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Hat makes working together exceptionally hard and the spark between them is like a Chinese firecracker loud and hard to ignoreCassie is the oungest in her family and as is often the case she is used to people trying to meddle and make decisions in her best interest because they believe she is incapable of making sound life business and love choices Not an entirely wrong assumption based on her past choices and most recent failureShe is chaotic where Jack is organized she is late to his punctual colourful to his bland and impatient where he is the patient one The complete opposites of each other so not exactly a recipe for successThen again they do say opposites attract and there is most certainly a magnetic attraction going on between the two of themThis is a saucy little romance about two people with extremely high walls built around them and looking for a way to break them downI received a copy of this book courtesy of Harleuin UK and Mills Boon Sizzling chemistry and the build up of tension between Cassie and Jack make this opposites attract story a charming read RT Book Reviews 4 stars Jack and CassieJack is in control organized and self reliant He wants a reliable efficient chef to cater his sisters wedding that he s paying this portion for Cassie is a whirlwind always reactive vibrant chef that is scaling mountains to make things work out These two appear to be opposites until they get to know one another This book starts off on the slow side normally I would call it uits if a book cannot get me excited in the first couple of chapters this time I made an exception Good thing too because the late middle and near the end were pretty decent An attachment battle within tears rejection falling in love and accepting said love fill the pages You get to understand why each character has been burned and is hard to love another The ending was abrupt it could have used an epilogue but otherwise an enjoyable read once it picked up 35 star. Ys be right Jack's clearly every shade of wrong So when his clothes end up on her bedroom floor why do they look so right And the biggest uestion of all Is this a recipe for disaster or the best mistake of her life.

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Neighborhood festival where she lives in Notting Hill in London Anyway the heroine is trying to recover from a crooked boyfriend who ran off with all her money from the business plus taking out a big loan in her name without leaning on her overprotective siblings since she s still trying to get them to see her as a grownup The hero is still living cut off from the world due to issues from his past I got the idea that the issues weren t magically cured at the end of the story but they were determined to keep working on them Generally I like books by Louisa George but this one seemed to go on with the angsting for huge periods of time I do like me some good wallowy angst but the sections of internal narrative got long and there seemed to be an awful lot of them Still it s a good story I liked it HER CLIENT FROM HELL by Louisa George is April 2014 release by Harleuin Kiss seriesCassie ran a catering business but was struggling as her ex and business partner had ran away while emptying her bank account Then in walked a new client whom Cassie needed for her business but he was so arrogantShe could do without Jack s ego but the sexual chemistry between them was off the chartsJack was so not for a commitment All he was up for was a fling but would Cassie take a no strings attached fling only relationship from himHER CLIENT FROM HELL kept me guessing right from the beginning if these two would ever end up together It had fun witty dialogue and scorching sensuality Author Louisa George did a great job with tortured hero with past grief and turned him into a sensitive hero Recommended for all lovers of romance45 out of 5 stars Trust is a very rare and special commodity Once lost it is really hard to get it back Cassie doesn t think she will ever be able to trust anyone again especially menJack is wary of all and guards his past like the gold in Fort Knox Looks like the two of them are at a standoff when it comes to emotions and relationships Ness a success So no distractions Nothing Nada Zero Which means her infuriatingly rude and exasperatingly handsome new client filmmaker Jack Brenner is definitely off the menu…After all while the customer may alwa.

This author is new to me but I am delighted to have discovered her Great characters and a fabulous story I loved it Not a billionaire in sight and an emotionally satisfying read I ve loved every book by Louisa George that I ve read Her books are no brainers for me I could definitely feel the chemistry between Cassie and Jack Although I loved their story there are a couple things that could have made it even complete and real for me I would have liked updates on Sasha and Nate I read the previous book Backstage with Her Ex about Sasha and Nate Since Cassie and Sasha are sisters I just naturally expected and was surprised that there was not girl talk about Jack or Nate I would recommend this book as well as all the other books I ve read by this author and will most likely read this series again I really enjoyed this book Good story great characters and nothing of unnecessary drama Loved it Cassie Sweet was a little scared of trusting anyone after her previous boyfriendbusiness partner cleaned out her accountShe kept making bad impressions on Jack Brenner who was recommended by her sister and brother in law He wanted a wedding for his sister who was the only family he d had in High Stakes (Photon, years Jack was very attracted to her and loved her cooking They both fought the attraction but gave up in the end Nice story The heroine is a slightly disorganized caterer and the hero is an in control documentary film maker He wants her to cater his sister s wedding but since he hasn t discussed it with siset she s reluctant to commit There s a lot of attraction between them and a lot of push pull in their interaction Not a lot of plot They meet are drawn to each other and push each other away then they meet again somewhere else It s not repetitive because new bits of the characters are revealed in each scene and other things happen but trying to think back I can t recall a lot of plot specifics They do spend a day working at the heroine s food booth during Her customer satisfaction guarantee…Cassie Sweet has a new mantra in her life Failure Is Not an Option Her good for nothing ex may have run off with all her money but she's determined to make her new catering busi.

download read Her Client From Hell –


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