorce and returns to Mule Hollow to see Lacy and Clint and to decide what she wants to do with her life In her mid 20s she has a degree in accounting but secretly harbors dreams of being a rodeo champion she is anxcellent barrel racer She then meets Luke Holden who s Zu schnell easy on theyes and very friendly He asks her out but is rebuffed He s gun shy about marriage as well since he comes from a dysfunctional family himself Luke states mphatically that dates with him come with no strings attached he s Mr Right N Loved this book But I am always happy to visit Mule Hollow That town just has this place in my heart I dearly care for all the characters and this book is no different The matchmaking posse is truly a delight Luke the latest hunky cowboy is such a treasure I appreciated his story of not letting life s circumstances give him reason to not be the person God intended Good thing for me to always remember as the challenges in life comeI can t wait to read the about the next two Holden brothers I am way behind but determined not to let Texas to stay with family and take a chance on an old dream being a cowgirl With all her might she tries to resist the charms of a too handsome cowboy Luke Holden is going aft.

characters Her Rodeo Cowboy Mule Hollow Homecoming #1

I love reading all about the people in Mule Hollow They are one funny bunch I reuested Her Rodeo Cowboy from NetGalley awhile back the Harleuin books of the month are my secret obsession This may be the first time I m actually admitting this It doesn t matter what line it is I love them all However I don t have much xperience with the Love Inspired lines Also I believe this was my first xperience reading one of Debra Cloptons booksI was looking forward to curling up in my reading chair with a cup of tea and spending an afternoon with this book I definitely wasn t disappointedThis was a sweet story about Montana and Luke Montana has aspirations of being a champion barrel racer after uitting her job as an accountant Luke is building a successful ranch with his brothers and neither are looking for love after watching their parents relationships crumble But of course fate or God since this is a Love Inspired book has different plans for the twoWhat I Loved about this bookThe women from the county playing matchmaker I always love small town life books and these characters made it all the funThat Montana was the one chasing her goals So many times in these books the man is the one chasing rodeo dreams not the woman So I LOVED this aspectWhat I didn t care for about this bookThe cheesy accents of Stanley App and Sam The fact that no one lse had ven the slightest accent this really annoyed meThat Luke on the cover looks NOTHING like how I picture LukeAll in all If you re looking for a good uick read a chance to scape for an afternoon Her Rodeo Cowboy by Debra Clopton is an Invisible (The Curse of Avalon endearing story that will leave you waiting for another installment in the Mule Hollow series A fun romp around the barrels in this rodeo romance Though neither is looking for love Montana and Luke run smack dab into it I love how clueless Luke is at the beginning So very male But with the help of the local posse of matchmakers he gets it figured out The interaction between Montana and Luke is fun and feisty A good read to relax and unwind with suitable for any age interested in romance Debra Clopton has done it once again Her Mule Hollow books are hitsvery time If you have not read any I suggest finding her bibliography and start with book one and read them all All three series are all connected In ach book you are bound to have a visit from people you met in the previous books The three series are Mule Hollow Matchmakers 19 books The Men of Mule Hollow 4 books now this series Mule Hollow Homecom. Finding Her Way To LoveEverything accountant Montana Brown thought she knew about love and marriage goes topsy turvy when her parents split up Shaken she heads to Mule Hollow.

BOOK EPUB Her Rodeo Cowboy Mule Hollow Homecoming #1 by Debra Clopton –

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