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Cal practice that was found in the dark forests and mountains of northern Europe Helsongs discusses inner Rune Cosmology the three master Runes of the Rune sorcerers meditations Ond manipulation creating aldrar workings to manipulate the Rune powers into causing transformations in the web of Wyrd and creati.

HELSONGS is a manual of the Sorcery of the Northlands for serious and dedicated practitioners It is a De Brandende Brug (De Grijze Jager, guide to experiencing the Rune powers thereat Mysteries of the Northern peoples It is also a manual for the practice of Seid the mysterious sorcery of the Vanic powers an earlier form of trance based mysti.

Ng talismans and consecrating or protecting physical locations It Humanizing Big Data gives an introduction to Seid as well as a reconstruction of its practice It alsooes into the dreaded secrets of Trullskapir the sorcery of enlisting nature spirts and powers to various ends Appendices cover the basic Heathen religious ritua.

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Download Pdf Helsongs –

Robin Artisson has been studying folklore mythology and the interior metaphysics of sorcery and traditional witchcraft for over 20 years His specialty areas of knowledge include spiritual ecology occult history herbalism and wortcunning divination and soul flight or trance induction along with a vocational interest in the extraordinary exploration of the eldritch dimensions of the mind th