Free Ebook Hawk's Challenge å Linda O. Johnston –

Fter Summary They meet he s suspicious doesn t want another groupie but she handles him well there s mmediate attraction they act on Return To Me it she uestions himn post coital glow learns about JD and his Harley Autumn doesn t see way to see Logan again Logan wanting to see her they uestion Craig who goes after Logan Autumn swoops Le Collectionneur in to protect Logan then can t control shift once Craig subdued and Logan taken to base seems to take thingsn stride once she tells him the attraction was real not the drive for Snapped 2 information ahh. Nevermagined she'd feel so attracted to her sexy subject Giving nto the temptation to go him with him can't hurt her mission but will t ruin her potential future with Logan f he finds out how she's deceived him.

Setting Glen Burnie Maryland GlenB Brew his solated blue frame Cape Code home near the water A Killers Touch in the woods house Fort Lukman Maryland commander s office parking lot Theme fallingn love CharactersAutumn Katers hawk shape shifter Alpha Force undercover how does Logan know about the shifter unit watching him n her hawk formnow time to meet himLogan Valliere action author got deas for new book from drunk patron at the bar and met up with him a few times to develop Rough Sex In Her Lonely Cabin ideas getnfo believes JD Evas Deadline is a bit crazy first book. Hawk shifter Lt Autumn Katerss proud to be a member of the Alpha Force a highly covert military unit made up of shapeshifters like her Her latest assignment get close to bestselling thriller author Logan Valliere.

Free Ebook Hawk's Challenge å Linda O. Johnston –

Done about to be distributed on talk shows talking Haunted (The Arnaud Legacy, it up how Alpha Force learned about him Ruby Belmont her handler when she shifts helps her before and after Sgt Craig Friessel aka JD John Doe aka Beer Guy works for Alpha unit but hates the shifters and wants to see them closed down thinksf they are written about they will have to stop so fed nfo to author General Yarrow head of Alpha unit gets assignments protects them wolf shifter has human wife and encourages Logan Major Drew Connell leader of the unit wolf shi. His latest book's plot features a special ops team suspiciously similar to the Alpha Force and Autumn has to find out who's been helping him with his research Flirting with Logan s a natural part of the jobbut she.

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Linda O Johnston's first published fiction appeared in Ellery ueen's Mystery Magazine and won the Robert L Fish Memorial Award for Best First Mystery Short Story of the Year Since then Linda has had short stories and novellas published plus by the end of 2018 she will have had fifty novels published including mysteries and romance Linda currently writes the Barkery and Biscuits Myst

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    characters Hawk's Challenge Free Ebook Hawk's Challenge å Linda O. Johnston – Setting Glen Burnie Maryland GlenB Brew; his isolated blue frame Cape Code home near the water in the woods house; Fort Lukman Maryland – commander’s office parking lot;Theme falling in love;CharactersAutumn Katers hawk

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