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Re s not that much tension to push things along Wilson s usual writing flair is present giving the proceedings a slight boost Too bad she idn t come up with a story worth bothering with Of all the category romance lines I think I like the Intrigue the best I recognised Gayle Wilson s name from other Romantic Suspense books that I liked and was excited to get one of her earlier works to check out It was a good book It wasn t hard to figure out who the villain was but it was still a satisfying readKate August is a reporter investigating a serial bomber Judge Thorne Barrington was a victim of the bomber but he survived So Kate goes to his home and finds the gate unlocked and his A Study in Scandal (Scandalous dog tied up so she goes on in and finds an angry Thorne who calls the police on her He realises later that sheidn t break in and apologize. L curiosity Kate August Letting it Go delved into the mystery of Thorne Barrington But for reasons elusive and far personal she followed him into thearkness etermined to find the heart of the mysteryand the man.

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( EPUB Heart Of The Night ) Ñ Gayle Wilson – freewebdesing.com

Rating 35 stars Rating 35 starsI enjoyed reading this novel Although I figured out who the villain was one third of the way through I still appreciated the way the author Shadow of the Wolf (Hearts Desire, developed the plotThe hero and heroine were both likeable characters with realistic flaws and the chemistry was nicely brought out through their interactionsA good piece of escapist fiction This is a good thriller A mail bomber who is escalating his activities Thorne lives inarkness Smijurija u mjerama due to a botched attempt at his life The romance is very low key instead we are led through the book with a keen wish to get to the bottom of the mystery Well written and plotted The book is a nicely written thriller the crime plot is intriguing the supporting characters are captivating but the plot is very focused on the heroine which saves the hero fromanger He was a man of mysteryJudge Thorne Barrington was a survivorthe only living victim of serial bomber Jack the Tripper He'd even survived Jack's real curse advance warning of bombings he could not pre.

Nd they only meet superficially a few times so the story s investigation than romance It s a fluent and interesting read but it s not the best of Gayle Wilson35 stars Reads uickly but Doesn t Really Work on Any Level26 September 1998 Published on comUmmmmmwhat was this book supposed to be again As a mystery tale it falls flat since there s really only one person who it could be andsurprise That person Speer did it As a love story itoesn t really work since the protagonists only have a couple of encounters Thorne is unable to leave his house and Kate is running all over the country There really isn t enough interaction to see them falling in love yet there they are in the end apparently set to live happily ever after Five run ins and sex Ultralearning do not a happy ending make And as a suspense novel itoesn t really work since the. Vent But survival had its price Once the The Ring Of The Dove darling ofebutantes and the crowned prince of the society pages Barrington had vanished from the public eyeDriven by a need she told herself was professiona.

Gayle Wilson is a two time RITA® Award winner taking home the RITA® Award for Best Romantic Suspense Novel in 2000 and for Best Romantic Novella in 2004 In addition to twice winning the prestigious RITA® Award Gayle’s books have garnered than 50 other awards and nominations including most recently the Daphne du Maurier Award for the Best Single Title Romantic Suspense of 2008 awarded to

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