ONLINE PDF Her Brooding Italian Boss –

ONLINE PDF Her Brooding Italian Boss –

D brooding heroes and feisty heroines Give me a conflict filled romance with headstrong characters and I know I will have an entertaining time with the book Her Brooding Italian Boss by Susan Meier appealed to me because it promised me conflict a brooding artist as hero very sexy by the way the beautiful settings of Italy and a strong willed heroine I loved the blurb and the cover reminded me of the evergreen vintage romance coversFirst of all I got all that I had been promised and so much in this book There was a strong character driven story well drawn out characters beautiful settings engaging emotional play and a drama that kept me hooked to the book ntil the very endThe writing style of the author is engaging as well as simple so it will appeal to everyone I admired her portrayal of Antonio and his father Constanzo s relationship which is complex Constanzo loves playing matchmaker and cant help meddling in the lives of those he cares about Although when confronted about his meddling he always gets away by saying I don t meddle I anticipateI loved Constanzo who is a strict and savvy businessman but also a warm funny and caring person Having lost some great opportunities in his own life he wants the best for his son Antonio even if it means nudging him in the right direction Antonio on the other hand is a simple and straightforward man who doesn t believe in mincing words Passionate about his art he is devastated by the loss of his passion which is a direct result of some harsh events in his pastLaura Beth came to New York with stars in her eyes and while she tried her best to make a place for herself in the elite class where her two room mates have found permanent standing she is still not one of them With no permanent job a boyfriend who ditched her when she told him of her pregnancy and no place to stay she is desperate for a job The sparks that fly between Antonio and Laura had me feeling giddy and very anticipatory of the smoldering and intense romance between them There relationship is complex full of conflicts and the emotional play here is worth noting Both these people are hurt broken and running from their own demons The story sensitively narrates the journey of the healing of their souls to find a happily ever afterAll in all a very interesting and enjoyable story that had me thoroughly entertained I give Her Brooding Italian Boss 45 out of 5 and recommend it to all romance lovers I loved Susan s style and will be checking out her other works nowI received an ARC from NetGalley and the Publishers and I am very thankful to them The above review is my honest and The Substitute Groom (Hawks Way unbiased opinion and in no way influenced Aick read but well written and perfectly paced pulling you in from the start A second chance love that you do not want to miss Love of family and friends get you through the hard parts of life Very heavy on The Rescue Fantasy which is generally not my thing but this author has written some very good angst in the past that I have enjoyed However I ended p itting on this book at 30% once I learned about the hero s Evil First Wife Her 15 minutes were almost p so she married the hero a rising star in the art world She then played around on him got pregnant presumably with his child didn t tell him then had an abortion Not only did I find this insulting I found it cartoonishly Old School And I Was Out Moving on This book was really good The passion between Laura Beth and Antonio was felt throughout the pag. Me but the fiery Italian proves to be a difficult boss Since his wife's betrayal Antonio has been nable to pick p a brush But captivated by Laura Beth's guileless bea.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book To be honest with that silly title I wasn t expecting much It is a well written clean contemporary romance featuring an Italian American man Antonio and his Italian father The young woman who falls for Antonio s honest charms and not and just his good looks Laura Beth benefits from the relationship just as much Antonio does He was a good man with a big heart and so much talent she almost couldn t fathom itThat Antonio is in line to inherit his father s millions and that he lives the life of a millionaire is not really that important of a factor in the couple s growing relationship This is very refreshing in a genre seemingly flooded with women prostituting themselves to be with millionaires and billionaires I received this book as a review copyWe see the story from two points of view Antonio s and Laura Beth s with a third person limited narration But at times the author ses an omniscient narrator Both characters are given interesting back stories shaping their present selves into convincing people For my tastes I found the book spent too much time in the characters minds growing repetitive at times and there was too little action taking place but that is often the style with this genreThe couple have known each other for years and have always felt an attraction but the timing of life s events has always been off This makes their inevitable coupling seem convincing than in those stories that want Heart Of Stone (Morgans Mercenaries, us to believe in a couple s happily ever after after only a few weeks of knowing each otherPart of the story takes place in the States and part of the story happens in Italy s region of Tuscany We even have aick jaunt to Barcelona Spain The author gives Deanna Raybourn Lady Julia Grey Volume 2: Dark Road to Darjeeling\The Dark Enquiry\Silent Night bonus story (A Lady Julia Grey Mystery) us a satisfying finish But there are several themes leftnresolved after the abrupt ending of this novella length book Antonio s painting and his career her career where the couple will live One chapter would have completed the story of this modern Mr RochesterJane Eyre nicely for mePlease read my full and illustrated review at Italophile Book Reviewshttpitalophilebookreviewsblogspot I loved this romance It had a few twists to it and a bit of traveling Lots going on for this I voluntarily chose to review it after a library sale It was a real page turner for me and a few tears I ve given it a 5 rating Her Brooding Italian Boss by Susan Meier Susan Meier has done it again She has a knack for creating engrossing and heartwarming reads Her Brooding Italian Boss is a story of finding your way when you least expect it to happen With a little bit of love thrown in I loved this story You will too I received Her Brooding Italian Boss by author Susan Meier from Goodreads First Reads for free to review I enjoyed this story i Content Mild language mild innuendo sexual references she s pregnant and not married but no sex scenes From his assistantto his muse is what Laura Beth Mathews becomes when she takes Not Our Kind up the job as personal assistant to the dark and brooding famous artist Antonio Bartulocci who is haunted by demons of his past and antsy about keeping the beautiful and pregnant Laura Beth as his secretary who reminds him of the life and talent he once had and lost But Laura Beth is desperate for a job What will happen when these two collide one desperate to earn enough to support herself and hernborn child and one running from a past which is all the nbearable with Laura in his house I have to confess that I love stories with intense an. From his assistantto his muse Pregnant and broke Laura Beth's only option is to take a job with brooding yet brilliant artist Antonio Bartulocci He may be darkly handso.

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Es of the book Laura Beth and Antonio and his father had been friends for many years There had always been a spark of chemistry between Antonio and Laura Beth but the two had never acted on it Laura Beth had been sharing an apartment with her college roommates and friends Her friends had both found true love and was getting married and moving on Laura Beth tried to be happy for her friend while attending the wedding She knew she couldn t afford to stay in the apartment and had nowhere to go She couldn t find a full time job The day of the wedding she also found out she was pregnant by a looser The weight of the world was on her shouldersAntonio s father Constanzo saw the sadness in her eyes Constanzo got Laura Beth to open p She told him that she was suppose to move out of her apartment the next day but had no place to live and told him she was looking for a full time job Constanzo knew his son Antonio needed a personal assistant He had been morning the loss of his wife for two years and had stopped painting He son was a very talented artist but lost his zest for life He thought a personal assistant could organize his life and help his son find his passion once again He was also playing match maker He didn t tell his son that he hired Laura Beth for him so the sparks flew once they got to Italy Both Laura Beth and Antonio had demons to face before they could The Deepest Roots unleash the passion that burned between them The romance was slow and sweet If you want a good clean romance with little to no sex then you will enjoy this story I was kind of hoping the two would tear off each other s clothes and go a little wild while he was painting but they both restrained against the wild burning passion that sizzled between them DNF at Chapter 5I can t take it any There is Alot of Spoilers so be preparedThe only positive thing that I can say about this book is that it is a fast paced book that can be finished in few hours but even this could not force me to spend time with the couple in it The story is about a pregnant woman who most of the time thinks of how she wants to kiss the hero who is by the way not the child s father This book is so repetitive that if I had it as an actual book instead of an epub format I will probably burn it and save my self from the torture of seeing it How many times does a woman need to insult herself by saying she is nothing but a common person who is in no comparison to the dead wife of the hero who was a hot perfect woman and I m suppose to believe that the hot sexy wonderful billionaire will fell for her in the end for what She already thinks she is a plain JaneThis is a typical Harleuin book and not in a good way The heroine is too weak she doesn t have a job and about to be kicked out of her apartment because her two roommates found their careers and got married to another two billionaires She needs a job to be able to afford a living and to think of what will she say to her parents The hero had a cheating dead wife a gold digger model who all what she cared about was making her self appear on the news and for people to talk about her and the poor hero is now so angry that he lost his desire for painting Ised to love sweet heroes who need a kind woman who will change everything for them but this is getting really old Give me a strong heroine who is confident in herself who already have a job and knows how to do it professionally not a woman with no self confidence who keeps referring to herself as Plain. Uty he wonders if she could be the woman to nlock the talent he thought he'd lost forever It's a miracle which reminds him of all that's now good in this life Laura Be.

Good morning It's a beautiful sunny beginning to the day here in Western Pennsylvania I'm working on my 54th book 54th I'm very excited about thatI've written some fun things those are the Silhouette Romance titles I especially liked SNOWBOUND BABY which was book 3 of the Bryant Baby Bonanza series which also included BABY BEFORE BUSINESS and PRINCE BABY But my favorites for Silhouette

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